Q4 Newsletter

We made it, folks. We navigated the dangerous waters of 2020 and have sailed, or perhaps crashed, into 2021. 
For RIHEBC’s part, successfully navigating the 2020 waters meant trying to help our community. And while I have grown tired of the word “unprecedented,” I am going go ahead and use it here. Twice. In the face of unprecedented challenges faced by RIHEBC’s constituent organizations, RIHEBC committed an unprecedented amount to grant funding. $1 million was approved by the Board, half for COVID-related expenses, the other half for capital projects that might have progressed had it not been for COVID.
Our What’s Important Now Grant Program for COVID expenses has been fully paid out to 51 wonderful organizations. You may find out who the WINners are by clicking: [here]
Our Project Grant Program is underway. You will have to wait until the next newsletter to find out more.
Until then, my hope for you is smooth sailing in 2021. And lots of beautiful sunsets over calm seas.
--Kim Mooers
4th Quarter 2020 Bond Issues

Public Schools Revenue Bond Financing Program, Town of East Greenwich Issue, Series 2020D
October 22, 2020
Taxable Current Refunding of Series 2009A & Taxable Advance Refunding of Series 2012A.

Higher Education Facilities Revenue Refunding Bonds,
Rhode Island School of Design Issue, Series 2020
December 16, 2020
Taxable Advance Refunding of Series 2012A & 2012B
In Case You Are Interested
 RIHEBC’s sister agency in Wisconsin is holding free virtual workshops on important topics in public finance. They have graciously extended an invitation to these workshops to RIHEBC staff and board members, our borrowers and grantees, and our business partners. Please feel free to take advantage of this learning opportunity. You can find out more information and register here. https://whefa.com/bond-basics/workshop/
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