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Top Things to Know

Two of RMP's Civic Influencers participated in Latino/a Advocacy Day, where they had the opportunity to learn about youth leadership, policymaking, lobbying, and issues impacting the Latino/a/e community.

Learn more about this year's Latino/a Advocacy day HERE.

The Senate Education Committee confirmed RMP CEO Lisandra Gonzales's reappointment to serve on the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, representing Colorado's 8th Congressional District.

Learn more about the Colorado Commission on Higher Education HERE.

Learn about policies at the statehouse!

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Education Corner: Bill of the Week

SB24-164: Institution of Higher Education Transparency Requirements

SB24-164: Institution of Higher Education Transparency Requirements would provide more rights to students in higher education.

What would the bill do?

  • Students will have the right to know exactly how much their education will cost, making it clearer and easier to plan financially.
  • When students want to transfer credits from one institution to another, they have the right to get a quick response about whether those credits will be accepted.
  • If a student's request to transfer credits is denied, they now have the right to appeal that decision.
  • To make transferring credits easier, there will be changes to how courses are numbered so that certain credits can be transferred more smoothly between different types of colleges.
  • The Department of Higher Education will set up a process for students to appeal if they believe their transfer credits were wrongly denied.
  • Institutions must make a decision on accepting or denying transfer credits within 30 days of the student's request.
  • Colleges must provide students with a form detailing financial aid options and costs before the student makes a decision about accepting admission. This starts from January 1, 2025.

What economic and social mobility metrics does this bill impact?

Where is this bill in its legislative journey?

This bill will be heard in the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday, March 27.

How can I learn more about this bill?

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Legislative Updates




total bills have been introduced this session

bills are being watched by RMP

bills that RMP is watching have been signed into law

New Bills We Are Keeping an Eye On

  • HB24-1160: Economic Development Organization Action Grant Program
  • HB24-1376: Expand Teacher Mentorships

Bills Being Heard in Committee Next Week

Monday, March 25

House Finance

Time: 1:30 PM

Tuesday, March 26

Senate Local Government & Housing

Time: 2:00 PM

  • SB24-112: Construction Defect Action Procedures
  • SB24-174: Sustainable Affordable Housing Assistance

Wednesday, March 27

Senate Health & Human Services

Time: Upon Adjournment

Senate Education

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1087: Professional Endorsement Special Education Teaching
  • HB24-1003: Opiate Antagonists and Detection Products in Schools
  • SB24-164: Institution of Higher Education Transparency Requirements

Thursday, March 28

House Education

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1361: School District Open Enrollment Transparency

Bills That Have Been Postponed Indefinitely

  • SB24-156: College Preparation & Enrichment Program

Out of Committee and Headed to the Floor

  • SB24-017: Distribution of State Share of District Total Program (headed to the House floor)
  • SB24-073: Maximum Number of Employees to Qualify as Small Employer (headed to the House floor)
  • SB24-155: Payment of Family & Medical Leave Benefits (headed to the House floor)
  • HB24-1158: Homeowners' Association Foreclosure Sales Requirements
  • HB24-1176: Behavioral Health Grant for Capital Project
  • HB24-1278: Sunset Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board

Bills That Have Successfully Passed in One Chamber

  • SB24-001: Continue Youth Mental Health Services Program
  • SB24-010: Dentist & Dental Hygienist Compact
  • SB24-014: Seal of Climate Literacy Diploma Endorsement
  • SB24-018: Physician Assistant Licensure Compact
  • HB24-1318: Modify Rental Premises Person with Disability

Bills That Have Successfully Passed in Both Chambers & Headed to Gov. Polis

  • SB24-006: Pretrial Diversion Programs (awaiting Gov. Polis' signature)
  • SB24-119: Term Abandonment for Federal Classification Juvenile
  • HB24-1007: Prohibit Residential Occupancy Limits
  • HB24-1082: First-Generation-Serving Higher Education Institutions
  • HB24-1291: Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals

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Regional, State, and National Policy and News Roundup

Preparing Coloradans for In-Demand Jobs: Gov. Polis Announces 43 Opportunity Now Colorado Grant Recipients

Gov. Polis and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) announced 43 recipients of the Opportunity Now Colorado grant program to support the creation and expansion of programs that prepare Coloradans for in-demand, high-wage jobs and careers. Collectively, the grant recipients are projected to train thousands of Coloradans in new skills and place more than 6,500 in new, good-paying jobs.

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Gen Z is getting career advice from unconventional places

Gen Z taken a unique approach on many levels as they enter the workforce. So it's no surprise the generation has also found a somewhat unorthodox way of getting their career advice.

A new survey from ResumeBuilder.com found 70% of Gen Zers encounter career advice on TikTok daily or weekly.

But many aren't just watching it. They're acting on it. More than 40% respondents said they have made a career-related decision based on this advice.

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