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-Abraham Lincoln
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Although most 4th of July festivities were curtailed this year, we can all celebrate American independence by continuing to move onward and upward despite the challenges we're all facing. Here at ROMAC, we'll continue to do our part by providing the highest quality electrical equipment to the professionals that keep the power flowing. This month we're featuring our extensive stock of low and medium voltage transformers and our ability, as a distributor of several major brands, to provide you with the transformers you need when you need them. We've also added to our e-commerce offerings, and we have hundreds of discounted new, reconditioned, and surplus items on eBay. Find out how ROMAC can help you today!

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ROMAC's Extensive Inentory of Transformers
ROMAC has an extensive inventory of new, reconditioned, surplus, and used low and medium voltage transformers. We have over 1100 transformers in stock, and we are a distributor for Hammond, MGM, ACME, and ABB. Let us help you find the transformers you need for your next project.

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New Transformers on Breaker.com
We started listing our stock of new transformers on Breaker.com, take a look at what we have up so far. If you don't see what you're looking for, give our inside sales team a call 800-777-6622 .
Transformer Listings on ROMAC's eBay Store
We have over 70 Transformers available for immediate purchase on our eBay Store. Take a look!
ROMAC is a Hammond Distributor
We're proud to be one of the largest stocking distributors of Hammond transformers in Southern California. When you need a transformer now, give us a call. 800-77-ROMAC
MGM Now Offers Buck Boost Transformers
Buck-Boost transformer is a specialty type of encapsulated transformer used in applications where slight voltage adjustments are needed to supply proper voltages. Voltage adjustments are typically in the range of 5-20% voltage above or below actual supply voltages. Bucking application is to adjust voltage from high to low and Boosting application is to adjust voltage from low to high. Buck-Boost transformers provide an economical, efficient, and versatile solution to voltage mismatches.

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Celebrating American Independence
In celebration of American independence, we would like to acknowledge the scientists, warriors, artists, innovators, and thinkers who contributed to building the diverse tapestry that is our United States.

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”

– Harry S. Truman
New on Breaker.com
Breaker.com has over 2500 individual products that include circuit breakers, MCCB mounting kits, MCCB parts, enclosures, transformers, switches, motors, control, temp power, and switchgear. We're adding new products and product categories every day. Take a look at breaker.com today!
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Toshiba Motor Starter FVNR Size 00 230V 1HP NEMA 1 M4BAUB5.0 - Unused Surplus
SRH56LSIG - Cutler-Hammer Programmer with 1600A RP - Surplus
Toshiba Motor Starter FVNR Size 00 230V 5HP NEMA 1 M4BAUB.7 - Unused Surplus
Reconditioned Insulated Case / Power Circuit Breakers
We have fully reconditioned Insulated Case / Power Circuit Breakers available on Breaker.com. Each comes with a one year warranty.

Don't see the breaker you need on breaker.com? ROMAC has thousands of breakers in stock. Speak to one of our inside sales representatives,
call: 800-77-ROMAC .

We've lowered prices on many of our eBay store offerings including transformers, motors, and MCCBs. Over 1300 different products are available now-- more added every day!
Would you like to talk to an inside sales representative about one of our eBay items. Call us today!

Posted pricing may be user pricing. Are you a dealer or distributor? Find out about special reseller pricing .
POPULAR ON EBAY NOW - Get them before someone else does!
200A 240V Non-Fusible 3PH Heavy Duty Safety Disconnect Switch N3R Rainproof UL
Unused surplus Westinghouse RHUN324 Safety Switch. Normal wear and appearance from storage. Please see images for detail. This item is sold in AS-IS condition. Comes in factory box.
eBay Item # 273011152923
Brand: Westinghouse
Catalog: RHUN324
Enclosure: Heavy Duty Type 3R Rainproof Enclosure
Amp Rating: 200
Voltage: 240VAC
Poles: 3
Fusible: NO

Dims of Unit : 38 X 13.1/4 X8 .5"
Sold AS-IS
eBay Item # 272391437848
45 kW
60 HP
380/480 V
83.8-94 Amp
3 Phase

Surplus G&W Electric Gas Insulated Switch 15 KV 600 MAIN / 200 TAP AMPS
Surplus G&W Electric Gas Insulated Switch 15 KV 600 MAIN / 200 TAP AMPS.
Normal wear and appearance from use and storage. Minor cosmetic damage throughout.

Manufacturer: G&W
Continuous Current RMS: 600 Main/200 Tap
Rating: 15kV
Enclosure: NEMA 3R
Catalog Number: PV142-376-12-9F
Serial Number: 629-93-0070R
Gas Required: 19.5 LBS (SF6)
eBay Item # 283910890779
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