Hawaii GOP Leaders Decide
to Throw 2018 Election and
Continue Team Hellreich's
Downward Political Trend

Aloha, Republicans:
Following this past weekend's big State Committee meeting of Hawaii GOP leaders (their first meeting since the 2016 election disaster -- in fact, their first meeting in nearly six long months), these secretive party-destroying RINO's won't bother to send you their meeting recap.  So HIRA will recap it for you.

Cut to the Chase :  With Democrats more in control of Hawaii than ever as a result of the disastrous November 8th election, our local party leaders do NOT want to win elections, ever Just as HIRA warned you in advance , Team Hellreich's puppet chairman Fritz Rohlfing crawled even deeper down the rabbit hole when he actually REFUSEDto allow any time during this weekend's state committee meeting and REFUSED to schedule any future meeting(s) to figure out WHY Republicans keep losing in Hawaii (in 2016 and in the SEVEN consecutive elections since Miriam Hellreich became party leader in 2002).
Astonishingly, no single member of the party's executive committee even attempted to intervene in this post-election travesty of common sense and standard business practice of a performance review -- not failed RINO Kauai county chair Steve Yoder nor failed RINO state vice chair for "coordinated campaigns" Bob Hickling nor blowhard emeritus national committeeman Gene Ward (who blew $2,000 in GOP donor funds on polling -- the purpose of which has been kept a complete secret from the State Committee to this very day) nor Jaci Agustin's unemployed campaign manager turned brand new party executive director Jack "Paycut" JamesNOBODY spoke up or demanded any discussion about why the Hawaii GOP keeps losing let alone a full-fledged autopsy of what went wrong.  OMG!!!   More info below.

Interestingly, Fritz Rohlfing, Pat Saiki, Andy Mukk and several other RINO party leaders were caught
reading HIRA's last newsletter on their phones DURING Saturday's state committee meeting.  That would be HIRA's most recent e-newsletter which accurately predicted that the de facto meeting agenda for these RINO leaders would consist of three things only:  (1) circling the wagons; (2) sticking their heads in the sand; and (3) ignoring the local GOP political disaster at their hands just a few weeks ago.  Sheesh, to these inept RINO party leaders who voraciously read our e-newsletters during their boring and unproductive meetings, it must have seemed like déjà vu that HIRA forecast the entire brain-dead 'rainbows and unicorns' themed meeting they were in the midst of stage managing to a tiny gathering of leaders the weekend before Christmas.


Now, let's get to some of the interesting highlights (lowlights, really) of what should have been the most important meeting of the year for GOP party leaders in the islands, but wasn't . . .


Over the weekend, state and county GOP leaders met at the outrageously expensive party headquarters on Kapiolani Boulevard (so expensive that just the ridiculous maintenance fee alone costs donors $3,000 every month).  Thankfully, according to grateful party treasurer Mary Smart, folks like the self-described 'Fancy Nancy' Monahan** have been regularly donating actual rolls of toilet paper for HQ's bathroom, since the party can't afford its own TP.  No surprise, after barely affording the exorbitant $15,000 blown each month on administrative overhead (leaving zero for brand support or candidate support).  But with no internet or wi-fi, no banks of phones for volunteers, really filthy carpets, and an A/C which is on the fritz or just turned off most of the time, the tiny handful of party leaders who bothered to show up this past Saturday morning couldn't wait to leave the uncomfortable and useless meeting.
[**Monahan continues to be the state GOP's " Vice Chair of Community Service " -- a puppet party officer who never actually organizes any community service and just shows up to vote whenever and however cult leader Miriam Hellreich tells her to.]


NOT-VERY-SMART CORRUPTION ON PARADE Only 10 of 51 district leaders bothered to show up or phone into the meeting led by Hellreich's loyal state and county officers.  Now, if the reason that dozens of district leaders decided not to attend is because they somehow knew corrupt party treasurer Mary Smart would refuse to hand out a financial report, they were 100% right.   During what was supposed to be the Treasurer's Report, crooked Treasurer Smart (with the full support of Hellreich, Rohlfing, et al) REFUSED to distribute or even present a report.  After avoiding questions about the party's financial condition, its remaining operating funds, the amount owed on the mortgage, and other money matters, Smart made some vague reference to the party having 'just enough money' to survive for two more weeks then proceeded to lavish praise on her cult leader Hellreich for helping to keep the lights on at HQ.

In fact, Smart flat-out refused to address her lack of a formal report.  Like a tap dancing Mr. Bojangles, Smart retorted that if district party leaders really wanted to know any details about the party's long-suspected shady finances, they should sit down at a computer and log on to the various government websites which monitor political donations and spending and just look up the reports and try to figure it out for themselves.  [Shocked state committee members reported to HIRA that it was very sad watching another former conservative like Smart get sucked into Hellreich's RINO black hole; with Smart merely being used to keep a lid on her conservative friends and associates who might grow restless with Hellreich's RINO dictatorship.]  Mary Smart will be damned if she proves HIRA right about the party's crooked finances by admitting that party donors were lied to -- that specially raised mortgage funds did not get protected, but rather got blown on other exorbitant administrative costs and secret, unbudgeted items.
Fraud is at the very center of Hawaii GOP finances.  Now, it appears that Mary "I used to have scruples" Smart has been pulled deep into Team Hellreich's web of deceit and
proven corruption How many news stories about misappropriated funds by private organizations does one need to see on TV before it's instantly obvious that a treasurer who refuses to pass out a financial report or even answer basic questions about bank account balances IS HIDING something terrible?!?  Perhaps it's no coincidence that Rohlfing skipped over the part of the agenda where the State Committee was supposed to consider for approval Rohlfing's appointments to the party's "Audit Review Committee".  Clearly, it's time for new leaders and outside auditors to drain the swamp and get to the bottom of the ongoing corruption at the Hawaii GOP . . . especially after Smart told the party's Executive Committee TWO MONTHS AGO in October that the party's finances were in big, big trouble.


*** HERE'S THE PART OF THE MEETING YOU'VE REALLY BEEN WAITING TO READ ABOUT Perhaps the reason that 75% of district party leaders didn't bother to show up for the first meeting in nearly six months was because they knew it would be a hurried whitewash by executive party officers . . . which it was.  Clearly, one of the lowest points of the weekend meeting came when Hellreich's puppet executive party officers blew off district level state committee member Rita Kama-Kimura whose sincere and extremely pertinent questions about the party's lack of messaging, lack of championing issues, and non-existent communications were blown off by party officials who told her she was out of order and could only talk about these problems 'offline' away from the meeting.  Really?  Why bother gathering party leaders together in one room after the disastrous election for local Republicans unless the point is to hold a wide-ranging discussion of what would be done differently between now and 2018??  Duh!!
On the other hand , the non-answer given to district chair Kama-Kimura was a brutally honest revelation of what all Republicans can expect from the Hawaii GOP's crooked leadership going forward.  This weekend, every single executive officer of the local party made it perfectly clear that they are quadrupling down on their failed strategies in order to ensure that nothing changes.
2018, they explained, will see a continuation of the party's failed, longtime approach of throwing all party resources at the last minute behind one single 'top tier' losing candidate approved by Hellreich (this year it was "all in for Djou for Mayor", in 2014 it was "all in for Aiona for Governor", in 2012 it was "all in for Lingle for Senate", and so on).  Forget about those perennially ignored candidates for state house, state senate, and county councils.  RINO's at the Hawaii GOP don't believe in laying foundations.  Only Hail Mary passes.
And so, there will be NO SUSTAINED CASE MADE BY OUR PARTY FOR ELECTING REPUBLICANS OVER DEMOCRATS.  The exact same party leaders have this weekend re-adopted the exact same losing strategy, embraced the same devotion to losing, and decided to continue the party's ongoing silence about the Democrat record and the same useless neutrality on the issues facing Hawaii.  Candidates for lower offices at the state legislative and county council level will have to fend for themselves.  And despite how Democrats took power in Hawaii 62 years ago in a SINGLE ELECTION by painting the ruling Republican Machine in 1954 as being seriously out of touch, there is no plan to make any dramatic case to unseat Hawaii's seriously out of touch Democrat Machine.  Team Hellreich prefers to continue aiming for big seats while continuing to lose incumbent GOP seats every two years . . . that's enough to make Democrat Party leaders smile from ear to ear.

NO AUTOPSY ALLOWED :  Across the nation, other Republican parties and GOP candidates are doing extremely well in so many other states.  But in just a few short years, Hawaii has plummeted from having 22 elected Republicans in state government to just 6.  Yet Hellreich and her puppets have ZERO interest in examining why this is the case, since they consciously prohibited any and all discussion of the role Hawaii's state and county party organizations played in the massive local political defeats of 2016.  Instead, party officers told themselves this weekend that they did a great job, took no responsibility for the poor showing, ignored the dozens of local party and campaign failures, shifted attention to Trump's national victory (he lost 2-to-1 in Hawaii at the hands of Team Hellreich's 'leadership'), and they refused to resign following their failed performance.
Speaking of Trump, do we need him to visit Hawaii and FIRE these screwups?  If they don't get out of the way NOW, we have to wait five more months until the state convention to replace these losers.  The 2018 campaign started six weeks ago.  Their broken promises and failure to lead Hawaii's Republican state and county organizations effectively scream out for new leadership TODAY.  Team Hellreich has done nothing since Election Day 2016 to make it easier for Republicans to beat Democrats in 2018 and nothing to educate and persuade local voters to side with us on the issues.  Mark HIRA's words:  Come November 2018's general election, we'll all wish we had an extra six weeks of campaign time to degrade the chances of Democrats to get re-elected.  Sorry.  Those six weeks have been frittered away by Team Hellreich.  Brace yourselves for even more frittering (they are REALLY good at it).  The number of elected Republicans is now almost at zero.  At the rate Team Hellreich is going, absolute zero is right around the corner.


  Here's what took up the most time at Saturday's meeting.  Even though Fritz Rohlfing merely pretended to have the necessary quorum to properly conduct business at this weekend's absenteeism-plagued meeting, Team Hellreich rounded up votes from fellow officers to approve official implementation of "voluntary dues" of $10 per year per member (or not at all, ever, since it's voluntary).  Since Hellreich's puppet officers didn't even bother to present the party's annual budget or strategic plan for 2017 (more deliberate RINO rulebreaking with impunity), there was no official financial projection of how little money the party expected to raise from disenchanted Republicans in Hawaii through a voluntary dues scheme.  Clearly, Hellreich's RINO leadership team must be aware of the high level of disgust that party members feel about local GOP leaders, since party rules currently dictate the termination of GOP membership of those who fail to pay their dues.  Otherwise, if they thought you loved how RINO's run the Hawaii GOP, they would have made the new membership dues mandatory and reaped a $300K windfall.  But, they didn't.  Adding to the confusion, a Rohlfing lackey announced that party members will not be notified by mail about the new voluntary dues, suggesting that even less money will be raised by the party which right now has fewer than 20 sustaining members after being in business for decades.  State Committee member Nathan "The Prophet" Paikai said he believes the new dues structure will bring a lot of 'his people' (presumably referring to fellow part-Hawaiians) into the Hawaii GOP because they will think they can get free memberships while others are paying $10.  [No, that wasn't even the lowest point of Saturday's meeting.]  Somebody tell "The Prophet" that his association of part-Hawaiians with 'freebies' makes him more closely aligned with the Democrat Party's narrative than with conservatives.


INCOMPETENCE ALERT #9,999:   With the shocking information which was blurted out at this weekend's state committee meeting, it sure seems like party leaders have invited a state investigation into the party's labor practices.  Here's the scoop.  The party ran out of money one month before the election.  State representative and tax increase advocate Bob McDermott gave HIRA the original scoop on that terrible story .  So, one month before the General Election, in order to cut costs, the party's full-time paid executive director Marcia Tagavilla (whose line item cost party donors $120,000 for the election cycle) was prematurely terminated.  
Here's where it gets interesting.  Tagavilla is pregnant and continued working at party headquarters for free for three weeks after getting the boot.  Then it gets even more interesting.  Party officers mentioned several times that Tagavilla had not been permanently let go, but was on (their words) "Maternity Leave".  Anyone with business or even government experience in Hawaii or elsewhere knows that the phrase 'maternity leave' is a loaded HR term with many legal implications.  Thanks to Pat Saiki's line of questioning, this gets even more interesting.  Tagavilla is receiving no benefits or pay while on this 'maternity leave'.  In fact, it was announced that a permanent replacement for her job named Jack James has been hired (not an 'interim' one) and Tagavilla's replacement has already started in her job effective early December.  Now keep following this.  When Fritz Rohlfing was challenged about Tagavilla's maternity leave, Rohlfing said when Tagavilla wants to come back, she can get her old job back.  In fact, Rohlfing said that the party will have TWO paid executive directors.  With Hawaii law establishing maternity leave as being four unpaid weeks, Tagavilla could return to work for full pay as early as TODAY.

  Hold the phone.  Let's briefly get into what Rohlfing was dancing around, but never got resolved.  First, how exactly is this tiny organization (which has no clue how to win elections or raise money or inspire confidence among party members) going to afford such massive payroll for TWO executive directors in addition to the tiny little party's already massive overhead when it can't even afford toilet paper??  Second, with Tagavilla's replacement being in desperate personal financial distress at the time of his hiring and being willing to work for less than Tagavilla, aren't party leaders setting up a hostile workplace scenario following Tagavilla's maternity leave when two equal employees will be earning different (yet publicly reported) salaries?  It gets worse.  Marcia Tagavilla brought ZERO experience to the party as any kind of serious political operative.  Same for the lesser paid and even less qualified Jack James.  THE BIG QUESTIONDoes anyone believe that the Hawaii GOP is being run in a manner which puts fear into Democrats in the islands??  Is Team Hellreich simply using donor funds to give jobs to their loyal buddies at the expense of GOP success?  Duh!!


KID GLOVES FOR BACKSTABBING TRAITORS :  Team Hellreich puppet and the introducer of legalized abortion in Hawaii Pat Saiki blocked enforcement of a proposal to terminate the party membership of backstabbing "Republican" traitor Kym Pine-Ryglowski, the pro-rail, pro-taxes city councilwoman who donated in excess of $10,000 to Democrat candidates in 2016 , not to mention Pine's active campaigning for these Democrats
While many in attendance on Saturday were ready to tear up Pine's party membership card, Saiki aggressively defended Pine, denied the mountain of publicly available evidence that Pine helped Democrats, called the evidence "hearsay", pretended that what Pine did was okay, and insisted that Fritz Rohlfing extend Pine an olive branch by contacting her and asking if she wants to be a Republican any more.  Just a few weeks ago, Rohlfing's rules committee chairman Andrew Walden
insisted that the Hawaii GOP endorse traitorous Pine for re-election to the City Council and CONFIRMED Pine's status as a card-carrying member of the party .  With only SIX elected Republicans in office being members in good standing of the Hawaii GOP, Saiki pushed hard to ensure that this small number could be bumped up to SEVEN by merely pretending that Pine's direct assistance to so many Democrats this year never happened at all.  There's a sickness at Hawaii GOP headquarters.  These people running our party are NOT really Republicans.  It shows in everything they do wrong.


MISSING REPORT FROM KAUAI :  Finally, while no executive officers, not even one of them, submitted a written report in advance of Saturday's meeting.  HIRA did try to assist hapless Kauai county chair and wannabe somebody Steve Yoder by putting his report together, which follows.  [Yes, this is the very same Steve Yoder who joined with other crooked party officers in allowing Fritz Rohlfing to get away with stealing $2,500 so he could hire a Democrat union lawyer to threaten HIRA if the conservative group ran political advertising against Democrats in 2016 and beyond.]

DRAFT REPORT FOR YODER :  Like his predecessor Bob Hickling, Kauai county GOP chair Steve Yoder is a tragic and historically irrelevant figure.  He had the entire Kauai county organization at his disposal for nearly two years leading up to the 2016 general election six weeks ago.  Yet all five Republicans on the Kauai ballot (four, if you don't count Crazy Angela Kaaihue) got the worst imaginable vote percentages that you could, well, imagine.  The party's U.S. Senate candidate did worse than the candidate 2 years earlier.  Both of Yoder's State House candidates received less votes than the 26.9% statewide average for GOP candidates in 2016.  In fact, the party's two-time candidate Victoria Franks (HD16) did worse in 2016 than in 2014.  And the uninspiring Yoder couldn't even field a GOP candidate to be the sacrificial lamb candidate in HD15 after Yoder himself got trounced with just 23.7% of the vote in 2014.  Clearly, Steve Yoder doesn't have what it takes to be a county chair or even an envelope stuffer at the GOP.  Kauai voters are less inclined to vote Republican after Yoder's two years in office than they were the day he assumed the county chairmanship.  In fact, Yoder reflected on the party's 2016 election disaster by saying: "Fifty percent of success is simply showing up!"  From this we gather that the other 50% must be walking out when the party's quarterly meetings are over, including this past Saturday's dreadful affair.


THE BOTTOM LINE :  If you really wonder why we keep losing, you've just gotten your answer by reading the above.  Our party's RINO's leaders have learned absolutely nothing from the past two years or the past 14 years of losses.  They have no desire to improve.  They intend to pursue the exact same failed approaches all over again in the next 22 and a half months.  They are setting Republicans up for failure in 2018.  They are blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Republican donations for nothing each election cycle.  We are no closer to winning.  They all need to go.  Please join HIRA Action's campaign today so we can fix our party, start winning elections, and then fix our state.
Stay tuned for some additional shocking news which couldn't fit in this edition of HIRA's newsletter. 
In the meantime, have a happy and safe Christmas.  Please keep the 50% of Hawaii residents who live paycheck to paycheck in all of our prayers.


THIS JUST IN:  With former party chairman David Chang and former party chair turned current house RINO caucus leader Beth Fukumoto-Chang
filing for divorce after four short years, just days before Christmas , let's send positive thoughts out to this one-time 'power couple', to their child, and also to their close and comforting friend, Democrat state representative Chris Lee.  Despite the tragic circumstances, let's hope David and Beth still find a way to have a very gay and merry Christmas as they embark on their new lives in 2017.



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