January 11, 2019
Greetings, Friends!
Happy New Year, Everyone!
Did you get any Gift Cards for Christmas that you haven't yet squandered on something you didn't need??? :)
Consider helping one more greyhound get on the Greyt Love Bus AND having one of these rings of your very own to represent your generosity! Multiple cards? Just email me - we'll figure it out.
10/18: Very 1st Haul brought 17 Florida Greyhounds.
12/18: 2nd Haul brought in
15 Pensacola greyhounds
1/19 3rd haul is planned for
the 20th of January.

That's a LOT of hard work in a very short time!
Look at the size of this welcoming crowd -
all waiting to clean up and love on arriving greyhounds!
The shelter has a bath tub and climate controlled accommodations for twelve hounds.
"Our shelter residents receive lots of love, care, feeding, play time, one-on-one time, snacks, and positive reinforcement training from our dedicated volunteers."
THIS could be the greyhound
YOU helped get on the bus
by purchasing a Greyt Love Ring!
100% of your purchase will benefit
Greyt Love

Greyt Love brings in the greyhounds on their bus and fosters them in their shelter while James River Greyhound Adoptions
handles the placement process-
a very practical partnership!

You'll want to watch this YouTube video of DR. NICOLA MASON discussing her canine cancer program!
It's personal, entertaining and educational!

I am especially impressed to learn that Dr. Mason's trials are now offered at more than TWENTY clinics, according to this article in Veterinary Practice News! Open the link to find a location near where you live- I hope you don't need one but someone you know might..., The article is worth saving.