Island Liberals Block HIRA Leader
from Attending RNC Convention

Once again reminding us of her horrible political and legal judgement and why our party keeps losing elections year after year,  Miriam Hellreich let loose with a symbolic "F-bomb" that might even make even her most loyal surrogate  State Representative "Cussing Bob" McDermott blush a bright red shade of rosacea.  With one of her middle fingers aimed directly at the leader of the conservative Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) and her other middle finger aimed squarely at the leader of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Reince Priebus, local GOP 'dowager empress'** and hardcore progressive Miriam Hellreich broke all national party rules (and set new precedent nationally and locally) by leading a hard-charging effort to block HIRA's president and founder Eric Ryan from attending next month's Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

With the longtime national committeewoman known for her utter contempt for conservative Republicans and her willingness to suit herself when it comes to party rules, an emotionally-charged and highly vindictive Hellreich worked the phones, burned up the e-mails, and then powered through a meeting last week at the Hawaii GOP's costly, luxury headquarters on Kapiolani Boulevard with fiercely rabid determination to push HIRA's Ryan off the airplane, off the tour bus, out of the hotel, and out of the Quicken Loans ArenaRyan simply cannot be allowed to get issued credentials to attend the 2016 RNC, Hellreich vowed to herself and others.

Somehow, very recently, the highly corrupt and ill-informed idea worked its way into Hellreich's vengeful brain that she had the power to IGNORE the national rules of the national party concerning the national convention in a bid to keep Ryan from accompanying the Hawaii GOP delegation to the Cleveland convention as a guest; using an official RNC guest pass issued by the local Cruz campaign's delegates.

Experienced at preying on the weak-minded, Miriam Hellreich did not have to look far for someone to help her advance her campaign against Ryan.  The socially and fiscally liberal Hellreich partnered with her fellow recipient of HIRA's critiques -- the Trump Hawaii leader and do-nothing member of the party's state committee Nathan "The Prophet" Paikai -- in order to lead an unprecedented effort to force a secret vote behind closed doors to blackball Ryan and prevent him from being permitted to attend the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July 18-21 . . . just one short month from now.

The Late Night, Closed Door Meeting :  Nearly all of Hawaii's national convention delegates of the Trump, Cruz, and Rubio campaigns elected at the party's statewide presidential caucus on March 8th were in attendance at a seemingly non-controversial pre-convention meeting of the national delegation along with state party leaders and overpaid party staff who helped to organize the meeting at which manini decisions get made, like picking which flower lei to wear and selecting the matching aloha shirts for delegates.  Conveniently NOT included on the Hellreich's meeting agenda distributed only hours before the meeting was a single motion pushing the controversial "Ban Ryan" issue which was raised without any warning toward the very end of this special meeting for delegates and alternate delegates and party leaders to consider.  [NOTE:  Though Hellreich organized the meeting intending to excommunicate Ryan, the HIRA president was not even invited to attend, let alone rebut Hellreich's vitriol, prior to any vote being taken.]

As audio from the meeting reveals, the hoped-for delegation 'unity' fell victim to sheer vengeance as excluding Ryan was the only vote taken that entire night.  With Hellreich citing "divisiveness" by HIRA president Eric Ryan -- with Hellreich recklessly and falsely alleging that Ryan criticism of the floundering state party amounts to pursuit of an "ultimate goal of destroying the Republican Party as a political entity" -- Hellreich and Paikai strongly demanded that the conservative HIRA President and Cruz Hawaii spokesman since 2015 be banned from attending the national GOP convention as a guest of the Cruz delegation.  Indeed, these thin-skinned progressives Hellreich and Paikai brought a Trump-Cruz fight into the special pre-convention meeting when no such local conflict had even existed previously.

During the contentious 20-minute debate and vote on the proposed exclusion of Ryan, Paikai claimed several times to "have documents" which justify his dubiously-asserted legitimacy of ignoring any and all national party rules that might be applicable to the situation.  Countering Hellreich and Paikai during this debate, Cruz Hawaii chairman Willes Lee repeatedly reminded Hellreich and Paikai about the Republican National Committee's (RNC's) rules -- specifically Rule 28(c) -- which clearly and unequivocally leaves the issuance of guest passes up to the individual delegates and alternate delegates, not the Hawaii GOP. nor other members of the Hawaii delegation, and certainly not either Hellreich or Paikai.
RNC Rule 28(c): "The chairman of the Republican National Committee shall ensure that guest passes to the convention are distributed in an equitable fashion.  Each delegate and alternate delegate to the convention shall receive at least one guest pass to each session of the convention."

Ultimately, rather than producing any "documents", Paikai moronically produced a copy of Robert's Rules of Order which (not surprisingly) happens to be totally silent on guest passes to the Republican National Convention.  "I can do what Robert's Rules tells me I can do," exclaimed Paikai while repeatedly rejecting RNC rules and stumbling through the meeting with extensive whispered coaching and puppeteering from Hellreich.  "This is Robert's Rules of Order . . . No, no, no, It has nothing to do with Rule 28 . . . I'm not asking for what it says in Rule 28.  I'm asking for the delegation of alternates and delegates to move on this motion that was brought up and it was seconded . . . We have the right as an organized delegation to do what we're doing tonight.  We are denying him the right, as in Robert's Rules of Order."

Listed above in RED are the gullible suckers who believed Hellreich, despite her inability after 20 years as dowager empress of the Hawaii GOP to read party rules (or her practiced skill at ignoring rules).
Indeed, without any concern for breaking RNC rules or for setting a terrible precedent for future years, Miriam Hellreich skillfully manipulated Nathan "The Prophet" Paikai and his undisciplined mob of misguided Trump delegates -- mostly progressives installed by the Hellreich wing of the party -- to ignore common sense and rush headlong into violating RNC rules.  Yet the stunningly dangerous precedent-setting, rule-breaking aspect of what happened is that current and future convention delegates could easily use a majority vote to boot out anyone they disliked from the Hawaii delegation.


HIRA can report that Ryan, whose guest pass to the national convention had been reserved by the Cruz campaign since March, had already secured a third party sponsorship committed to all-expenses funding Ryan's entire trip to the national convention.  At last report, the action of Hellreich, Paikai and these other officials acting on behalf of the RINO-controlled Hawaii Republican Party has already led directly to the cancellation of that all-expenses paid sponsorship, reportedly valued at up to $9,000; arrangements which were months in the making.  An appeal to RNC chairman Reince Priebus along with the RNC's General Counsel and Rules Chair, was swiftly filed on Ryan's behalf.  But the RNC's official response (which HIRA will report on as soon as word arrives) will probably come too late to save the $9,000 sponsorship.***
*** Not long after learning of the 'banishment' vote taken and the subsequent cancellation of his third party sponsorship to the Cleveland convention when that city becomes the center of all Republican and conservative action, Ryan revealed that he has already retained a law firm to address the financial and other damages caused by the RINO-controlled Hawaii GOP and its officials, including Hellreich and Paikai.


Ryan and the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) have long been critical of the failed management, finances, direction, progressive ideology and general dysfunction of the leadership of Hawaii's Republican Party.  Indisputable evidence of that dysfunction is demonstrated by election results from Hawaii's past four election cycles.  Despite the obvious downward trajectory of the Hawaii GOP, participants in the above-referenced national delegation pre-convention meeting were told that Ryan was being singled out for banishment from the national convention because of HIRA's outspokenness without actually disputing a single one of Ryan's facts.  Reading from a prepared statement, Kauai's House District 14 Candidate Sandra Combs, who has never met Ryan, joined in denouncing Ryan; with Combs completely reliant on Hellreich's script and anti-Ryan talking points in a transparent gambit to curry favor with the local GOP's longtime national committeewoman, widely known to be the absolute ruler of the Hawaii GOP - despite Hellreich's failed stewardship of the party by overseeing Republican losses in the last four consecutive elections -- 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014.
Anyway, fellow Republicans, now you know exactly how party leaders spend their time and energy.  Yes, here's another solid example of why the Hawaii GOP keeps losing at the hands of RINO Miriam "shoot the messenger" Hellreich and her rotating cast of puppet RINO's.  The extent of corruption and stupidity is matched only by Hellreich's fear of conservatives, our reforms and our policy agenda.  The irrational hostility of the RINO's toward conservatives has led to documented violence at last month's state GOP convention and last week's documented violence at Hawaii GOP headquarters .  Members of the Hawaii GOP and Republicans across the state deserve so much better.  Until Hellreich and the RINO's are gone, Democrats retain the upper hand from county elections to the state capitol.
Stay tuned to learn the thrilling conclusion of how this all plays out.  HIRA's prediction:  The RNC's Reince Priebus will show Hellreich his own middle finger, revealing that Hellreich and Paikai deliberately broke the rules, and the party will end up financing Ryan's entire trip to Cleveland.  We'll see.
* "dowager empress" - widow and leader of the deceased Hawaii Republican Party


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