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March 20, 2022

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United States Chemistry Olympiad

Three members of the Ramapo Chemistry Team participated in the NJ regional qualifying round of the United States Chemistry Olympiad on Saturday, March 12th.   Top scoring students from this exam will be invited to participate in the national exam in April. 

The U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad is a multi-tiered competition designed to stimulate and promote achievement in high school chemistry. It is sponsored by the American Chemical Society. Each year, four students are chosen to represent the USA in the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO), which is hosted every year in July in one of the participating countries.  Congratulations to Mrs. Fan and team members, Lucas Baiata, Luke Jannazzo, and Kirk Tsocanos, for their commitment to preparing for this competition. 

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Thank you to our incredibly talented students and art department staff for displaying all of the magnificent artwork in our Board of Education Office spaces this year.


We are so proud of the work effort, dedication, and progress all of our students have displayed this year in art class. Again, thank you to our art department team members and our students for sharing their creativity and artistic voice with the RIH community.

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Marine Systems & Oceanography Course Makes Plankton


To demonstrate their understanding of life in the water column from the perspective of plankton, Marine Systems students at Ramapo High School designed and created their own "plankton" with household supplies.  The plankton had to be at least 50% submerged in the water column instead of floating or sinking to model plankton that would survive well in the ocean.  Shown here are Po Seniors Melina Tsapatsaris, Siena Zisa, Sydney Samuel, and Mat Niemiec with some of their winning plankton species.

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Indian Hills UPSMR

The University Program Science, Medicine & Research (UPSMR) Freshmen wrapped up a donation drive for two local animal rescue organizations, RBARI & Wildlife Freedom. Students raised over $500 in supplies and donations for the animal rescues in response to the needs of rescue organizations to support animal services based solely on donations after making career connections with the groups earlier in the school year.

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RIH District Art Show

Just a reminder that our RIH District Art Show will commence on April 7th at 6:30 pm in the Ramapo High School Media Center. Please plan to attend and be prepared to be blown away by the exceptional art installations our students are preparing.

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Indian Hills Academic Decathlon

Please congratulate the members of the Indian Hills Academic Decathlon team! They placed 2nd at the State Finals and are advancing to the Online Nationals Competition!


The team that competed at this year’s States Competition include: Cora Mayer-Costa (captain), Ulysses Bergel, Joseph Park, Zoe Jacobs, Cece Dadarwala, Gabriella Susino, Jaedan Orsini, Logan Render, Renee Callari, Alexandra Mazur, Kylee Kublin, Raina Saini, Christine Peng, Deana Syrneva, and Tom Picinich.


Special thanks to our volunteers for helping make this year’s competition a success - Ms. Funk, Mr. Caufield, Mr. Dave, and Ms. Heerema! An additional special thank you to Mr. Murphy and Mr. Luke for their help in the interview event!


For our Regular Team:

  • Cora Mayer-Costa, for the honors division: MVP; honorable mention for literature; silver medal for essay; gold medals for art and economics.
  • Ulysses Bergel, for the honors division: bronze medal for speech; gold medals for art, essay, and interview.
  • Joseph Park, for the honors division: honorable mentions for math and music; bronze medal for social science.
  • Zoe Jacobs, for the scholastic division: bronze medal for music.
  • Cece Dadarwala, for the scholastic division: honorable mention for economics; bronze medal for art, social science, and essay; silver medal for music; gold medals for speech and science. Cece was also the second highest scoring competitor overall in the state in the scholastic division.
  • Gabriella Susino, for the scholastic division: honorable mentions for art, literature, science, speech, and interview; bronze medal for music. Gaby was also the third highest scoring competitor overall in the state in the scholastic division.
  • Jaedan Orsini, for the varsity division: gold medal for music.
  • Logan Render, for the varsity division: bronze medal for art; gold medal for music.

For our Alternates:

  • Renee Callari, for honors division alternates: bronze medal for music.
  • Alexandra Mazur, for honors division alternates: bronze medal for music; gold medal for literature.
  • Raina Saini, for honors division alternates: honorable mention for music and social science.
  • Christine Peng, for honors division alternates: honorable mention for social science; silver medal for art; gold medal for music.
  • Tom Picinich, for scholastic division alternates: honorable mention for economics; silver medal for social science.


The team and I would like to thank everyone for their support!




Mike Paravati and the Academic Decathlon Team

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