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Increasing Popularity of DDGS In Swine Diets:  A DDGS offer a higher economic value than corn and soybean meal, according to U of M professor. Read More

Increasing Global Biofuel Demand Presents Domestic Opportunities: Demand for ethanol may increase as more countries implement domestic biofuel policies.  Read More

EPA Abandons Changes To US Biofuel Program After Lawmaker Pressure: Administrator Pruitt informs lawmakers that the EPA will set the 2018 RFS targets at the original RVOs or higher.  Read More 

Senators Ask EPA To Increase RVO For Biodiesel: 
Thirty three senators including Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Al Franken have asked the EPA to increase 2019 RVO for biodiesel Read More

No Relationship Between RIN Credits and Retail Gasoline Prices  :  A new analysis shows that the primary mover for gasoline prices has been the price of crude oil.   Read More

Edeniq Technology Approved For Cellulosic Ethanol In Iowa Plant:  There are now five plants that are using Edeniq's pathway technology.  Read More

Franken: Farm Bill Energy Issues Essential For State:   The Minnesota senator said farm bill energy issues like biofuels and biodiesel are extremely important to the state's economy   Read More

More Than 1,000 Stations Offering E15: 
Growth Energy says the number of stations offering E15 in the country has more than doubled since last year.   Read More

6.45 Million Gallons Of E15 Sold In MN So Far In 2017: As at end August, the annual E15 volume in Minnesota has exceeded the 6 million-gallon mark for the first time.   Read More

Biofuels Remain Champion Of Transportation Sector Renewable Energy: The IEA says biofuels are expected to represent over 90 percent of total renewable energy consumption in the transportation sector by 2022. Read More

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In the realm of biofuels, it seems the threats from and chaos in Washington D.C. crop up at least monthly, if not weekly. The many threats and ongoing chaos cut to the core of the biofuel industry which has made significant investments in people and production facilities so as to meet its obligations under the RFS. Unfortunately, just when some of us thought the most recent RFS disaster may have been averted, we now learn, just days after the EPA Administrator finally acknowledged the rule of law, the petroleum industry is back  hammering  away at the Trump Administration to further undermine the RFS. Read more here

Sixteen students from Wabasso High School toured Highwater Ethanol Oct 16 to learn more about home-grown renewable energy production. Read more here.

We teamed up with KS95 FM Oct 11 to reward drivers who chose E15 at the Holiday station on Centerville Road in White Bear Lake. Read more here.

Twelve students from Russell-Tyler-Ruthton (RTR) High School visited the ADM Corn Processing ethanol plant on Sept 29 to learn about renewable energy production. Read more   here .                                                                          Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube