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Top Things to Know

One bill that RMP is watching, HB24-1214: Community Crime Victims Funding, has been signed into law.

The bill we featured in our education corner last week, HB24-1263: Licensure of Electricians, has been postponed indefinitely.

RMP's Executive Committee is prioritizing in-depth examination of the following bills in order to better understand and communicate their potential impact on our region:

  • SB24-050: Colorado Workforce Demonstration Grants Pilot Program
  • SB24-104: Career & Technical Education & Apprenticeships
  • SB24-143: Credential Quality Apprenticeship Classification
  • HB24-1152: Accessory Dwelling Units

Education Corner: Bill of the Week

HB24-1364: Supporting Education-Based Workforce Readiness

A bill was introduced yesterday focused on education-based workforce readiness.

What would the bill do?

  • Authorize the Department of Education to commission a study to:
  • Analyze the costs associated with providing students the opportunity to obtain college credits, industry credentials, and work-based learning experiences
  • Analyze the effects of consolidating certain postsecondary and workforce readiness programs, and associated cost savings to the state and various educational entities

  • Mandate the Office of Information Technology to build the Colorado Statewide Longitudinal Data System and collaborate with contributing state agencies, local education providers, institutions of higher education, partner entities, and policy makers in the development and implementation of the data system

  • Create the Colorado State Longitudinal Data System Governing Board to support the office in the development and implementation of the data system

  • Submit interim and annual reports to the General Assembly and Governor summarizing education and workforce outcomes as well as postsecondary and workforce programs using the data system

What economic and social mobility metrics does this bill impact?

How can I learn more about this emerging bill?

Click the button below to view the bill.

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A quick update on bills previously highlighted...

Legislative Updates




total bills have been introduced this session

bills are being watched by RMP

bills that RMP is watching have been signed into law

New Bills We Are Keeping an Eye On

  • SB24-174: Sustainable Affordable Housing Assistance
  • HB24-1361: School District Open Enrollment Transparency
  • HB24-1363: Charter Schools Accountability
  • HB24-1364: Supporting Education-Based Workforce Readiness (highlighted above)

Bills Being Heard in Committee Next Week

Monday, March 11

House Finance

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1268: Financial Assistance for Certain Low-Income Individuals
  • HB24-1316: Middle-Income Housing Tax Credit

Senate Judiciary

Time: 1:30 PM

Tuesday, March 12

House Health & Human Services

Time: Upon Adjournment

House Judiciary

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1350: Parental Responsibilities Proceedings Child Safety
  • HB24-1101: Empower Victims through Access Restorative Justice
  • SB24-119: Term Abandonment for Federal Classification Juvenile

House Transportation, Housing & Local Government

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1318: Modify Rental Premises Person with Disability

Senate Local Government & Housing

Time: 2:00 PM

  • SB24-106: Right to Remedy Construction Defects
  • HB24-1007: Prohibit Residential Occupancy Limits

Wednesday, March 13

House Business Affairs & Labor

Time: Upon Adjournment

House Education

Time: Upon Adjournment

Senate Education

Time: 1:30 PM

  • SB24-156: College Preparation & Enrichment Program
  • SB24-164: Institution of Higher Education Transparency Requirements

House Transportation, Housing & Local Government

Time: 1:30 PM

Thursday, March

Senate Local Government & Housing

Time: Upon Adjournment

  • SB24-112: Construction Defect Action Procedures

House Finance

Time: Upon Adjournment

  • HB24-1176: Behavioral Health Grant for Capital Project

House Education

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1331: Out-of-School Time Grant Program
  • SB24-017: Distribution of State Share of District Total Program
  • HB24-1320: Educator Safety Task Force

Bills That Have Been Postponed Indefinitely

Out of Committee and Headed to the Floor

  • SB24-006: Pretrial Diversion Programs (headed to the House floor)
  • HB24-1028: Overdose Prevention Centers
  • HB24-1149: Prior Authorization Requirements Alternatives

Bills That Have Successfully Passed in One Chamber

  • SB24-115: Mental Health Professionals Practice Requirements
  • SB24-119: Term Abandonment for Federal Classification Juvenile
  • SB24-155: Payment of Family & Medical Leave Benefits
  • HB24-1002: Social Work Licensure Compact
  • HB24-1037: Substance Use Disorders Harm Reduction
  • HB24-1046: Child Welfare System Tools
  • HB24-1057: Prohibit Algorithmic Devices Used for Rent Setting
  • HB24-1072: Protection of Victims of Sexual Offenses
  • HB24-1082: First-Generation-Serving Higher Education Institutions
  • HB24-1087: Professional Endorsement Special Education Teaching
  • HB24-1291: Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals

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Regional, State, and National Policy and News Roundup

Gov. Jared Polis, state lawmakers announce plan to boost workforce in Colorado

At the state Capitol on Thursday, Polis and some lawmakers announced that nine bills have been introduced to help expand and grow Colorado's thriving workforce. They believe it will connect more Coloradans with the education and training they need in the current economy. 

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FAFSA delays cast uncertainty over university budgets as Colorado lawmakers look at how to fund higher education

High school seniors and college students across Colorado aren’t the only ones wondering what their fall will look like amid serious hiccups in the new process for applying for federal student aid. Colorado universities are facing their own bout of uncertainty with fears that fewer students may end up enrolling in higher education, questions about how their budgets will shape up and the anticipation of an unusually busy summer making last-minute adjustments before the new school year.

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