RISE Camp 2017
November 2017

Welcome to our Fall 2017 Newsletter! This is the place in which we keep you informed about our recent progress.

We had a great RISECamp at the beginning of the semester! Here is the web page, and here are the videos that we feel show the enormous success of the camp.  People seemed to have a great experience learning in real time about what we are doing. You may ask yourself:  How does one actually put on such an event?  Making this happen smoothly and seamlessly can be quite complex, so to that end, Jey Kottalam has put together this nice blog describing some of the technical issues that went on behind the scenes.

Two other items are of particular interest: one is that the RISELab faculty have put together a vision paper, which should give you an idea of some of our thoughts going forward, and the other is that RISELab faculty Michael Mahoney and Michael Jordan, along with statistics professors Bin Yu and Fernando Perez and EECS professor Richard Karp were awarded an NSF grant to create a Foundations of Data Analysis (FODA) Institute here at UC Berkeley.  Details can be found here.  The FODA Institute will focus on theoretical foundations of data science at the intersection of computer science theory, statistics theory, and applied mathematics.  Having a mix of foundational theory inspired by and leading to real applications and implementations is one of the great aspects of the RISELab!

Thank you for your continued support.

Professor Michael Mahoney  
RISELab Faculty  

Michael I. Jordan: 
Invited Speaker, Machine Learning Summer School, Tuebingen, Germany, June 29, 2017
Randy H. Katz:
Michael Mahoney:
IDEaS Seminar, Atlanta, GA, September 22, 2017  

Raluca Ada Popa:
Keynote Speaker, IMLW17, San Francisco, October 24, 2017

Ion Stoica:
Keynote, O'Reilly Conference on Artificial IntelligenceSan Francisco, September 20, 2017
DDCO: Discovery of Deep Continuous Options for Robot Learning from Demonstrations
Published on November 13, 2017

Drizzle: Fast and Adaptable Stream Processing at Scale
Author(s): Shivaram Venkataraman, Aurojit Panda, Kay Ousterhout, Michael Armbrust, Ali Ghodsi, Mike Franklin, Benjamin Recht, Ion Stoica
Presented at Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), 2017
Published on October 28, 2017 (Not yet published)
A Berkeley View of Systems Challenges for AI
Author(s): Ion Stoica, Dawn Song, Raluca Ada Popa, David A. Patterson, Michael Mahoney, Randy H. Katz, Anthony D. Joseph, Michael Jordan, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Joseph Gonzalez, Ken Goldberg, Ali Ghodsi, David E. Culler, Pieter Abbeel 
Presented in UC Berkeley EECS Technical Report  
Published on October 16, 2017 

Authors: Martin Maas, Krste Asanovic, John Kubiatowicz
Presented at  1st Workshop on Computer Architecture Research with RISC-V (CARRV), 2017
Published on  October 14, 2017

Authors: Shusen Wang, Alex Gittens, Michael Mahoney
Presented at  International Conference on Machine Learning
Published on August 7, 2017 

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