Senior Friendly Care

1. Mental Illness and Dementia: Quick Reference Guide for Non-Clinical Care Providers (PDF) - A plain language guide for non-clinical care providers such as Personal Support Workers on the signs, symptoms, communication tips, and care strategies for several common mental illness.

Training and Tools for Teams in Long Term Care

2. Team Integration of Staff Being Redeployed into LTC (HTML) - A recorded webinar from the ECHO Care  of the Elderly education series. Speakers are psychogeriatric resource consultants Heli Juola, BSW, MSW and Mario Tsokas, PRC, BSW, RSW.

3. Housekeeping Tip Sheet: Caring for Residents with Cognitive Impairment in Long-Term Care (PDF) - This document provides person-centered communication and interaction strategies to support housekeeping staff (redeployed from other settings) in developing effective and positive relationships with persons living in long-term care. A joint release from the RGP of Toronto's PRC Program and the Toronto Coordinating Office of Behaviour Supports Ontario.

4. Managing Responsive Behaviours Webinar 5 - Feeding & Medication Administration (June 23, 2020) - Content will include practical strategies for managing responsive behaviours  during feeding and medication administration. The speakers will be psychogeriatric resource consultants Heli Juola, BSW, MSW and Sasha Johnston, RPN. * RGP Recorded Training*

Tools and Information for Caregivers

5. Caring for a Frail Senior during COVID-19: Exploring Frailty, Fall Prevention and Nutrition (June 18, 2020) - In collaboration with the Ontario Caregiver Organization, the Regional Geriatric Program of Toroto resented this free webinar designed for family caregivers to learn about frailty. Older adults living with frailty rely considerably on their family caregivers. We reached out to these caregivers and listened to their current challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. *RGP Recorded Webinar*

6. Stretch, Lift or Tap (SLoT) - How Older Adults Can Stay Active Indoors (PDF) - A practical  resource for frail older adults who are unable to leave their living spaces during the pandemic.  ** The RGP is currently seeking feedback on this resource**  Older adults who participate in a brief before and after survey will be entered in a draw to win a gift card! Email  to learn more. Please share with your networks.

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