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March 18, 2020

In an abundance of caution, RL Vanstory Company will modify our office environment beginning Thursday March 19th.  Fortunately, RLV Co. has the ability to work remotely and shouldn't miss a beat.  

Please continue to communicate with RL Vanstory via email.   Our contact information is linked here. This is our preferred method of communication and is the best way to share info with multiple parties.  We encourage everyone to over-communicate during this challenging time to ensure every situation is addressed and nothing is overlooked.  Acuity Brands and all other Manufacturers represented by RL Vanstory Co. remain fully operational.  Production has not stopped.  Shipping has not ceased. We also want to encourage everyone to review their project portfolio and order pipeline to see what orders can be entered with a Do Not Ship B4 Date.  This is currently the best course of action to ensure our orders take priority at our factories.  We are better off being proactive in this regard, rather than reactionary in a few weeks when product is needed onsite.  We have currently only experienced minimal product availability issues, but electronic component shortages are going to become more challenging down the road. Let's be on the leading edge together for continuing to provide our customers a high level of service through this challenging time and continue driving for on-time deliveries with our manufacturers.

For those of you that use the ADC to monitor Acuity inventory levels, please take note that these levels most likely do not reflect current stock. Please email Denise Lawson for updated inventory info. Denise will work with Acuity to get you the most current info. She can be reached at  dlawson@rlvanstoryco.net.

Rest assured we are closely monitoring the latest information on this global situation and will update you as soon as possible with any changes. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Richard L. Vanstory, Sr. 
info@rlvanstoryco.net  | www.rlvanstory.net

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