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RI Chapter President
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Hello Fellow AMTA Rhode Island Members,

2020 was a year no one of us could have ever foreseen coming. It was a year of worry, stress, and heartbreak but also a year of change and reflection. It was a difficult year to get through, but now that we are nearing the other side hopefully, we are looking forward to a brighter future. There are lessons to be learned with every hardship and I can only hope that humanity will take what it needs from this situation and be better for it. Because of Covid all in-person events were halted, we’ve missed seeing our members! We’ve missed being able to offer hands-on educational workshops in our state and we’ve missed offering the free CEs at our annual meeting. But we will be missing each other no more!! Your chapter leaders are hard at work organizing education workshops, a CPR class, and a member meeting which will take place October 17th (see meeting notice below).
I look forward to the rest of 2021 being a much better year, and to having the Rhode Island chapter running full steam ahead in the coming months! I want to thank the chapter board and chairs for remaining present and engaged during this pandemic year and thank them for their flexibility during changing times. 

The Rhode Island Chapter elections were once again held online this year due to restrictions from the pandemic. I would like to thank all the members that participated in the election process. Congratulations to Kenji Omori, re-elected for a second term as board member and Cassie Rawcliffe on being elected to serve as the chapter representative to the Assembly of Delegates. The chapter Financial Administration position did not receive any applicants, therefore that position was left vacant, until our own Larry Gallagher stepped up and volunteered to take over that position. Larry resigned his current board member position and was voted in by the current board to fill that vacancy as our new Financial Administrator, thank you Larry! This in turn left a 1-year vacancy of the board member position that Larry held, please join me in welcoming Christopher Adamo (former chapter president) back to the AMTA RI board. Christopher expressed interest in rejoining the team and volunteering with the chapter again and so the board convened and voted in Christopher to take over the remaining 1-year term of board member. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, old and new, that mean so much to the chapter!

Two very special awards were presented during our virtual annual meeting this year which took place on April 13, 2021. Congratulations to Cassie Rawcliffe, the 2020 recipient of the Chapter President’s award, Cassie’s help during the onset of the covid crisis was invaluable to me. Cassie took on the process of researching many websites offering guidance in general and to our profession specifically, in dealing with this pandemic. She took that research and put together the protocols and guidance which was submitted to our Governors’ office when recommendations were sought from professions regarding reopening. Thank you, Cassie, for all you do for our chapter!!
And Congratulations to this years’ Chapter Meritorious Award Winner. This person has been a an AMTA member for 15 years, she had been volunteering for many of those years in so many ways. She is always the first person to volunteer to help at all of our annual meetings with registration and in these last few years when elections were held via floor nominations, she was always glad to volunteer to be sure all candidates signed their "code of Conduct" prior to elections. She is part of our chapters Communications Committee as our Twitter guru. She has attended CVOP and while in the midst of a global pandemic when all chapters had to convert to online elections, she volunteered to be our first ever Online Elections Coordinator and volunteered for that position once again this year. She’s always available for all the “small” things that need to get done. My heartfelt congratulations to Angela Perry-Place as the 2021 Rhode Island Chapter Meritorious Award Winner!!! 

I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize Michaele Colizza on receiving the honor of becoming the AMTA National President elect! Congratulation Michaele!
And Kim Medeiros on becoming the newest volunteer on the National Chapter Relations Committee! Congratulations Kim!

I, myself have received the vote from my fellow chapter presidents to be this years Chapter President Council moderator! RI is well represented at the national level!

I would like to thank everyone for staying engaged with your chapter. It has been 2 years since the chapter has been able to hold an in-person meeting and I look forward to seeing many of you this October! 

Deb Kilty
AMTA RI Chapter President
Government Relations Cassie Rawcliffe, LMT
AMTA RI Chapter Government Relations Chair/Delegate

Government Relations for the AMTA RI chapter has been hard at work throughout this interesting and unexpected 2020 calendar year. While navigating through uncharted waters and forcing all to make difficult decisions, the massage therapy profession continues its slow but steady climb into a new year, and hopefully, a better economy. Here is our year in review:

  • Non-opioid pamphlet introduced as a bill to the RI General Assembly for the 2020 legislative session
  • All bills thrown out of 2020 legislative session due to COVID pandemic and mandatory quarantine
  • AMTA RI Chapter leaders were asked by membership where the massage therapy profession falls in the various phases of a slow, safe re-open of RI
  • The AMTA RI Chapter was advised to develop preliminary considerations and safety protocols as the state moved toward a safe, slow re-open 
  • The RI DOH determined that the MT profession was set to re-open along with the Allied Health Professionals in phase 1, but due to conflicting opinions from the RI chamber of commerce, the MT profession re-opened in RI on 06/01/2020 at the beginning of phase 2 under personal care services
  • Spring 2020 GR Committee applies and receives LLEAD Grant from National AMTA to assist with any legislative goals/intentions
  • Summer 2020 appeal for LLEAD Grant for full amount awarded to the AMTA RI Chapter
  • Fall/Winter 20/21 GR committee reconsidered initial legislative efforts for non-opioid pamphlet and considers refocusing on insurance reimbursement for the massage therapy profession
  • Spring 2021 an upcoming Q & A meeting, open to all members to discuss insurance reimbursement, possible criteria, and requirements for qualified practitioners. 
Please be on the look for an upcoming email through constant contact regarding key points and meeting details on this important topic
Stay well and be in good health

2020 Significant Anniversaries
Joanne Lozy, Recognitions Chair
Congratulations to all who are celebrating significant anniversaries with the American Massage Therapy Association this year.
Elaine Drew Tanzi - 30 Years!
25 Years!
Melody Henderson Joanne Lozy Jamie O'Connor
Wendy Pendergrass Stephanie Verity
20 Years!
Melissa Cotta Miladys LeBlanc Joan Renzi
15 Years!
Diane Adams Catheleen Caddick Joseph Swinski
Karin Wuenscher Sharon Borowick David Walsh
Kimberly Ruggieri-Lima
We want you to know that you are appreciated. As a valued member we welcome you and hope you will attend and take advantage of the great programs we offer all massage therapist through the AMTA - Rhode Island Chapter. We are here to serve you and promote our profession. If we can help you in any way please feel free to contact any of the helpful volunteer members Our information is listed on the AMTA - RI Chapter website.  http://ri.amtamassage.org . Come join us! Aside from having fun we are here to serve AMTA members while advancing the art, science and practice of the massage therapy profession.

Opportunity to Join the Rhode Island State Board for Licensed Massage Therapists
The Rhode Island State Board for Licensed Massage therapists had a recent vacancy. This vacancy is for a Licensed Massage Therapist. 
Laura Mello, liason from the RI Department of Health to the State Board reached out to ask the chapter to forward this information on to our members.
If anyone should be interested in receiving more information or applying for this position please send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae (a short written summary of your career, qualifications, and education) to Laura Mello at Laura.Mello@health.ri.gov so that she may forward for review, and, if appropriate, appointment.
Please send all inquires to Laura Mello directly, this opportunity does not come from the AMTA RI chapter. Thank you.

Contributed by Lana M. Glovach, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in RI
Authored by Mark Madrid on April 16, 2021 on www.sba.gov at http://ow.ly/3XAM50EsqZb
 Take advantage of SBA tools to meet your small business’s financial goals.
 Understanding your finances is key to small business success. With small businesses across America still recovering from the impacts of the pandemic, financial literacy is more important now than ever.   
Financial Literacy Month was first established in 2004 to encourage Americans to learn about finance best practices and to boost their financial well-being. It can also serve as a reminder to take stock of your overall financial outlook and set finance-related goals – whether that’s to obtain a loan, increase your revenue, or learn more about business taxes. Chances are, there’s an SBA resource that can help you take the next steps toward achieving your goal. 
To highlight three immediate educational resources to tap into, please consider the following: 
A local business advisor – 
SBA resource partners can also help you get a clearer picture of your finances. One topic many small business owners work with resource partners on is preparing to apply for a small business loan. Resource partners can help you review your business plan, organize tax return documents and bank statements, and complete other important tasks before your loan application is sent to your lender.
 Free online classes – 
For training on any small business topic, the SBA’s Learning Center and new Ascent platform provide readily available expert insights. An essential course for early-stage businesses is the Financing Your Business course. This course outlines various funding options, including loans, grants, venture capital, and crowdfunding, and concludes with a downloadable worksheet to help you assess your own financial needs. 
Financial advice for every area of life –  
SBA is a proud member of thFinancial Literacy and Education Commission, and fully supports the well-being of all individuals and small business employers. While special projects like Money Smart for Small Business (MSSB) (a joint curriculum of SBA and FDIC) provides an introduction to topics related to starting and managing a business, the FLEC-sponsored website MyMoney.gov is full of financial literacy resources for students, retirees, and more. 
 SBA-Guaranteed Loans and Lender Match 
 SBA-guaranteed loans are often an ideal funding option for small business owners who are creditworthy but don’t qualify for conventional financing. SBA works with participating lenders to reduce their risk, increasing the likelihood your loan will be approved with the terms that work best for you. 
 If you decide SBA-guaranteed loans are a good fit for your business, SBA makes it easy for you to connect with lenders via our Lender Match tool. Lender Match is SBA’s free online referral program that connects small businesses with more than 800 participating SBA-approved lenders.  
To get started, just answer a few questions about your business. Then, you’ll receive an email with contact information from lenders who have expressed interest in your loan. From there, you’ll be able to compare rates, terms, fees, and more. Visit this page to get started. 
Community Navigators being launched soon!
In the immediate future, we are expanding our reach through an even more expansive network of business coaches, called “Community Navigators.” Navigators will accelerate information, education, training, and mentoring for small businesses in rural, underserved, and tribal communities. Please stay up-to-date by visiting sba.gov/navigators 
Whatever your financial goals for your business, SBA is here to help you get to your next step with personalized guidance and tested tools and resources. Learn more at sba.gov.
As Benjamin Franklin observed, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Let the SBA help your small business plan for success! Assistance is available in languages other than English, including Spanish, and all SBA programs and services are extended to the public on a non-discriminatory basis. To learn more about the SBA’s programs and services, please contact Lana M. Glovach, SBA Economic Development Specialist, at lana.glovach@sba.gov or 401-528-4575, or visit www.sba.gov/ri.  

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