GOP Leader Fukumoto-Chang
and a Majority of the GOP Caucus


We are in
really big trouble.  We think we have two parties in Hawaii, but we don't.


Two months ago, unabashed liberal Democrat House Speaker Joe Souki -- a representative from Maui (House District 8) -- introduced House Bill 134 [HB134]; the bill now being considered to squeeze already overtaxed Hawaii taxpayers on Oahu for hundreds of millions or possibly even billions of dollars in taxes to finance the rail project endlessly.


That's the kind of legislation which your average card-carrying Republican would expect elected Republicans and their party to vigorously fight against.


Sadly, the frighteningly cozy relationship between the Democrat leadership and the Republican leadership in the State House has taken Hawaii straight through the looking glass; where up is down and down is up.  The resulting consequences have been regularly exposed by the Hawaii Republican Assembly [HIRA] for all to see.  But you really need to be sitting down to absorb this news about what our elected Republicans are doing right now. 




Things have gotten worse lately -- MUCH worse.  Since HIRA last wrote to you, elected Republicans have gone from merely 'not fighting' the tax hike to actively fighting FOR the tax extension from rail hell.


Our very own Republican leader Rep. Beth Fukumoto-Chang, who frequently stresses 'bipartisanship' over all else -- which means not fighting Democrat tax increases or anything else -- recently gave a shocking speech before most of the elected Democrats in Hawaii.  Here's what she claims:  The MAJORITY of her miniscule 7-member GOP caucus supports the Democrats' massive tax increase; you know, the one for the already WAY over-budget rail project.  Don't believe HIRA?  Just watch the video . . .

Rep. Fukumoto Chang addresses HB 134 County Surcharge on State Tax

As this video shows, Rep. Fukumoto-Chang even spoke apologetically and embarrassingly to her comrades on the Democrat side of the aisle for all the phone calls they and she have been receiving from rank and file Republicans in opposition to this massive rail tax.  Rep. Fukumoto-Chang actually defended the same bloated rail project which public officials and their special interest friends deliberately lied about to the public in order to fool a very slight majority of voters in 2008 to approve.  Read more HERE.




Now here's the rub:  Rep Fukumoto-Chang and the majority of the GOP caucus are willing to help perpetuate the Democrats' big lie.  In fact, Reps Fukumoto-Chang and McDermott have eagerly joined Democrats in shamelessly wrapping themselves in the big lie of falsely assuring taxpayers and voters that building rail would make their drive to work at rush hour a faster one by reducing traffic congestion.  BALONEY!!  Both Reps Fukumoto-Chang and McDermott, along with every other government official in Hawaii, KNOW that this is totally FALSE.  Traffic will get worse, not better, after blowing billions on rail.  It's a matter of public record . . . and a sore point that public relations blowhards from the rail consortium try hard to downplay.


But spend a few seconds below listening to them lament about traffic and perpetuate the big lie as if they now have no other way to get to work in a timely fashion each day and as if there are no cheaper solutions for 'mobility' than rail.  In fact, there are many cheaper solutions and there are many real-world examples of cities, both domestically and abroad, that have built rail systems that are complete failures.  Knowing this, how can they support this boondoggle and still have an "R" after their names??


Can you believe it??  The 'leader' of all Republicans in the State House, Rep. Fukumoto-Chang, complains to a roomful of money-grubbing Democrats at the State Capitol about a TWO HOUR drive to town and how "desperately we need The Rail", then demands that she and the majority of Republicans waste billions on rail.  How about an existing traffic solution which doesn't bankrupt taxpayers and use one that we already have in place??!?

Commuting by rail will take much longer, since it's so inefficient.  You have to walk to a bus stop, wait for a bus, catch a bus to a rail station, ride rail to town, stopping along the way, catch another bus, then walk to where you need to go.  Then you have to do that all over again in reverse to get home each day.  That's why City, State and Federal planners on the Honolulu Rail Project ADMIT that traffic will get worse with rail.  Daily ridership by regular commuters is expected to be very low because nobody wants to endure a commute like that each day EXCEPT for people who already have no choice but to ride TheBus. That's why the "do as I say, not as I do" politicians don't even ride public transportation each day.  They only want YOU to get out of your cars.  Otherwise, if they really believed their own rhetoric, they'd already be riding TheBus each day.  Don't believe it?  Back in 2010, during a candidate debate in Ewa Beach, now defunct state representative Rida Cabinilla (D) spoke for many politicians when she blurted out, "I want everybody to ride the rail around the rail line so I can drive my car.  It will take cars off the freeway and there is more room for me."

But we all know that rail has nothing to do with traffic and everything to do with money; money that goes to unions and contractors and developers . . . basically a government pay-out racket.  This type of wealth re-distribution/labor welfare would make the most ardent communist proud.   So if Reps. Fukumoto-Chang and McDermott really cared at all about their constituents' commute times -- not to mention their already overtaxed lives -- these two politicians would use all their efforts to actively promote riding TheBus to residents of their districts instead of deliberately wasting OUR money on a rail project which doesn't even go to Mililani or to Ewa Beach . . . and which City and Federal planners admit will see traffic get 57% worse despite all the billions spent on this make-work, pork-barrel project for the benefit of the rail consortium.  Even new GOP Rep. Andria Tupola eagerly regurgitates false information supplied by the rail consortium when declared,  "I know that there's a dream to have rail to alleviate traffic and everyone wants to see that."  Can't Republicans even be counted on in Hawaii to tell the truth? 

Our party really HAS been hijacked by 'progressives'.  The case gets stronger and more irrefutable each day.  You expect Democrats to act like Democrats.  
But seeing Republicans sell out and acting like Democrats is completely unacceptable to HIRA.  This is why having the right kind of leadership is so important.  Elected Republicans and GOP candidates that care more about 'getting along' and 'personal advancement' will only stunt our party's growth and help Democrats stay in power for another 60 years.

HIRA knows what you expect of your Republicans at the legislature.  But you WON'T get it while they are led by RINO Rep. Fukumoto-Chang, the protege of party turncoat Aaron 'Ling' Johanson.  So get ready to hand over your hard-earned money . . . to Republicans at the State Legislature They're coming for your wallets and purses right now, and Chair Saiki, National Committeewoman Hellreich, and Honolulu County Chair Rohlfing are doing NOTHING to stop them or at the very least attempting to dissuade them.



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