There is no question that the health crisis afflicting most of this planet is becoming a test of our human resilience.  Each of us holds this ability for strength and adaptability within.  W hen I think of the challenge ahead, the image that comes to me is that of surfing a powerful wave with all the skill and tenancity I can muster.  

Maintaining calm is a critical component of our resilience so that we may live authentically, sustain mental, physical and emotional health and act with clarity.  In the coming weeks,  I will be offering a few suggestions that may support you through this process.  My thoughts may or may not resonate for you.  What matters is that you apply those resources that best serve you so that you can harness your resilience and move forward through this crisis.  

Regardless of athletic prowess, I trust that each of us can jump on that board, catch and ride this difficult wave with amazing skill, and make it to the safety and respite of the shore.  We will get to the end of this crisis together.

Warmly, Monica

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