Dear friends of the Reunion Music Society and the NOVA Annandale Symphony Orchestra,

In February I had the honor of being elected President of the Reunion Music Society, full of excitement for the prospects of the year in music ahead. I was not expecting a pandemic to be the first challenge!

For now, of course, all our music ensemble activities are on hold, and with such a diverse group of community musicians and audiences, we must be extraordinarily careful about gathering again. Accordingly, orchestra rehearsals have been suspended until further notice, and we have cancelled the April 26 concert in the Ernst Center.

We are still scheduled to perform three NOVA Annandale Symphony Orchestra concerts and an Annandale Brass concert in July, as listed on the website. Time will tell, of course, whether it will be possible and safe to regroup for those concerts and the necessary rehearsals. Please monitor the website and your email for updates.

The orchestra community is staying engaged, however, with regular videoconference meetings and through the NVCC MUS 148/248 class. That class, which is normally participation in the orchestra, is continuing as weekly participatory online sessions in music appreciation, led by our much appreciated and versatile Music Director, Mr. Chris Johnston. Our players are also working on ways to collaborate remotely on classical ensemble music - not an easy task.

Applications for RMS scholarships are still being accepted and deadlines will be extended.  If you know a rising high school junior or senior who aspires to a career in music, please ask them to visit our scholarships page.

We fervently hope that the pandemic will be resolved in time to launch an exciting Fall 2020 season. That concert will no doubt be a great celebration of community! In the meantime, please keep in touch through our website, these newsletters, and if you have any questions, email

We look forward to seeing everyone again. Please stay safe and healthy!

Ralph Brooker
President, Reunion Music Society
Cello Section Leader, NOVA Annandale Symphony Orchestra