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"Action is the fundamental key to success.” Pablo Picasso

May 15, 2022

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Congratulations to the members of the Ramapo and Indian Hills Bands who performed with the New Jersey Wind Symphony Friday, May 13 in the Annual Side by Side Concert. Pictured: Ryan Willemann, Jack Bellantone, Westin Jekic, Yerim Park, Jaden Mayer-Costa, and Hunter DeYoung. In addition, Yerim Park, clarinet placed 3rd in the Youth Soloist Competition.


Spring is here and no better way to enjoy a sunshine-filled day than beautifying our center courtyard.  Horticulture students learned how to apply container planting concepts of “Thrill, Fill, & Spill” as they worked to change over our seasonal container gardens.  Special thanks to the IHHS PTSO for flower donations.  Floral teacup designs were created to close out the unit on floral design, brightening everyone’s day as they traveled through the hallways.


Students in Ms. La Barbiera’s Careers class attended a tour at Greens Do Good to learn about careers at the location.  Students visited the nursery to see how seeds are started, explored the farm’s innovative vertical growing towers to see how the hydroponic solutions are managed to deliver nutrients to the crops through energy-efficient technology and water conservation methods, and learned how hydroponics can be used to produce organic and pesticide-free crops.  Students capped off their visit with a farm-to-table tasting of some of the crops including butterhead lettuce, arugula, and a variety of microgreens such as wasabi, pea tendrils, and broccoli.  Greens Do Good’s produce with purpose can be purchased locally at Market Basket and Shoprite.  Learn more about Greens Do Good expanding their impact through partnerships supporting teens with autism. Visit them on Instagram @greensdogood and online at

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This photo is from the 2022 Congressional Art Competition that was hosted by Josh Gottheimer (Pictured are Ramapo Junior, Katie Haig, and US Representative, Josh Gottheimer)

Katie Haig's amazing colored pencil piece was on display at the 2022 Congressional Art Competition. The exhibit highlighted the range and breadth of teenage artists across the 5th District. Katie, her family, and all the exhibiting artists met with Josh Gottheimer who praised these artists for having the courage to not only make meaningful art but also having the courage to put it out on display. This year's competition was open to the public to vote and the art will be exhibited in Washington, D.C. 

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Thank you to all of our district STEM teachers who ran some amazing “Super Saturday AP STEM” review sessions the past two weekends in preparation for AP Exams.  Content reviews, games galore, and tips for success were abound.  Congratulations to all of our AP students for finishing strong!

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On Friday, April 22nd, a team of 4 students from our culinary courses represented Indian Hills High School in a "Junior Chef Competition" hosted by Bergen County Community College.  Our students began the contest at 1:00 in the afternoon and worked until 8 pm. The students prepared and plated an entree and dessert for the judges and provided upwards of 60 samples of each dish to the audience members.  The judges recognized the hard work of the IHHS students and presented our students with the Best Effort award.  We look forward to making this an annual tradition.

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UPSMR Human Anatomy & Medical Issues students in Ms. Murphy & Ms. McDonough’s classes attended a virtual live kidney transplant surgery this week.  Students learned about organ donations from the NJ Sharing Network and heard some first-hand experiences from donors who have changed lives.  UPSMR students were able to interact directly with the surgical team, including scrub nurses, transplant surgeons, and the anesthesiologist as they watched a kidney transplant surgery from start to finish with a healthy organ bringing life to its recipient.  To learn more about the NJ Sharing Network, visit:


May 25, 2022

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