Dear RKYHS Families, 

In normal times, students who feel a little ill may push themselves to be in school to avoid falling behind in their studies. However, during the Covid era, even a slight malady should be treated with extra caution. To mitigate the potential spread of illness in school, we implemented the remote, synchronous learning option to encourage students to remain at home even when their symptoms are borderline. We remind our students that if they are ill they should rest, even if it means missing classes. 

Please note, remote learning is reserved for students who are ill or are concerned about immunocompromised members of their households. Remote access should not be seen as an extension of our instructional program to be used for convenience. If students are feeling healthy they should be in school, every day, and on time. We implemented remote learning on the honor system.

It is imperative that parents and students understand the expectations of leveraging this option so that we can maintain a vibrant and healthy school environment.

Please note the following remote learning policies:

  • Students who learn remotely must report to their intentions to do so by 8:00 AM on the same day. Students who inform the school past 8:00 AM will not be accommodated.
  • Parent Locker must be completed daily whether your child is learning in-person or remotely. 
  • Remote learning should not be done in the car or outdoors. Remote students should not distract others who are in the class.
  • Remote learners should not come to school on the day they report themselves to be learning remotely. Students whose symptoms begin in school during school hours may access the remote learning platform upon their return home, following proper notification. Students may not leave school to learn remotely unless they are ill.

Please consider the disruption to the school and the imposition on teachers and fellow learners when remote learning is inappropriately accessed. We ask for your complete cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Eliezer E. Rubin