The 2018 Hurricane Season, which runs from June 1 to November 30, has been unkind to the southern United States. According to Moodys, Hurricane Florence is estimated to have caused $17 - $22 Billion in property damages. Insurance Journal's early estimates of Hurricane Michael's damage are between $6-$10 Billion.

The good news is that the hotels and resorts in RHA's Property Insurance Program were spared the majority of the damage and will not be submitting property claims. This, of course, does not diminish the losses incurred by some of our Casualty Program members, the strain on our members in the hurricane paths who went through the process of preparation, and in some instances evacuation, and all of the resort employees, many of whom did face personal losses. We hope for a quick restoration of the impacted areas, and in support of the recovery work, RHA donated to the Red Cross on behalf of our membership.

As a reminder, 42 days remain in this year's hurricane season, so click here to download RHA's Hurricane Preparedness White Paper.
OCTOBER 19, 2018
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OCTOBER 25, 2018
Conn Maciel Cary Webinar: A Business Primer on Disability Access Laws: Preventive Tools and Defense Strategies
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NOVEMBER 6-8, 2018
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NOVEMBER 13-15, 2018
RHA Board of Directors Meeting
Alarming articles regarding Ebola, Flu pandemics, and Norovirus outbreaks have become common and can be a frightening concept for the hospitality industry, where you must welcome the same people that are the most likely to bring in infectious agents (hotel guests). Additionally, large staffs of housekeepers, food preparers, engineering personnel, etc., are responsible for cleaning and care that can prevent or conversely result in transmission of infectious agents.

Preparation is the key to prevention of infectious outbreaks. Every hotel should have an active program to prevent and control the spread of infectious disease. RHA recommends taking time to create an infectious disease response program. Below are some of the best practices and step by step guides to help you get started.

To learn more about effective infectious disease management, download RHA's Infectious Disease Prevention & Response White Paper available here.


October is a special month for RHA. This month, thirty-one years ago, a group of hoteliers came together in search of a better way to purchase insurance - and the Resort Hotel Association was formed. We are thankful for the vision and commitment those hoteliers demonstrated. So this month, as we recognize member anniversaries, we say a special thank you to our founders.

RHA owes its longevity to each and every one of our dedicated members. Happy October Anniversary to our members - old and new!

Did you know that our employee rate lodging program, Stay RHA, is one of RHA's most popular RHA member benefits? The program allows employees of participating RHA member properties to obtain personal-use accommodation discounts at other RHA member properties, subject to availability.
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