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Online Back to School Forms
One really important element for the 2019-20 school year is that nearly all back to school forms will need to be completed online through the SISK12 Parent Portal. As a reminder, the Parent Portal is a tool that parents can use to monitor items like meal balances, grades, attendance, etc. We recommend using it throughout the school year!
Now, this tool will be used to make the back to school form process much easier and smoother for our families.  Please login to the Parent Portal and complete the needed forms by the first day of school, August 15. All kindergarten through 12 th  grade students must have a parent/guardian complete these required forms.   Take note that specific forms must be completed for students to participate in various activities, including technology usage.
To find the Parent Portal  CLICK HERE  or simply visit  and click on the "Parent Portal" icon. This can also be accessed through the district's free mobile app. As a reminder, to login use the email address you have provided to the district and enter the password you have created. If you’ve forgotten it, simply click on the “forgot password” button and follow the prompts.
Random Student Drug Testing
7th and 8th grade only
Per  Board of Education policy JFCI , if your student plans to participate in any activities, athletics, clubs, or organizations they must have a random student drug testing form on file.
The random student drug testing consent form is a one-time enrollment for a student's entire school career (6-12 grades). If your student turned one in last year they will not need to submit a new one for this year, or for any additional years your student attends Republic School District.
If your 7th or 8th grader plans to participate in any of the qualifying activities during the 2019-20 school year, they must have a copy of the random student drug testing consent form on file. RMS does have two enrollment windows for this process. For all fall or winter activities, or year-long clubs, enrollment consent forms must be turned in by August 28th.
For athletic/activities taking place in the spring, the second enrollment window is open from January 6th-January 17th.

A copy of the consent form can by clicking  here .
For questions or comments please contact the main office at  Republic Middle School: 417.732.3640

Traffic Flow Information
Here are a few things to keep in mind when dropping off or picking up students:
  • Only let students out of your car in the designated drop-off sections of the traffic route.
  • Be aware of potential pedestrian students along the traffic route.
  • Please follow the arrows on the maps. Deviating from the provided traffic route can be a potential safety hazard for pedestrian students, and can cause other drivers frustration. 
  • Do not park along the traffic route at any time.
  • Be courteous of other drivers.
  • When picking up, do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to dismissal as that creates traffic congestion. From the time of dismissal, it will only take 13-15 minutes for every child to be picked up. 
Arrival and Departure
In the morning, upon arriving at school, students needing to eat breakfast will report to the cafeteria. All other students will report to the small gym or large gym. Students will not be able to go to their lockers until the 7:33 bell rings. After school, students riding buses need to board them as soon as they get outside. Students walking home need to exit the building through the social studies wing exit or main entrance and proceed home immediately after school. Students are not allowed to walk through the parking lot to meet rides. Students awaiting a parent pick-up need to exit out the back of the building. The only students who should be out waiting for the bus are the shuttle bus riders. All students should be out of the building by 3:00, unless they are being supervised by a teacher or coach.
The building is opened at 6:50 a.m . Students are dismissed at 2:40 Monday-Thursday and 1:40 on Friday. Any student or group in the building after 2:45 p.m. must be supervised by a teacher or coach. Students who arrive before 7:33 are to report to the cafeteria, large gym (7th/8th Graders), or small gym (6th graders). All students arriving to school before school hours are to remain in the building.
The Transportation Department will be sending a letter out the first week of August. This letter will have bus numbers, pickup/drop off times and bus stop locations.Transportation questions can be directed to 732-3680. 
School Supply List
Families can find a copy of the needed school supplies on our building website under “Resources” and also at local retailers. Teachers will be notifying students of any course specific supplies during the first week of school.
2019-20 Bell Schedule

Attendance is extremely important and students are expected to be present and punctual for all classes throughout the school day/year. When students miss school, their grades will generally suffer as well as their social environment. RMS attendance goal is for 92% of students to be in attendance 90% of the time. Our overall building goal is for 96% student attendance. For more information on attendance policies and procedures please see the student handbook on the RMS webpage:
Weekly Friday
Early Release

Fridays are early release days with dismissal at 1:40pm. To learn more and find answers to frequently asked questions please visit .
Students already enrolled in Tiger TEENS will be supervised during release time (2:05-3:05 pm) at no additional expense to families.
Middle School students not needing daily after-school supervision could still register through Tiger TEENS for the release day only at a cost of $3.50 per week. To attend Tiger TEENS, families will need to sign up in advance. Registration details can be found at .  

It is vital to student success that all RMS families have updated contact information. You may contact the RMS office at any time to update your information or use parent portal to do so. Be reminded that communication with building teachers and administrators is always available and important. Below you will find many of the communication tools you may access:

  • Website: and
  • District Twitter: @republicschools
  • Building Twitter: @RepMoMiddle #rmsculture
  • District Facebook: Republic School District
  • Building Facebook: Republic Middle School
  • Email/phone
  • Tiger Talk e-newsletter: Sent on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month during the school year. Parents who have provided an email account are automatically signed up. Others can sign up on our website.
  • Mobile App
  • Voice calls and text messages at the building and district level (All numbers provided will receive these notifications, there is no longer a need to opt-in as in the past. However, opting out is still an option.)
  • Canvas

Meal Accounts
 The district Food Service Department offers daily breakfast and lunch options. Meals may be prepaid by submitting cash/check to the school office in a sealed envelope with the student(s) name and amount enclosed on the outside of the envelope. In addition, through the SISK12 Parent Portal, families have the option to make online meal payments through a secure system, ConnexPoint. Like other online payment systems a processing fee is applicable. ConnexPoint charges a 3.99% processing fee for transactions. To make an online meal payment simply login to the SISK12 Parent Portal, select the Meal Service Balance icon and follow the prompts.
As a reminder, to find the Parent Portal simply visit  and click on the "Parent Portal" icon. This can also be accessed through the district's free mobile app. As a reminder, to login use the email address you have provided to the district and enter the password you have created. If you’ve forgotten it, simply click on the “forgot password” button and follow the prompts. The Parent Portal is the same system used for back to school registration forms and to view student information like grades and attendance. 
Tiger Teens
The Republic School District offers quality and affordable student programming during non-school hours through STRIPES 360. Care is offered after school daily and during days that school is not in session. The Tiger TEENS program will be using online enrollment only for registration. As a reminder, each year students must re-enroll in this program.
Registration for Tiger TEENS will require a $30 registration fee along with the first two weeks of tuition. Online or in-person payment is available. A STRIPES 360 staff member will be available at all open houses and orientations to answer questions, but no payments can be accepted at that time. To register for Tiger STRIPES/TEENS and to learn more about STRIPES 360 programs, visit .

At RMS, we are beginning the second year of our building-wide leadership journey. During the 2018-19 school our Teacher Lighthouse Team led our students, faculty, and families in developing our mission. After taking input from all stakeholders "Empowering Leaders to Grow and Serve" is the mission of Republic Middle School. This mission will guide decision making and student leadership development in our building.
Our Student Lighthouse Team was developed last spring and has been hard at work over the summer collaborating with the Teacher Lighthouse Team to create curriculum and learning activities for all students during LEAD class. LEAD class will take place every Monday for 55 minutes at the end of the day. During this time, students will learn about the principles of the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens. We will continue to communicate all of the great progress we are making in LEAD as we empower our leaders to grow and serve.

Parent Portal opens (schedules available)

6th grade Open House, 6-7:30pm
(come and go event)

8th grade Open House, 5:00-6:00 pm
(come and go event)
7th grade Open House, 6:30-8:00 pm
(come and go event)

First day of school, 7:40am-2:40pm

Picture Day (more information to come)

Labor Day, District Closed

End of Progress 1

SI (School Improvement) Day, no school for students

10/7 and 10/8
Parent/Teacher Conferences, 3:30-7pm
Teachers will contact families to schedule conferences

End of 1st quarter