Several weeks ago, JFS shared with you that travel was postponed for the family of 10 we were expecting in the beginning of May; while their arrival was delayed, it was not cancelled and we are hopeful to receive them soon.

Today, JFS is excited to announce that we will be welcoming a new family from the Democratic Republic of Congo on May 30th! This family of 5, travelling from a refugee camp in Tanzania, includes a young couple (23 and 24 years old) with their three daughters (2, 5, and 6 years old). This is a clear example of how the resettlement process ebbs and flows, and JFS is extremely grateful for your continuous support - we truly could not do this work without you.

Below, please find a link to a sign-up list, detailing items JFS RISE will need to prepare and furnish a home for this young family. 
If you have any questions or concerns about donations or want to learn about ways to get involved with RISE,  please contact Lourena Gboeah at  or 302-478-9411 ex. 132.

As always, we appreciate your generosity and support!
Thank You,
L ourena Gboeah, MSW  
RISE Program Coordinator
Jewish Family Services of Delaware 

Snapshots of Success :
It's graduation time  for many, but for Amin, who escaped the war in Syria and resettled in Delaware last year, school & graduation have a whole new meaning. 
Knowing he would need to advance his skill set and get a better job to support his family, Amin enrolled in DelTech's 
8-month JAVA IT Academy. Not only did Amin meet all course objectives, but was a friend & mentor to his peers and graduated in the top of his class! Amin was also awarded a Grow With Google Developer Scholarship to assist with his completion of another certification program! Amin is determined to make a new life for his family and has been offered a position as a JAVA Software Engineer at one of Delaware's big banks!
JFS is extremely proud to share Amin's impressive & inspiring accomplishments; we feel lucky to be part of his journey! 
Congratulations Amin!

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