Dear Friends and Partners,
We send our love to you all...may the Lord bless you mightily!
Our road trip is beginning to pay off for sure. The first meetings in Daytona Beach, FL, lasted four days instead of two and were marked by the outpouring of the Lord on everyone there, especially the last two evenings!
The Dothan, AL meeting was wonderful and the worship that evening was just outstanding. We met some new people who are sold out to the Lord, and we were blessed that they were a part of the meeting in spite of having to get up at 4 a.m. the next morning! We were especially blessed by our friend, Felicia Childs for hosting us and the meeting in her home. We enjoyed some great fellowship with her!
The day after the Dothan meeting, Shellie and I visited a dear Pastor and his wife whom I had lost contact with over the years. As we prayed together before leaving, the Holy Spirit fell on all of us with such power that ministry flowed between us for three solid hours. Great things were accomplished for all of us and we left there flying high!
We were able to bless some other friends in their homes as we traveled westward from Alabama all the way to Central Texas.
While in central Texas we stayed for almost a full week with dear friends Nancy and Clement Strmiska, who have become super special to Shellie and I over the years! During our wonderful stay with them in the small town of Granger, TX, we preached one meeting on Wednesday, July 20 nearby in the town of Taylor Texas in the library conference center. We had a good attendance that night and the Lord moved powerfully and touched everyone there; some individuals especially were ministered to powerfully by the Lord! We bless our dear Granger friends the Strmiska's, for blessing everyone in this meeting by sponsoring the library gathering!
During our week-long visit in central Texas near the capitol city of Austin, we were also blessed to conduct two meetings in the home of a new friend, Yvonne Scypion, who we had recently met while she was visiting someone in Augusta, GA. This took place about 45 minutes from Austin in the town of Killeen, TX which is where the great military base, Fort Hood is located. Fort Hood is nationally remembered for the Islamic terrorist murder of 13 soldiers on November 5, 2009.
In the first of the two home meetings in Killeen, we were surprised by the tremendous hunger of the people attending, as well as, the level of spiritual maturity of these precious saints. Right from beginning of worship, the Lord began to move and one brother received a tremendous healing in his left hip which made it impossible for him to freely lift up his leg. The healing was instantaneous, and you can see how the Spirit of the Lord fell on him at the same time of God healing his hip. The video clip of this glorious incident is included here below!
The great anointing of the first Killeen meeting called for a second meeting which took place on Saturday, July 23. We started at 4 p.m. and another Holy Ghost meeting took place lasting until 10 p.m. WHAT A MEETING! The presence of the Lord fell; some people were out in the Spirit for a while and one lady got hit hard by God's fire. PEOPLE'S LIVES CHANGED GLORIOUSLY! Our personal time with Yvonne was also very special!
On Sunday morning July 24, we left for San Antonio, TX for a little R & R in the afternoon and dinner at the famous River Walk. Then it was an all night drive to Phoenix,  AZ! We are here safe and sound in Phoenix and are gearing up for our meetings at Life Fellowship Ministries with Pastor Cindy Carpenter, beginning this Wednesday through Sunday [July 27-31].
This road trip has been so amazing since the start. Shellie and I have met such wonderful people over the last three weeks throughout this country. The Lord has ministered so powerfully; pouring out His Spirit on so many people already!
We are excited for everyone we have met. We also thank the Lord for new end excited Partners which have seen the calling of God on our ministry and on our lives and have joined with us in Partnership!
We are presently setting up more meetings on the tour. A week ago the Lord strongly instructed me to contact a Pastor in Sacramento, CA where I preached very powerful revival meetings years ago. Upon locating his church on-line, I e-mailed him about our mission and asked him to pray about us coming by the church for a meeting while on our tour.
Joyfully, this has resulted in the scheduling of two services on Sunday, August 7.  We are very excited and open to extending the meetings after the Sunday services depending on what the Lord will do in this wonderful church. If this is anything close to what happened there before, we are in for a special visitation of the Lord!
Thank you PARTNERS for your continued prayers and financial support for the tour. Eternal treasures in heaven are laid up this way since many lives are impacted supernaturally by the Lord!

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God bless,
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