RHE COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update:
Important update for all City email subscribers
May 18, 2020
The City of Rolling Hills Estates is actively monitoring and listening to the health and policy experts at the federal, state and county levels and taking actions to adhere to requirements or implement policies based upon health expert recommendations.  This important email update is being sent to all City email subscribers to ensure the community is notified.

For important information, please   visit the City’s Coronavirus webpage.

May 18, 2020 Citywide Update
City Hall Gradual Reopening
Today, Rolling Hills Estates City Hall began its phased reopening on a limited basis and in line with the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health guidance. Our top priority is preventing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the health and safety of our community and staff.
What we are doing to protect the community and staff: 
Visitors to City Hall will be seen by appointment only. Appointments can be made by viewing our  staff directory   and coordinating with the relevant staff member accordingly or contacting (310) 377-1577 .
Only one individual/household will be permitted to enter City Hall for their pre-scheduled appointment. Those waiting for a scheduled appointment are invited to wait outside of the building and remain at least six feet from other individuals waiting.
While appointments for in-person transactions will be available beginning next week, City staff has developed many alternatives to in-person service to the community including electronic or telephonic options to support your need.  
In addition to the above modifications, the City has installed glass partitions at our front-facing counter; the front door will remain open during business hours to prevent the touching of the door handle; Staff will always conduct business while wearing a face covering and maintaining at least a six-foot distance from visitors. The same will be required of visitors. 
Community Development Update

For the safety of the public and staff, we are continuing to accept planning applications/plans electronically. Please call (310) 377-1577 ext. 105 or visit our website,  www.rhe.city/onlinepermits for more information on the submittal process.

If the electronic process does not work for you, we also are accepting appointments, Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. To schedule an appointment, please contact Carol Corea, Administrative Assistant at (310) 377-1577 ext. 105 or by e-mail at  carolc@rollinghillsestatesca.gov.

Electronic submittal of plans is strongly encouraged, however, if submittal of hard copy plans is necessary, an area will be provided inside the City Council Chamber for plan drop-off and pick-up. You will be notified once your plans are ready for pick-up. Please label the plans with contact information and any questions you would like specifically addressed.
C ity Recreation Facilities Update 

Los Angeles County Department Public Health’s revised Safer at Home Order is now permitting Tennis Courts and Equestrian Centers be open with restrictions.  The City is actively working to open City facilities in accordance with these important public health precautions in place.

Specific restrictions and safety guidelines required at these park amenities in accordance with the health officer order include, but are not limited to:

Tennis Courts – Now Open

  • Advanced Reservations recommended
  • Exact change or checks are requested for payment of fees to be paid utilizing an outdoor facing window.
  • Only singles play will be permitted. No Doubles.
  • Physical distancing of six (6) feet must be maintained at all times.
  • Each participant must bring their own bucket of balls with their initials on each ball. Participants will only be permitted to handle their own tennis balls.
  • Participants will be required to wear face coverings at all times except during play.
  • Bring your own water and hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes to wash and sanitize hands frequently.
  • Players are requested to play only one-hour to provide access to other players.
  • Private lessons are allowed through the City’s contractor using proper physical distancing techniques. Both the student and instructor will be required to wear face coverings. No lessons involving two (2) or more tennis students are allowed.
  • During this modified opening, during the afternoons Monday-Friday, tennis courts will be available primarily for private lessons through the City’s contract Tennis Pro.

Learn about the new tennis precautions by viewing this video. Please note, w hile this video was prepared by LA County Department of Parks & Recreation, the same rules apply to tennis play in Rolling Hills Estateshttps://youtu.be/9aGT074jfzU
Equestrian Centers/Arenas – Now Open

  • Physical distancing of six (6) feet is required at all times.
  • Face coverings are required at all times while in the common areas, including parking lots and stables.
  • Face coverings are not required during riding so long as physical distancing is maintained.
  • Facility operator and staff shall wear a face covering and gloves at all times.
  • Rides (Horse string) will be a single file and a maximum of four (4) riders at a time while practicing physical distancing. This is for trail use only.
  • Private horse lessons will require proper physical distancing, and both instructors and students must wear face coverings at all times.
  • Lessons shall be a maximum of two (2) participants at a time and conducted in a round pen. Round pen must be large enough to allow for physical distancing during lessons.
  • Maximum number of riders in a round pen shall be determined by the size of the pen. At all times, round pens must be large enough to allow for physical distancing.
  • Only one (1) horse and one (1) boarder will be allowed within the wash racks at a time.
  • All boarders must use their own wash rack supplies, and hoses will be sanitized regularly.
  • Payment of any fees shall be done on-line and/or utilizing an outdoor facing window or door.
What else is Open?
  • City Parks and public restrooms - no group gatherings are permitted
  • Bridle Trails
  • Hiking Trails at Chandler Preserve & George F Canyon
  • Pedestrian Pathways

What is still Closed?
  • Playgrounds
  • Basketball and Volleyball Courts
  • George F Canyon Nature Center
  • Sport fields are closed for group activities, but are available for passive, household use only
  • All recreation activities, classes, park or field reservations and events have either been canceled or postponed.
Adherence to guidelines and precautions is critical to safely operate these open facilities and amenities. We thank you for continuing to do your part during this transition stage with COVID-19.
County of Los Angeles Public Health Revised Safer At Home Order

The Department of Public Health will assess the activities allowed by this Order on an ongoing basis and modify this Order as appropriate. Currently, L.A. County is in stage two of the five-stage Roadmap to Recovery and until the final stage five is reached, Health Officer Orders and directives will continue to ensure that we slow spread of COVID-19 to prevent an overwhelming surge of COVID-19 cases at healthcare facilities.

Mental Health Awareness
At last week's City Council meeting, Mayor Schmitz declared the month of May both Maternal Mental Health Awareness M onth and Mental Health Awareness Month.

Maternal Mental Health Awareness

With between 10 to 20% of new and expectant mothers affected by Perinatal Depression, it's critical to recognize the signs.
Mental Health Awareness

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is changing life for all of us. You may feel anxious, stressed, worried, sad, bored, depressed, lonely or frustrated in these circumstances. You’re not alone. Talk to your doctor about your mental health. They can connect you to services and help. For additional resources, visit: https://covid19.ca.gov/resources-for-emotional-support-and-well-being/#top
#RHEreslilent May Monthly Challenge
The City's Community Services staff continues to develop fun challenges for you each week. This week, we invite you to keeping walking with our 10k steps challenge - a fun fitness challenge promoting health and well-being!

Download a Walking Journal online at  RHE.city/virtualrec. Start the 30-day steps challenge at home, around the neighborhood, local walking trail or park.
Remember these tips for social distancing outdoors:

  • Keep six feet of space between yourself and others
  • Walk by yourself or those in your household 
  • Avoid crowded areas
  • Always warm-up and stretch before any exercise activity
  • Drink water to stay hydrated 
  • Obey all traffic laws while on public roadways. 

Face Coverings: When and How To Wear Them

LA County's Health Officer Order does not require wearing face coverings while in the backyard or while on a solitary run or walk. County residents are required, however, to wear face coverings when in contact with other people who are not household members (whether you're in a public or private space). So, if you're on a solitary run or walk - and you see someone approaching - put on your face covering! 
And remember: face coverings are not a substitute for always practicing physical distancing & frequent hand washing.

Some tips:

  1. Fits snugly but comfortably against the side of your face.
  2. Is secured with ties or ear loops.
  3. Includes multiple layers of fabric.
  4. Allows for breathing without restriction.
  5. Is able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.
  6. Covers mouth and nose with no gaps between your face and the mask.

Also, while wearing your face covering be careful not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth when removing your face covering. And you should wash your hands immediately before putting it on and after removing it.

And because many have run into the challenge of foggy glasses, while wearing face coverings, we offer you...

Tips for Avoiding Foggy Glasses When Wearing Your Face Covering:
  1. Wash your glasses with soapy water. Research has shown that washing glasses with soapy water, and letting them air dry before putting on your mask, reduces fogging.
  2. Use tissue paper. Placing tissue paper between your glasses and the bridge of your nose may help absorb the moisture that causes foggy glasses. 

For more information on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 emergency health crisis, visit  covid19.lacounty.gov
Are you a senior or disabled Rolling Hills Estates resident in need of assistance?

Let us know.... please call City Hall at (310) 377-1577 during regular business hours, Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. We are here to help.
PVLD Senior Resources

The Palos Verdes Library District has developed many resources for seniors, including getting started with tech, frequently asked reference questions, eBooklists and more! Check it out at pvld.org/seniors
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health COVID-19 Update
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) has confirmed 18 new deaths and 477 new cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Fifteen people who died were over the age of 65 years old and three people who died were between the ages of 41 to 65 years old. Fifteen people had underlying health conditions including 12 people over the age of 65 years old and three people between the ages of 41 to 65 years old. 

To date, Public Health has identified 38,451 positive cases of COVID-19 across all areas of LA County, and a total of 1,839 deaths. Ninety-two percent of people who died had underlying health conditions. Of those who died, information about race and ethnicity is available for 1,706 people (99 percent of the cases); 39% of deaths occurred among Latinx residents, 29% among White residents, 18% among Asian residents, 12% among African American residents, 1% among Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander residents and 1% among residents identifying with other races. As of today, 5,835 people who tested positive for COVID-19 (15% of positive cases) have been hospitalized at some point during their illness. There are 1,570 people who are currently hospitalized, 27% of these people are in the ICU and 20% are on ventilators.

Pleas e note: As of May 18, 2020, the City of Rolling Hills Estates has thirteen (13) confirmed cases.

More Information and Resources Available
COVID-19 Updates
Residents and businesses can continue to monitor the City's dedicated COVID-19 Updates webpage, which has been newly redesigned for ease-of-use and increased resource information at RHE.city/Covid19 .

Here you will find latest updates, information for seniors and businesses, information on utilities, current status of local restaurants, etc.

The City is working diligently to identify additional resources for the community, especially for our high risk seniors.
Get in Touch with City Staff:
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