January 2017
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Meet our Board President

Lenore L. Boris, Rural Health Network of SCNY Board President
Rural Health Network would like to welcome Lenore Boris as our new Board President! We recently spoke with Ms. Boris about her new role on our Board. Lenore Boris, JD, PhD, is currently Associate Dean at SUNY Upstate Medical University.
1)      What about our agency and mission contributed to your decision to accept a position on the Board of Directors?
My organization was a partner organization for the Rural Health Service Corps for about 6 years before I was offered the opportunity to be on the Board of Directors for the Rural Health Network. I was impressed with the commitment of the people who work at RHN, and also felt that the mission of RHN was very important. I have worked in healthcare for a long time, and I believe that the RHN has an important role in insuring that a specific population, the rural population, receives the same level of services in health care as other people. Living in a rural area should not be the factor that determines the quality of care an individual gets, or their ability to access care.
2)      Can you tell me about something that influenced your community involvement?
I have had a career of service. In addition to working full time, I was a member of the Air Force Reserve, so I sort of had a part time job in service to our country. When I ended my military career, that gave me the opportunity to devote my time to something a little more local, and get involved in community agencies, particularly ones that I was familiar with because of the work in my current role at SUNY Upstate.
3)      What experience do you bring to your role as Board President?
I've been in a multitude of leadership positions, both in my military career as Chief Nurse of a medical clinic and in my civilian role, so I have the leadership and management experience that is helpful as Board President. I also have an in depth understanding of healthcare in our country, and have been on the steering committee for the Broome County Community Health Assessment. In addition to that I became involved in the healthcare reform effort, DSRIP. This has given me an understanding of the changes that are occurring in the healthcare arena and the experience to help RHN position itself to be an active participant in the reformed healthcare delivery system.
4)      What is your vision for the direction and future accomplishments of RHNSCNY during your time as Board President?
I want to ensure that RHN continues its advocacy for the rural population as healthcare reform is unfolding, that it is an active participant in helping shape that reform, and that it is able to position itself to be sustainable in the new healthcare world.
This is an exciting time to be involved in healthcare. There are a lot of uncertainties, but RHN and other community based organizations who work in the health arena have an opportunity to help shape and influence the direction of healthcare. Now more than ever, RHN's role in advocating for the rural population is an essential voice that must continue. 

Mental Health Anti-Stigma Event
Participants engaged in conversation using the World Cafe model allowing for many voices to contribute to each table conversation.

The HealthlinkNY Community Network hosted a planning session to engage various members of our community around the growing concerns about our region's mental health. The Kick-Off event was held at the Binghamton Double Tree on December 15, 2016. Sixty-two professionals and community members from across the Southern Tier region joined together to begin developing a mental health anti-stigma toolkit. The toolkit will be an interactive web-based toolkit containing resources for various groups including mental health providers, HR managers, school professionals, clergy, and news media. Rural Health Network staff Emily Hotchkiss and Mary Maruscak are Population Health Coordinators with the HealthlinkNY Community Network, and are proud to have been involved with the planning and implementation of this important event. 

For more information, please contact Emily at ehotchkiss@rhnscny.org or Mary at mmaruscak@rhnscny.org
Open Enrollment Deadline Nearing

Do you know anyone who is uninsured?  

Contact RHNSCNY at  607 692-7669 before New York State of Health Marketplace open enrollment period ends  1/31/17

Options are available for in- person enrollment assistance in rural communities,
Anyone experiencing a life changing event (death, birth, employment/income loss, NYS new resident) or who is Medicaid eligible can enroll in health insurance plan anytime during 2017. 

Part-Time Positions Available Now
RHSC is recruiting for part-time AmeriCorps positions with CHOW, Mobility Management of South Central New York, Delaware Opportunities, Ramp It Up, and CAPCO. Members serve from January/February to November and serve 900 hours, receiving a $6,265 living allowance and a $2,887 education award to put towards education expenses. For more information and to apply, visit our website

Former AmeriCorps members participated in creating a series of promotional videos last year.  Take a few minutes to hear them share how the experience changes lives.

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