Although belated, RHA would like to recognize the huge success of this year's Annual Conference hosted at Pebble Beach in Monterey, CA. We are grateful to all who attended and contributed to the positive and engaging atmosphere of the event. And for those who were unable to attend this year, we missed your presence and hope you will join us in 2020.

RHA rolled out a new event app this year at the conference. On this app you will find speaker presentations, a list of attendees, event pictures, and links to RHA member benefits offerings. If you have not already done so, please download the app (see instructions below) as it will remain "live" for the entire year.

RHA's President, Melanie DuPriest, provided opening remarks regarding RHA and its positive trajectory, citing the addition of 16 new properties this year, strong renewal outcomes (all lines - P&C as well as ancillary lines) and market/ carrier sentiment remaining favorable towards our program.

Melanie also recognized that 2019 has been a year of transition and much needed transparency for the organization. RHA is now aptly positioned for 2020 to be the year of RHA's Revitalization. In the months ahead, the team looks forward to sharing new initiatives and innovations, focused on benefiting the program and your member experience.

Instructions to download the RHA App:

:  RHA App Login (click the link and follow the prompts)

From Mobile Device:  type in the web browser and click "Download App"

Password:  PBAC2019 (password for both)
Special Events & The Hospitality Industry

Event management is a year round challenge that often comes with a set of risks that are often outside the scope of normal day to day operations. Special events range from weddings to upcoming Holiday parties, and everything in between. It is important that these unique risks be considered and addressed, to mitigate potential issues that may arise. 

For an event to be successful, early planning and continuous monitoring are essential. Maintaining a safe environment for event attendees is critical to any gathering, and to the reputation of the hotel or club that is hosting the event.

  • Planning & Preparation - Planning is the key! Every occasion should have a Special Event Risk Management Plan which includes a formal process to evaluate Safety/ Loss Control before the event is held. Your written plan should also include a clear emergency escalation process, with clarity on responsibilities and procedures during response mode. By failing to plan, you run the risk of injury to guests, employees, and property.
  • Contracts - Contracts are mandatory! You purchase liability insurance to protect your business from financial loss due to your own negligence, so it only makes sense to protect your business from loss caused by another party. A well written contract will include:  third party insurance requirements, indemnification and hold harmless agreements for your liability arising out of the negligence of the third party, and state specific requirement language.
  • Emergency Procedures - Emergency Protocol! An emergency calls for quick action, and procedures need to be followed when responding to health, safety, and other concerns that may occur during an event. Staff and volunteers should be trained on all emergency protocol, including:  use of fire extinguishers, contacting EMS, crowd management, evacuation for those with and without disabilities, traffic control, and providing first aid and medical assistance.
  • Alcohol Safety - Follow state guidelines! Preparation for alcohol control, who is able to consume it and when they should be cutoff, includes:  adequate employee training for distribution (TIPS Program), security staff training, procedures for handling intoxicated guests, alternative transportation options, and the ban of alcohol consumption in parking lots and areas of the property that are separate from the event space. 
  • Post Event Analysis - Record everything! Post-event evaluations provide the opportunity to discuss what went well, what didn't, and improvements/ recommendations for the future. All parties involved should be represented in this process. Keep careful documentation in order to implement changes:  assess the event, determine if risk management techniques were used, effectiveness of techniques, unforeseen problems/ prevention techniques, and determine if a similar event should be held again, with or without improvements to the Event Protocol.
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Stay RHA  applications are due by November 1, 2019

Contact Beth Harris at with any questions
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August - October
  • Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort - 32 years
  • Rancho De Los Caballeros - 32 years
  • Skytop Lodge - 32 years
  • The Breakers Palm Beach - 32 years
  • The Tides Inn - 32 years
  • Woodstock Inn & Resort - 32 years 
  • Saddlebrook Resort - 31 years
  • Basin Harbor - 24 years
  • Mountain Top Inn & Resort - 23 years
  • Napili Kai Beach Resort - 21 years
  • La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club - 20 years
  • Enchantment Resort - 18 years
  • Arizona Inn - 16 years
  • Big Cedar Lodge - 16 years
  • Lago Mar Resort & Tennis Club - 16 years
  • The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa - 15 years
  • Saybrook Point Inn, Marina & Spa -13 years
  • The Lowell New York - 13 years
  • Wequassett Resort and Golf Club - 13 years
  • Madison Hotel - 12 years
  • Stage Neck Inn - 12 years
  • Winvian Farm - 10 years
  • The Rainer Club - 9 years
  • Mirror Lake Inn - 8 years
  • Canton Harvester Inn - 7 years
  • French Lick Resort - 7 years
  • Pacific Palms Resort - 7 years
  • Roche Harbor Resort - 7 years
  • Weekapaug Inn - 7 years
  • Tapatio Springs - 5 years
  • Concord's Colonial Inn - 4 years
  • River Oaks Country Club - 4 years
  • Lake Lawn Resort - 2 years




  • September 15-17th:  RHA presented a panel discussion on Property Claims Adjustments at the Annual AH&LA Resort Committee
  • October 29-30th:  RHA attending NEIRA - New England Inn & Resorts Annual Conference 
  • November 3-5th:  RHA Fall Board Meeting 
  • March 8, 2020:  RHA Property Renewal
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