Miller's Hawkins for Ribs
This Friday, September 18, 2020
at Hawkins' Parking lot.

Miller's Hawkins has offered us an opportunity we can't refuse. In a time when we are trying to be creative, and make an effort to keep our ministry moving forward, our community continues to show the love.
11 am-5 pm at the Miller's Hawkins store. RIB FEST...
Treat yourself, Treat your friends or family, and Treat the ACHC with your support.

Community Collaboration!
We just heard of a a great collaboration effort and we just have to share it.

a UH Respiratory Therapist shared this; that during a COPD education session her community patient has been struggling at home with her breathing due to not being able to afford the inhalers prescribed by her Primary Care Provider. Talking with the patient they were hopeful to find her a nebulizer and medications at an affordable price so she could manage her COPD at home. Dr. Tucker was very receptive to writing orders for a nebulizer, and nebulizer medication. And then the patient was referred to the Ashland Christian Health Center for a free nebulizer, due to lack of insurance coverage. Upon the patient’s 48 hour follow up call, the patient said “My breathing is wonderful, now that I’m able to afford breathing medication”.
The patient was able to get her nebulizer for free from the Ashland Christian Health Center, and her nebulizer medication cost her under $2.00! Just a positive story of what happens when the whole team works together!! Sharing resources and programs within our community sure does make taking care of our patients easier.

Our Patient Medication Assistance Program does it again. Support for our patients to acquire their medication for FREE, or at a reduced rate is a blessing we can't deny. If you are interested in supporting our Medication and Pharmacy programs, please don't hesitate to reach out. You could be the reason someone acquires their much needed medication.
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