Fun times at our first retreat!
March 28, 2017

It is hard to believe that it has been only two months since the first RISELab retreat. This retreat was the official kickoff for RISELab, and it feels like it was so long ago because we have been gaining momentum ever since. Faculty have given keynotes at Spark Summit and Strata, the top two big data events that occurred in the past two months. In addition, we have joined the 5G initiative led by Ericsson and Intel, released the first open source software package (Pywren), and published many papers, including two accepted NSDI papers listed below in this newsletter.

Given this flurry of events and the fact that our retreats happen just twice a year, we have decided to start a newsletter to provide you with timely progress updates of the lab. This is our first newsletter, which will be followed by many others. We encourage you to share it with your colleagues, and let us know of any feedback you might have to improve it!
Thank you for your continued support.

Professor Ion Stoica 
Executive Director  

Joseph Gonzalez: RISE to the Challenges of AI Systems, AAAI Systems Workshop , February 5, 2017, San Francisco, CA

Ion Stoica: RISELab: Enabling Intelligent Real-time Decisions , Spark Summit East, February 7-9, 2017, Boston, MA

Michael I. Jordan : Ray: A Distributed Execution Framework for Emerging AI Applications , Strata + Hadoop World Conference,
March 13-16, 2017, San Jose, CA   
Ion Stoica: RISELab: Real-time Intelligent Secure Execution, NSF BIGDATA and Big Data Hubs & Spokes , March 16-17, 2017, Washington, DC
High Performance Transactions via Early Write Visibility
Authors: Joseph Hellerstein, Jose M. Faleiro, Daniel J. Abadi  

Authors: Joseph Hellerstein, Joseph Gonzalez, Vikram Sreekanti, James Dalton, Akon Dey, Sreyashi Nag, Krishna Ramachandran, Sudhanshu Arora, Arka Bhattacharyya, Shirshanka Das, Mark Donsky, Gabe Fierro, Chang She, Carl Steinbach, Venkat Subramanian, Eric Sun 

Authors: Joseph Hellerstein, Ion Stoica, Ali Ghodsi, Alan Fekete, Peter Bailis  

Authors: Joseph Hellerstein, Tom J. Ameloot, Jan Van Den Bussche, William R. Marczak, Peter Alvaro

Authors: Joseph Hellerstein, Erik T. Krogen

Authors: Martin Maas, Krste Asanovic, John Kubiatowicz  

Authors: Anand Padmanabha Iyer, Li Erran Li, Tathagata Das, Ion Stoica

Authors: Shivaram Venkataraman, Ali Ghodsi, Ion Stoica

Authors: Alessandro Chiesa, Matthew Green, Jingcheng Liu, Peihan Miao, Ian Miers, Pratyush Mishra

Authors: Aaditya Ramdas, Deanna Needell, Anna Ma

Authors: Dougal J. Sutherland, Hsiao-Yu Tung, Heiko Strathmann, Soumyajit De, Aaditya Ramdas, Alex Smola, Arthur Gretton 

Authors: Rina Foygel Barber, Aaditya Ramdas

MiniCrypt: Reconciling Encryption and Compression for Big Data Stores
Authors: Wenting Zheng, Frank Li, Raluca Ada Popa, Ion Stoica, Rachit Agarwal 

Authors: Wenting Zheng, Ankur Dave, Jethro Beekman, Raluca Ada Popa, Joseph Gonzalez, Ion Stoica  

Authors: Francois Belletti, Evan Sparks, Alexandre Bayen, Joseph Gonzalez 

Authors: Ahmed El Alaoui, Aaditya Ramdas, Florent Krzakala, Lenka Zdeborova, Michael I. Jordan

Authors: Ahmed El Alaoui, Aaditya Ramdas, Florent Krzakala, Lenka Zdeborova, Michael I. Jordan 

Authors: Horia Mania, Aaditya Ramdas, Martin J. Wainwright, Michael I. Jordan, Benjamin Recht  

Authors: Alexey Tumanov, Aaron Harlap, Andrew Chung, Gregory R. Ganger, Phil Gibbons 

Authors: Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi, Carlo Curino, ishai Menache, Shravan Matthur Narayanamurthy, Alexey Tumanov, Jonathan Yaniv, Ruslan Mavlyutov, Íñigo Goiri, Subru Krishnan, Janardhan Kulkarni, Sriram Rao 

Authors: Dan Crankshaw, Xin Wang, Giulio Zhou, Michael J. Franklin, Joseph Gonzalez, Ion Stoica 

Authors: Yifan Wu, Joseph Hellerstein, Eugene Wu

Authors: Krste Asanovic, Daniel Dabbelt, Colin Schmidt, Eric Love, Howard Mao, Sagar Karandikar  

Authors: Krste Asanovic, Christopher Celio, Daniel Dabbelt, David A. Patterson

Authors: Krste Asanovic, Donggyu Kim, Adam Izraelevitz, Christopher Celio, Hokeum Kim, Brian Zimmer

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