RMR E-News   July 16, 2019
Hello RMR Faithful!
    Following is the obituary for Dustin Cuzick, Paul Warnecke's son.
Funeral is Saturday, July 16, 2019 at 1:00 PM.    Details are below.

Dustin J Cuzick passed away at the age of 36 on July 11, 2019 surrounded by friends and family at Penrose Main Hospital. Dustin was born April 8th, 1983 in San Mateo, California. Dustin is the son of Suzanne and Paul Warnecke and James and Haya Cuzick. 
Dustin was an investigative reporter for KKTV 11 News in Colorado Springs. Dustin's loving, kind spirit and hilarious personality made him an absolute joy to be around and all who met him loved him. He touched the lives of so many people and despite a lifelong illness he never stopped  
smiling or cracking jokes to make those around him laugh. His memory will live on forever in those who knew him. 
Dustin is survived by his parents (mentioned earlier), his siblin gs, Noelle and Randy Avery, Amber Cuzick and Erik Lopez, Brooke and Brandon Kissam, Trevor and Jocelyn Cuzick, Brandy Warnecke, Taylor Warnecke, and Dylan Cuzick, His nephews and niece, Jaxon an
praying hands
d Grace Avery, Harrison and Paxton Kissam, and Abel Cuzick, and his grandfather Arthur Draughon.  
Dustin's memorial service will be held at the Meridian Point Church at 5450 N Meridian Rd, Peyton, CO 80831 on Saturday July 20th, 2019 at 1 PM.
If you want to send Paul and the family a note to our office and we will get it to them 
     Our address is: 
Paul and Suzanne Warnecke 
c/o Rocky Mountain Roosters, Inc
212 W BuchananSt 
Colorado Springs, CO  80907  

   (I am going to leave the info about Dustin below so those of you that didn't read about the issue with Paul's son are up to speed.)
     Paul and his family had to make a hard decision on Wednesday July 10th to take Dustin off of life support.  He hasn't ever regained consciousness and his brain function was at 2%.  He was without sugar to his brain for to long (they don't know how long either).
     They moved him to Hospice and they are keeping him comfortable until he is called home to be with his savior.
     When we know more about a memorial service, I will let you all know.
     Paul and Suzanne and the girls are so very thankful for the prayers and emails and the cards of encouragement.   

     If you want to send Paul and the family a note to our office and we will get it to them 
     Our address is: 
Paul and Suzanne Warnecke 
c/o Rocky Mountain Roosters, Inc
212 W BuchananSt 
Colorado Springs, CO  80907   

    Before this unexpected turn for the worse happened with Dustin, I have been planning on a campaign to help raise money for his medial expenses and to increase awareness about organ donations and the huge need for this across
the country.
     I hope to have this up and running next week.  Simply--it will be a way to donate and get a very cool T-Shirt to talk about Donating Life.  Watch the newsletter to get more info about it.
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