Why did the lights go out?

Because they liked each other.
Greetings Everyone,

We're approaching the end of the year and, here at ROMAC, we're reflecting on some of the exciting and challenging projects we've completed. We've taken on many projects during 2019, so many we can't possibly list them all in one newsletter. Instead of bombarding you with our every accomplishment, we picked a few of our team's favorite projects from the last six months or so. At ROMAC, our engineering, fabrication, sales, and management teams love the satisfaction of a job well done. So, without any further ado, we would like to share some of the projects we enjoyed with you.
Complete Transformation
Temporary Power with Skid Mount
Recon experts at ROMAC Supply reconditioned this skid-mounted temp power unit. It sports a Federal Pacific 75KVA transformer, breaker box, and distribution plugs. 480/240 on the primary, and 240/120 on the secondary. We reconditioned the electrical components and gave all the externals a beautiful new powder coat. This equipment is currently available for sale or rent.
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Reconditioned Glory
AK2-75 3000 Amp Low Voltage Circuit Breaker
The ROMAC Supply Recon team took a used AK2-75, 3000 Amp low voltage breaker entirely apart and put it back together as-new.

This meticulously reconditioned circuit breaker adheres to the PEARL EERS 2018 standard. Components are inspected, tested, reworked, or replaced, and then tested and inspected again.
Our recon experts make old into new.
Custom Connection
Switchgear Substation 90 degree Transition
PCI built this custom 90-degree transition section for a lineup of EATON switchgear. The 90-degree section connects the medium-voltage transformer's secondary low voltage output to a distribution section. PCI takes on a lot of custom projects where our customers need to modify or add to existing equipment.

Our PCI product group is always looking for new custom projects. We have the engineering and fabrication teams to meet all your custom needs.
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Every Little Detail
Every part is meticulously reworked.
Magna Blast 4160 V 1200 Amp
After the recon team disassembled this Magna Blast circuit breaker at ROMAC Supply, each component was inspected, cleaned, and re-worked. Any parts that couldn't be re-worked were replaced. The unit was reassembled, tested, and put back into service. 
Friendly Design
1200 Amp Main Switchgear with 600 Amp Feeder Switches
This PCI switchgear lineup has nine LI switches with a transition and incoming pull section. PCI's "friendly" design means that it's easy to add to the lineup in the future.
More Than Meets The Eye
LI Switch with Remote Operation
On the outside, this PCI LI switch looks like any other 15kV switch; however, this particular switch is controlled remotely. It has a motor-driven switch mechanism built-in.
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BIG Things Underway
38 HVK - 1200
The recon team at ROMAC Supply is currently reconditioning this 38 kV vacuum circuit breaker. It serves as the main for an offshore oil rig. At ROMAC, we take on the big and challenging projects because we have the equipment, staff, and knowhow to get them done right.
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