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RHA is excited to announce that our Pollution Program renewed last month with Great American Insurance Group serving as the carrier. For those members with more extensive pollution exposures, RHA's robust Pollution Legal Liability Insurance covers our resorts for key exposure risks, including mold and microbial matter, Legionella, laundry operations, dining and food service operations, golf courses, landscaping, and pesticide application.

For additional information on RHA's Pollution Program contact Melanie DuPriest at melanie@rhainsure.com or 804-525-2029.
Snow, ice, and extreme temperatures make RHA member properties especially susceptible to slip/fall claims. Members are also at risk for property damage from items such as frozen sprinklers and collapsed roofs - do not forget how important it is to clear snow from your roofs to prevent the potential for collapse. The most frequent cause of RHA winter claims is freeze-ups of sprinkler systems. Is your location doing all you can to prevent such claims?  

 High Risk:
  • Large open flat roofs, barrel roofs, roofs with less than a 30-degree slope, and     multi-level roofs.
  • Heavily insulated roofs and pre-engineered roofs on bar joists.
  • Roofs with previous structural damage and those that have already experienced collapse.
  • Areas shaded from direct sunlight that may cause snow to freeze into ice and increase the snow load.
Take Special Care:
  • Use an outside contractor, and be sure to use a contract that includes indemnification and insurance requirements in your favor.
  • Do not remove snow all the way down to roof covering (to prevent damage to the membrane).
  • Use plastic shovels rather than metal.
  • Use a plastic tarp to fill with snow and release over the side of the building. Watch areas where snow is landing.
  • Adjust snow blowers to prevent rotating components from coming into contact with roof surface.
RHA wishes our members a safe and successful winter season. Contact Lori Wood with any questions or issues at Lori@rhainsure.com, or (804) 525-2025.
RHA's Property Program renewal is in full swing. Interim Managing Director, Gail Waddell, and Vice President, Insurance and Business Development, Melanie DuPriest, spent time with the London insurance markets in December, meeting with 15 separate underwriters.

Initial conversations about our renewal were positive; however, it is too early to know what our program's pricing will look like. This month Gail and Melanie head to New York, Atlanta, and Bermuda for additional underwriter appointments, and we update our members and brokers after the completion of those meetings.
JANUARY 9-10, 2019 
Bermuda Property Underwriter Meetings

JANUARY 16-17, 2019
Atlanta Property Underwriter Meetings

JANUARY 17, 2019 - 2pm ET / 11am PT  
ADA Compliance - Your Website and Beyond
Presented by Conn Maciel Carey attorneys Jordan Schwartz and Kara Maciel
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JANUARY 22, 2019
Resort Best Practices Meeting - a join partnership of Kindred and HSMAI 
New York City, NY
Email Bree for additional information
We wish a Happy Anniversary to those members with January RHA Anniversaries!

RHA is excited to announce that 53 properties signed up to participate in Stay RHA for 2019! Stay RHA, our employee rate lodging program, is one of RHA's most popular RHA member benefits, and we are pleased that so many members, and more importantly, employees, will be able to take advantage of this benefit in the coming year!

While the deadline to be included in our print collateral has passed, RHA member properties are welcome to join the program, and be highlighted on our website, at any point throughout the year. To sign up for this exclusive program which allows employees of participating RHA member properties to obtain personal-use accommodation discounts at other RHA member properties (subject to availability) click here for an application and additional information: rhainsure.com/stay-rha.
Kindred and HSMAI joined forces for the Resort Best Practices Group. This collection of Directors of Sales and Marketing is open to members of HSMAI and/or Kindred, and offers a valuable arena for independent resort best practices marketing. Registration for the group is $500 annually and includes:
  • One representative at the annual face-to-face roundtable meeting (NYC - January 22, 2019)
  • A mid-year webinar/conference call to discuss a sales & marketing topic selected by the members
  • An exclusive annual bench-marking report (data submission is required to receive report)  

If you are interested in participating in this best practices group sign up asap!
Questions or want more details? Email Bree Brostko at bree@meetkindred.com.
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