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February 2019 Newsletter
President's Message

Some issues are simple. The SOTU? Amazing. The Green New Deal? Disaster. President Trump’s Rally in El Paso? Barn burner! Another government shutdown? Finish the wall.  But what about the issue of race? That, my friends, deserves a little more attention. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation encouraging all Americans to observe February as Black History Month in order to be aware of the struggles for equality faced by black Americans. Recently, I watched the movie “Free State of Jones,” based on a true story during the civil war. It portrayed the struggles of freed slaves and white Americans who were either sympathetic and heroic, or apathetic, ignorant, and worse. Also, I am nearly done reading “Killing Lincoln,” which is another historical account of the civil war period and the tragic assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. By placing ourselves in history, we can appreciate the devastation of civil war, we can laud the sacrifice of individuals who made it possible for us to inherit freedom, and we can understand just how far we have come as a nation to measuring up to self-evident truths – that all men are created equal. It is important for everyone to remember and learn from our shared history. The sad truth is that some people use history as if it were a weapon in the present, and they are usually those who have suffered not at all and/or benefited the most from the sacrifices of others. The potential for man to be good and evil is not dictated by skin color, because history is littered with oppression of all peoples. But America and our unified system of government not only proclaimed equality from its founding, but it endured a civil war to reclaim that mantle for all Americans. What other nation could survive such a test?

The current discourse about race is unhealthy and it seemed to arrive shortly after 2009. The word "racist" is used so frequently on television that people are afraid to speak honestly and openly about issues that have nothing to do with race. Young people and especially people from other countries could easily believe that white supremacy is thriving in America, and especially under President Donald Trump. The irony is that no yearbook of President Trump looks like that of Virginia Governor Northam. It is an absolute disgrace that Gov. Northam refuses to resign, and it is equally disgraceful that a unanimous and swift demand for his resignation was not heard, especially from Democrats. As Republicans, we have higher standards. Let us never forget our history and our commitment to equality for all.
May God continue to bless us,
 Bonnie Jackson
Featured Speaker
Robert Samson is our speaker for this month. Bob is retired from the Marriott Vacation Club International where he was Director of Information Protection & Privacy. Prior to that he worked in many other fields which provided him with opportunities to travel extensively through the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Today, Bob is an active volunteer spending time doing what her loves, living events as an American Revolutionary Chaplain. He is a member of the "East Florida Rangers", a group reliving Florida's history in our great revolution. It was natural that Bob would be active in the Tea Party movement, on stage at Orlando's first two Lake Eola events.

Bob will tell us about the history of the Tea Party and where it is today. He will also discuss the threat posed to our liberty and national security by spending and the national debt.

Learn more about history by visiting the website Lost Pine.
Candidate's Corner will feature Winter Park City Commissioner Pete Weldon. Pete is the candidate for re-election to Seat 4, Winter Park City Commission. Election day is Tuesday, March 12.

Highlights from January's Meeting
Clockwise from left: Pete Weldon with Bonnie Jackson, Shelley Sullivan; Kelly Locke from JMJ Pregnancy Center; Tabitha Miller, Sharon Burnight, Mildred Fernandez; Bonnie Jackson, Ellie Warner, Sharon Burnight, Ann Chilton, Dena DeCamp (seated), Shelley Sullivan, Catherine Harvie, Patty Bender.
Good news about our college intern, Corrine Keogh. She is a member of the Rollins Sailing Tars and competed in the Harris Kempner Open in Galveston, Texas this past week. As a member of the crew in cold weather and gusty winds, the Tars finished in the top half of the fleet in 19 of 20 races and sailed on to snag second place with Texas A&M taking first. We are proud of you!


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