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Top Things to Know

Two bills that RMP have been watching were signed into law:

  • SB24-051: Adult Education
  • HB24-1210: Higher Education Longitudinal Data System Report Deadline

Join our friends at the Economic Development Council of Colorado for a conversation on the Unintended Consequences of Construction Defects

  • Date: March 20, 2024
  • Time: 10 - 11:30 AM

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Learn about policies at the statehouse! See RMP's latest policy overviews:

  • SB24-050: Colorado Workforce Demonstration Grants Pilot Program
  • SB24-104: Career & Technical Education & Apprenticeships
  • SB24-106: Right to Remedy Construction Defects
  • SB24-143: Credential Quality Apprenticeship Classification
  • HB24-1152: Accessory Dwelling Unites

Education Corner: Bill of the Week

HB24-1230: Protections for Real Property Owners

HB24-1230: Protections for Real Property Owners would make several changes to the laws related to construction defects.

What would the bill do?

  • Void any attempts to waive or limit legal rights or remedies under the ‘Construction Defect Action Reform Act’ or ‘Colorado Consumer Protection Act’, and make such attempts a violation of these acts
  • Require the court to award prejudgment interest (6% from date work is finish to date it is sold, and 8% after) in addition to actual damages if a claimant prevails in a claim related to alleged defects in residential property construction
  • Extend the timeframe within which a lawsuit against certain construction professionals can be brought from 6 to 10 years
  • Modify when a claim of relief arises for defects to include the discovery of both the physical manifestation and cause of the defect
  • Void any provisions in real estate contracts that prohibit group lawsuits against a construction professional
  • Prohibit governing documents of common interest communities from setting different or additional requirements than those specified in current law for construction defect actions

What economic and social mobility metrics does this bill impact?

How does this bill differ from SB24-106: Right to Remedy Construction Defects?

Where is this bill in its legislative journey, and what is likely to happen with SB24-106?

This bill is officially out of committee and on the House floor.

SB24-106 has been laid over after public testimony last week. Policy experts are anticipating that it will be amended to:

  • Make 'Right to Remedy' an option rather than a 'right' for construction professionals when faced with a defect claim
  • Drop the number of unit owners who would need to provide consent before bringing a claim or related action from two-thirds to 60%

View RMP's current policy overview document about SB24-106 HERE.

How can I learn more about this bill?

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A quick update on bills previously highlighted...

  • SB24-048: Substance Use Disorders Recovery is on the agenda for Thursday's Senate Business, Labor, & Technology Committee for action only.
  • SB24-104: Career & Technical Education & Apprenticeships passed in the Senate, and has been introduced in the House Education Committee.
  • SB24-106: Right to Remedy Construction Defects is on the agenda for Thursday's Senate Local Government and Housing Committee for action only.
  • HB24-1364: Education-Based Workforce Readiness is being heard in the House Education Committee on Thursday, March 21 at 1:30 PM.

Legislative Updates




total bills have been introduced this session

bills are being watched by RMP

bills that RMP is watching have been signed into law

New Bills We Are Keeping an Eye On

Bills Being Heard in Committee Next Week

Monday, March 18

House Education

Time: Upon Adjournment

  • HB24-1331: Out-of-School Time Grant Program
  • SB24-017: Distribution of State Share of District Total Program
  • HB24-1320: Educator Safety Task Force

House Finance

Time: Upon Adjournment

  • HB24-1243: Income Tax Owed by Minors on Earned Income
  • HB24-1231: State Funding for Higher Education Projects
  • HB24-1176: Behavioral Health Grant for Capital Project

Senate Education

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1096: School Psychologist Licensure Interstate Compact

Senate Judiciary

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1122: Protection Orders for Victims of Crimes

Tuesday, March 19

House Health & Human Services

Time: Upon Adjournment

  • SB24-073: Maximum Number of Employees to Qualify as Small Employer

House Transportation, Housing & Local Government

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1239: Single-Exit Stairway Multifamily Structure
  • HB24-1308: Effective Implementation of Affordable Housing Programs
  • HB24-1294: Mobile Homes in Mobile Home Parks

Wednesday, March 20

House Business Affairs and Labor

Time: Upon Adjournment

  • HB24-1260: Prohibition Against Employee Discipline
  • HB24-1365: Opportunity Now Grants & Tax Credit
  • SB24-155: Payment of Family & Medical Leave Benefits

House Transportation, Housing & Local Government

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1168: Equal Access to Public Meetings
  • HB24-1158: Homeowners' Association Foreclosure Sales Requirements

Senate Education

Time: 1:30 PM

  • SB24-156: College Preparation & Enrichment Program
  • SB24-164: Institution of Higher Education Transparency Requirements

Senate Judiciary

Time: 1:30 PM

  • HB24-1072: Protection of Victims of Sexual Offenses

Thursday, March 21

Senate Local Government & Housing

Time: Upon Adjournment

  • SB24-106: Right to Remedy Construction Defects

Senate Business, Labor, & Technology

Time: Upon Adjournment

House Education

Time: 1:30 PM

Senate Health & Human Services

Time: 1:30 PM

Bills That Have Been Postponed Indefinitely

  • HB24-1306: Increase Penalty Possession of Synthetic Opiates

Out of Committee and Headed to the Floor

  • SB24-001: Continue Youth Mental Health Services Program
  • SB24-014: Seal of Climate Literacy Diploma Endorsement
  • SB24-119: Term Abandonment for Federal Classification Juvenile (headed to the House floor)
  • HB24-1007: Prohibit Residential Occupancy Limits (headed to the Senate floor)
  • HB24-1082: First-Generation-Serving Higher Education Institutions (headed to the Senate floor)
  • HB24-1230: Protections for Real Property Owners
  • HB24-1291: Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals (headed to the Senate floor)
  • HB24-1305: Changes for Concurrent Enrollment Students
  • HB24-1318: Modify Rental Premises Person with Disability
  • HB24-1324: Attorney General Restrictive Employment Agreements

Bills That Have Successfully Passed in One Chamber

  • SB24-094: Safe Housing for Residential Tenants
  • SB24-104: Career & Technical Education & Apprenticeships
  • SB24-125: Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children
  • HB24-1107: Judicial Review of Local Land Use Decision
  • HB24-1149: Prior Authorization Requirements Alternatives
  • HB24-1233: Homeowners' Association Delinquency Payments Enforcement Procedures
  • HB24-1259: Price Gouging in Rent Declared Disaster

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Regional, State, and National Policy and News Roundup

Colorado’s gender pay gap closing 3X faster than other states: report

Tuesday was Equal Pay Day, and a report from The Women’s Foundation of Colorado found that pay for women has increased from 78 cents to 85 cents for every dollar paid to a man.

The foundation found that the gender pay gap is closing three times faster in Colorado compared to the nation. The foundation cited the state’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, enacted in 2021, which prevents pay differentials unless it’s based on non-gendered matters, like seniority, merit or travel.

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How do we get Colorado students to pursue higher education and work in state?

A new legislative proposal offering income tax credits to encourage students to attend a four-year college is the latest in a growing list of state measures trying to get Colorado students to stay here and eventually take in-demand, good-paying jobs.

Four members of the influential joint budget committee are sponsoring the bipartisan proposal that’s estimated to cost $100 million -- but the incentives are only triggered in years where there is a significant TABOR surplus.

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Colorado lawmakers reup effort to recognize colleges serving large share of 1st-generation students

Colorado lawmakers are once again pushing to create a designation for colleges and universities that enroll a higher-than-average proportion of students who are the first in their family to go to college.

House Bill 1082 would allow schools to qualify for the designation if their share of these “first-generation students” matches or exceeds a statewide average of these students enrolled in Colorado institutions. About 36% of students enrolled at Colorado’s public higher education schools in 2021 were the first in their family to go to college.

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Colorado transfer students would get help with retaining college credits under new bill

Senate Bill 164 includes three different parts to bolster the state’s transfer system. The bill is a priority of the Colorado Department of Higher Education and is sponsored by a bipartisan group of lawmakers.

The bill would update the state’s student bill of rights — a list that says what students can expect from colleges — for the first time since 2008. The updates would include a requirement that schools tell students whether their credits transfer and what a transfer to another school entails. They would also have to clarify that students have the right to appeal if an institution decides their credits won’t transfer, and the legislation lays out a process for an appeal.

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The Biden-Harris administration’s budget request would call for an unprecedented investment in education, including free preschool

President Joe Biden’s proposed budget for next fiscal year would make education investments, many of them unprecedented, that prioritize the needs of families. The budget blueprint outlines Biden’s policy priorities during a year when he’s on the campaign trail. Congress, however, holds the power of the purse and must draft legislation to set spending levels, a process that in recent years has rarely gotten done on time. The full budget for fiscal year 2024 is still in the works. 

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