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RFID Technology Plays the Field at Super Bowl LIV  
Using Zebra Sport Solution, a real-time, innovative player-tracking system, Zebra has teamed up with the NFL to support the league’s ongoing initiative of improving the way fans, teams and networks watch, coach, play and analyze the game. The solution uses RFID technology with RFID tags attached to players to track vital stats. In addition, motion data and algorithms display player stats in real-time; this enables more accurate planning and tracking to improve the experience for players, coaches and viewers alike. 

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What is RFID?
RFID (radio frequency identification) uses radio waves to identify and track items that possess an RFID tag. These tags can be read and carry larger amounts of data compared to other identification systems. They can also be programmed and reprogrammed, making them a dynamic part of a data collection solution when information on items need to be updated. With barcoding, the label would need to be re-printed every time information changes for those items. From a security standpoint, RFID tags are virtually impossible to copy or counterfeit.

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Can RFID Improve Your Game?
RFID technology is an excellent productivity booster, particularly since it makes the tracking process effortless for workers who manage large, heavy or bulky items like carpet rolls or agricultural items like fruits and nuts because they can move these items from one location to another and not have to stop and scan each item along the way. Readers are typically mounted in doorways and other areas that can easily be ‘passed through’, making it simple for forklift operators. In other applications, a handheld reader can be used.

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