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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." John Dewey

April 3, 2022

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Click Clack Front and Back is a competition team at Indian Hills that spreads the word about the importance of driver’s safety, more specifically seatbelt safety. 

Each year, we organize a campaign to demonstrate this importance to our community and submit a final video summarizing our accomplishments for the year to the U Got Brains Champion Schools program sponsored by the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey. In 2020, as the first-year participants, we were declared a grand prize winner and awarded $10,000. Last year, we were selected as a runner-up and awarded $1,500. With many of our original senior members graduating, we have been putting extra effort into our campaign this year, hoping to take home another grand prize.

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As part of our campaign, we organized a driver’s safety lunch festival that occurred during the lunch periods on Thursday March 31st. Students and staff were invited to learn more about seatbelt safety and join in on some fun activities, like decorating wooden cars and painting rocks for the student parking lot. We also demonstrated the protection seat belts provide involving inertia with some help from the physics department!

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Ramapo Students using Biotechnology Gel Electrophoresis in the AP Biology Classroom!

Using a case study describing a foodborne illness attributed to a Shigella (bacteria that causes "food poisoning") outbreak in California, AP Biology students used DNA from several suspected food sources to identify the offending food item.

Students used gel electrophoresis, a biotechnological advance that separates DNA segments based on size, to create DNA fingerprints. DNA fingerprints are unique to organisms and by examining the DNA fingerprints they created and comparing them to known DNA fingerprints, students were able to identify the cause of the illness. This is the same technique used to determine evolutionary relationships between different organisms, in forensic investigations, and for many other uses as well. It was amazing to see this technology in action and great to be able to move it from the conceptual to the real world.

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This week the Wyckoff Public Library Director, Laura Leonard, and their Teen Services Librarian, Riley McArthur, visited the IHHS media center to donate books on the Holocaust. This generous gift was made possible on the part of the Denise and Steve Frenkel Memorial Fund. The Fund was created by their families to establish a collection of educational materials for the study of Holocaust, interfaith relations, and the study of tolerance, mutual respect, and acceptance. The Wyckoff Public Library facilitated extending the offer to the local schools as well, where the Indian Hills library was given full control to select books that fit their collection's needs and the curricular goals of the social studies department. Thank you to the Wyckoff Public Library and the Frenkel Memorial Fund!

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The Honors and AP Biology classes at Indian Hills learned about fieldwork at Laetoli and in Romania researching early hominids with Dr. Chris Robinson, a paleoanthropologist from CUNY through the Skype A Scientist program as part of their evolution unit of study. Dr. Robinson shared his research experiences which have primarily focused on using three-dimensional geometric morphometrics to explore shape differences in the mandible, teeth, and cranium of fossil hominins and extant hominoids; A. anamensis-A. afarensis lineage. His other major research focus is working with U.S. and Romanian colleagues at Early Pleistocene field sites in the Oltet River Valley in Romania. His team has identified several fossil-bearing localities and documented additional mammalian species in museum collections that have increased our understanding of the paleoenvironmental conditions in Eastern Europe at this critical time period in hominin evolution (i.e., approximately when early hominins are first dispersing out of Africa). The team’s research has involved analyzing data from micro- and mesowear, stable isotopes, ecomorphology, and taphonomy from a number of Romanian sites, which has enabled us to refine paleoenvironmental models. Robinson has contributed his research experience on mammalian, especially giraffid, evolution to analyzing the material recovered from these sites.  

He has published articles in Journal of Human Evolution, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Journal of Anatomy, Anatomical Record, Journal of Morphology, South African Journal of Science and the Quaternary International.

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