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Senators and Representatives
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March 22, 2016

Please Help Ensure CHILDREN Get the Legal Assistance They Need!
(Please note: The link to "call you Senators and Representatives" has been corrected.)

  Dear Friend,

As a nation, we recognize the need for children to be protected and valued. We would never allow a toddler to drive themselves. We would not dream of asking an infant to care for their own medical needs. So why are we currently asking children as young as 3 years old to represent themselves in immigration court?

Right now, many children seeking asylum in the United States are forced to represent themselves in court without a lawyer to avoid deportation back to their countries of origin. These children have fled violence, persecution and extreme poverty. For them to be treated as criminals and without proper legal representation is unconscionable.

As people of faith, we cannot allow this unjust practice to continue.
Will you call your Senators and Representatives today at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to support The Fair Day in Court Act, legislation that would provide children with lawyers?

Senator Harry Reid and Representative Zoe Lofgren have introduced The Fair Day in Court Act, a bill that would ensure every child has the legal representation they need and deserve when represented in immigration courts. For this vital legislation to pass, it will take all of us speaking out in favor of it.

Can we count on you to call your Senators and Representative today
at (202) 224-3121 in support of The Fair Day in Court Act?
We need to ensure ALL Senators and Representatives hear from us-for the sake of the children! 
Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea
Director of Refugee & Immigration Ministries
Disciples Home Missions

Five Thomas Circle, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20005-4153
(202) 957-7826 (Cell)

Refugee & Immigration Ministries is a ministry of Disciples Home Missions in Partnership with the Christian Church Capital Area and the Disciples Center for Public Witness

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