Statement on Anti-Black Racism
The Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto (RGP) is known as a trusted authority and thought leader on the care of older adults with frailty. With that role comes great responsibility.
The events of recent weeks have been marked by devastating anti-black racism, prompting widespread protests and community uprisings around the world. Racism against  Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour  has a long and documented history, and we have witnessed protests before. The intensity of the world's reaction, however, brings hope that this time, our society's response will be different and enduring.
The RGP's Senior Friendly Care Framework has always emphasized the rights of older adults, including those from vulnerable and diverse populations; however, we recognize that there is much more we need to do, specifically in the arena of racism. The RGP, its board of directors and staff, are committed to using the trust and influence that we hold to confront racism and discrimination. We are taking steps to make a difference. Equity is one of the RGP's core values and has been identified as a priority in our strategic plan. We will examine our work with a more robust commitment to our equity goals. We will reflect on our own behaviours and decision-making processes to identify and mitigate implicit bias. We will embrace continuous learning to enhance inclusion and educate ourselves and our colleagues to promote diversity.

To bring about real and lasting change, we must put our values into action by demonstrating what we believe in.

Barbara Liu                                        Scott Dudgeon
Executive Director                             Board Chair

sfCare Learning Series
1. Conversation tools for older adults and caregivers - Now available in French!   The sfCare Learning Series includes handouts for use by all clinicians, including geriatric specialists, to support patient and caregiver engagement and patient self-management. Access English versions here * RGP Resource*  
Training and Tools for Teams Redeployed to Long Term Care
2. COVID-19 Long Term Care Orientation for Redeployed Healthcare Workers:  Webinar 4 (June 9, 2020) - Content will include practical strategies for managing responsive behaviours during personal care. The speakers will be psychogeriatric resource consultants Mario Tsokas, RSW, BSW and Lindsay Stacey MA, BASc  * RGP Recorded Training*

Reimagining Specialized Geriatric Services
3. The RGP of Toronto has convened a group of thought leaders to reimagine Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) as healthcare services start to reopen in a dramatically changed health system. With this group, we will not only identify concrete approaches to reopening SGS, but also identify new, innovative options for service delivery, which SGS can adapt and use to fit their own unique settings. Our ultimate goal is to advance the quality of services and improve health outcomes for frail older adults given our new COVID-19 reality.
Rapid Evidence Summaries
4. COVID-19 Rapid Evidence Access Link (REAL) (HTML) - Concise, easy to digest, summaries of best available evidence. Based on requests from health systems leaders, policy and decision-makers, and the public.   

Tools and Information for Caregivers 

5. Baycrest Quick-Response Caregiver Tool (HTML)  - A tool meant to be used by formal or informal caregivers (including family members) when trying to manage responsive behaviors in persons with dementia. It involves a reflective exercise that can be used by caregivers in real time as behaviours occur. 

6. Caring for a Frail Senior during COVID-19: Exploring Frailty, Fall Prevention and Nutrition (HTML)  - In collaboration with the Ontario Caregiver Organization, the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto presents this free webinar designed for family caregivers to learn about frailty. Older adults living with frailty rely considerably on their family caregivers. We reached out to these caregivers and listened to their current challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upcoming Online Events
7. Palliative Care in the Home: Lessons From COVID (June 15, 3pm ET) - This webinar will reflect on how COVID-19 has affected the delivery of palliative care in patient's homes, both positively and negatively, and the strengths and weaknesses it has exposed. Panelists will share insights stemming from their own work and also solicit input from the panelists and participants on what palliative care in the home could look like in the next few months.  

8. Geriatrics Institute Education Day - COVID-19 Special Virtual Sinai Health/UHN (June 25, 2020) - A virtual conference beginning at 9am ET. This year's theme is entitled - A whole new world... healthcare transformation in a time of uncertainty: what COVID-19 now means for us.

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