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RMR Outdoor Advertising Partners with Montgomery County Department of Transportation's Division of Parking Management (DPM) to Launch Innovative Advertising and Community Awareness Program in Local Parking Garages


Local Montgomery County Outdoor Marketing and Advertising specialist kicks off Pilot Program to provide ad based marketing opportunities in County Parking Garages targeted to local businesses


ROCKVILLE, MD - July 9, 2013 - RMR Outdoor Advertising (, a local Montgomery County outdoor marketing and advertising specialist, announced today a new partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Transportation Division of Parking Management (DPM) to begin a Pilot Program that will test ad-based marketing and awareness opportunities in County public parking facilities in Bethesda and Silver Spring. 


RMR Outdoor Advertising is assisting DPM with its mission to utilize County parking facilities to help create awareness for local businesses with a new, cost-effective marketing tool to attract potential customers. Each year, the County garages are estimated to be used by millions of shoppers, visitors and residents, many shopping or living close to these facilities. DPM sees this Pilot Program as a collaborative strategy to position parking garages, an essential component of County business district infrastructure, as an attractive and informative opportunity to extend the reach of local businesses from their front door into a high visibility and highly utilized neighboring County parking garage.


The four Pilot Program locations are:


  • Garage 61, 801 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring;
  • Garage 7, 8530 Cameron Street, Silver Spring;
  • Garage 57, 4841 Bethesda Avenue, Bethesda; and
  • Garage 11, 7730 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda.


"From our research conducted with DPM, we expect to deliver greater awareness and engagement for downtown businesses with the millions of residents and shoppers that visit the area each year," stated Jim Kenny, Executive Vice President of RMR Outdoor Advertising. "We are thrilled to offer, for the first time ever, this highly cost effective program to promote local businesses."


After the completion of the Pilot Program, RMR Outdoor Advertising and DPM will analyze expanding the program to the remaining parking facilities throughout the County.


To receive an informative and attractive Media Kit that describes the numerous advertising opportunities or to inquire directly about currently available advertising opportunities, please contact RMR Outdoor Advertising by phone at
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About RMR Outdoor Advertising

Headquartered in Rockville, MD, RMR Outdoor Advertising provides marketing expertise, high awareness programs and community information and engagement opportunities integrated with broad-based industry experience, technology and customer service. We service clients looking to reach and influence customers in a cost-effective manner with key target clients that are only steps away from their front door. For more information about RMR Outdoor Advertising, please contact by phone at 855-201-7887 or by e-mail at General information can be obtained by accessing the website at