Dear Partners and friends,
What a wonderful ministry time Shellie and I are having here out West!
After a meeting in Florida, we drove out to Texas for a small house meeting near Austin.
Then it was out all the way to Arizona and our next stop of four meetings in Prescott, Arizona.

We are always surprised how the Lord's presence and ministry shows up in our meetings, as at this time we are building towards the new fire outpouring which will arrive soon! BUT, of late the Lord is doing special things in the meetings!

The Friday night meeting in Prescott was marked by such an unusual anointing of boldness and power; it became so electrifying that the crowd caught fire and I could not stop ministering for quite some time. After the meeting people were seen in the parking lot shouting and rejoicing in the boldness and intensity of the anointing of the evening. My Lord...what a service it was!

In the Saturday morning service I ministered on Prosperity and also talked about the "BUSINESS FELLOWSHIP" we have just started. The Lord gave me an amazing teaching on wealth for that morning service!
The Saturday evening service was the last of the four services this visit in Prescott!
Apostle Don Stewart joined us for the meeting.  When I introduced him, he took off ministering in the spirit to both Shellie and I...while we were flying all over the floor in the anointing he ministered to several others. It took some time before we could get back up to preach and flow with God's Spirit again! What a night!
God issued a Prophetic Word about the remnant in the Friday evening service which confirmed a message the Lord had given me for the Sunday morning service in Phoenix.  And, what a message it was...what an authority. God truly breathed upon it!!!  Some of the people who have been in my ministry in the Phoenix area since 1997 said it was probably the most amazing and most powerful message they have ever heard me preach!
We are going to do everything in our power to make the services from the Prescott meetings available to everyone A.S.A.P.  They are critical and wonderful for the church RIGHT NOW!
Folks, the atmosphere is changing...things are changing...God is issuing a call to the remnant of the church to start running with Him. The time of glory and fire is so close!!!
What an experience that would be of God falling on us in every service!

We are heading out to Sacramento, CA this week with meetings on THURSDAY and SATURDAY.  Please join us if you're anywhere close to the area!  Check out our  meeting schedule on our web site at
God bless you with His best!
The Heymans.
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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