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Animas City Mountain prescribed burn to reduce risk, improve forest health

The Bureau of Land Management Tres Rios Field Office set in motion its plans to treat up to 652 acres on Animas City Mountain in Durango to reduce the risk of high intensity wildfire and improve forest health. On May 8, the Tres Rios Field Office began ignitions on the Animas City Mountain prescribed burn. Within two days of burning, they successfully completed 273 acres. They plan to complete up to 228 acres on May 12. Leaving the other two units closed for the spring raptor nesting for potential fall burning.


The need for mitigation in this area has been discussed for well over a decade. Previous mechanical fuel-reduction efforts took place between 2009 and 2012 to enable a forest structure available for a prescribed fire, and planning for this burn officially began in 2018 with public meetings in 2021. Prescribed burns mimic what historical natural occurring wildfires would have done, but in a safer, controlled manner, with fewer impacts and consequences on watersheds. This project will burn the vegetation above the surface and leave the root systems intact, which will help prevent soil erosion and debris flows. This burn will have a small mosaic-like footprint on the landscape that will have minimal impact on the local watershed. More...

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Genesee Foundation Open Space

Genesee, Colo., serves as an example for towns across America located in the wildland urban interface. Forest management is led by the Genesee Foundation Open Space and guided by the Foundation’s Board of Directors and its Open Space Committee. Genesee Foundation Open Space has been a player in the Upper South Platte Partnership, the collaboration focused on work within the Upper South Platte landscape. Led by Open Space Manager Brian Maillett, GFOS last year treated 3,000ft of evacuation route in Genesee and 20 acres of forest. They also worked to receive a COSWAP workforce grant and an Action, Implementation & Mitigation (AIM) grant. Genesee Trail Road (pictured above) is a primary evacuation route for the Genesee community. Removing flammable fuels along evacuation routes has become a central objective for WUI communities.

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Lake County CWPP

The Envision Forest Health Council developed a 10-year plan in 2020 to decrease the risk of severe fire to community assets with up to 30,000 acres of targeted forest treatments by 2030. More than 5,000 acres of forest have been thinned since 2020. Treatments to date on private lands total 877 acres, a 35-fold increase in three years. Treatments on public lands must accelerate by about 30% to achieve goals outlined in the plan. More…

Events & Conferences

The Conservation Alliance Summit

May 22-24, 2023 | Winter Park, CO

International Conference of Council on Forest Engineering (COFE)-Forest Engineering and Technologies (FETEC)

May 23-25 | Flagstaff, AZ

Colorado Counties Inc. (CCI) 2023 Summer Conference

May 30-June 1, 2023 | Eagle County

156th Colorado Cattlemen’s Association Annual Convention

June 19-21, 2023 | Steamboat Springs, CO

Colorado Water Congress Summer Conference

August 22-24 | Steamboat Grand

Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference 

Oct. 3-5, 2023

Colorado Outdoor Industry Leadership Summit

Oct. 6-7, 2023 | Steamboat Springs, CO

Faces of RMRI

James Savage of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management explains how RMRI brings together partners to develop projects.

Grants & Funding

  • Zero Foodprint RESTORE Grant: About $200,000 will be awarded in Colorado in grants of up to $25,000 each to farmers and ranchers to sequester carbon. Application deadline: July 20, 2023.


RMRI Factsheets

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In this issue of The Source, we focus on the work accomplished in 2022 in each of RMRI's three Colorado landscapes in the Southwest, Upper Arkansas and Upper South Platte.

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The Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative serves as the common entry point for restoration efforts in the Rockies. RMRI supports Partners across federal, state, Tribal and local jurisdictions to increase pace and scale of forest restoration. This is Shared Stewardship in action.