Ampere was the Newton of Electricity.
-James C. Maxwell
Greetings Everyone,

April has been busy here at ROMAC. A new truckload of unused surplus gear arrived, The PEARL convention is next week, we donated some key electrical equipment to Long Beach City College, and we celebrated Global Reman Day.

This month we're featuring Low Voltage Switches and Fuses. We have thousands of switches and fuses in our inventory. Safety switches, bus plug switches, bolted switches, panel board switches, automatic transfer switches and more. Our fuse inventory is extensive. We have fuses of every size and for every application. Check out the featured products, Must Move Switches and our eBay special of the month. Be sure to let us know how you like The Hotwire by emailing us at

Let's get to The Hotwire...
4000A and 3000A also available!
600V Bolted Pressure Switch
3 Pole, 3 Wire with Shunt Trip
Top Feed 5000A
This bolted pressure switch is ready to ship. 200,000 Ampere fault current ratings, bolted pressure contacts, load break design, quick-make quick-break operators, visible contacts, silver plated copper, current carry parts, grid type arc shuts, interpole barriers, terminals designed for lugs or bus bars and provision for up to three padlocks.
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Reconditioned As-New
SQUARE-D Bolted Pressure Contact Switch
3 Pole, 3 Wire - 480V 3000A
Legacy, Class 9810 Open type manual front operated BOLT-LOC switches are load-break devices for switchboard and control apparatus installations. Fusible switches are furnished with provisions for NEMA Class L fuses and are rated for 100% continuous duty. This Switch has a 120V Shunt Trip and has been reconditioned and tested to rigorous PEARL standards.

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2500A, 1600A, 1200A, and 800A also available.
GE TC Series Safety Switch
Brand New 800A 3P HD N3R 600V Fusible
GE Series TC Double Throw 600V 800A Safety Switch. Seismic Certified (non-fused). UL Service Entrance rated (NEMA 3R). Meets Standard KS1 and Federal Specification W-S-865C for enclosed switches.
Thousands of FUSES!
So Many Fuses!
We have thousands and thousands of Low Voltage fuses of all sizes--up to 5000 Amp.
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We have an excess of these surplus safety switches. We want to move them ASAP, so call, email, or click the links below! We're serious about moving these switches.
30A, 100A, 600A and NEMA 1 also available!
Westinghouse 240V 60A Safety Switch
Unused surplus, NEMA 3R, and fusible. We have 99 of them in stock and ready to ship. Get your quote now or call!
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GE 240V 60A Safety Switch
These GE Safety Switches are unused surplus and NEMA 1 rated. We have 30 of these in stock now! They might not last so call or get a quote now!
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30A, 100A, 200A and NEMA 3R also available!
Truckload... More Switches!
We're constantly refreshing our stock at ROMAC. This truckload of unused surplus NEMA 3R gear just arrived a few days ago:

  • 4 S&C Pad Mount Switches (PMH9)
  • A Lineup of 15kV S&C Metal Enclosed Switchgear with fixed vacuum breaker main and
  • 4 Feeder Switches

This equipment is ready and waiting for a home, what do you need?
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eBay Item #: 272395251527
600A 480V Indoor Model-2000 ATS Automatic Transfer Switch Control System 3PH UL
Ready To Ship!
NOW: $3225
Built rugged for long life, minimum maintenance, and trouble-free Service.
Some exciting things month: The PEARL Conference, helping future electrical professionals, and National REMAN day. Read all about them below!
PEARL Conference and Exhibition 2019
ROMAC is an official sponsor of the 2019 Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL) conference and exhibition April 25th to April 27th in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a charter member of PEARL we are incredibly excited about the impact of PEARL's recent ANSI accredited reconditioning standard, and how it will impact the future of the remanufacturing industry. If you're planning to attend, be sure to look for the ROMAC representatives and say hi! For more information about PEARL and the annual conference visit
Training The Future

Our friends at Hampton Tedder are working in partnership with NETA and Long Beach Community College to develop a training program for electrical engineering students. ROMAC was asked if we would be able to help by providing the program with some sample equipment for training. Of course, we said YES!

Making sure the next generation of electrical professionals is well trained and ready to keep the power flowing is essential to the future of our industry. It just makes sense to give whatever you can, so we did.
April 11th was nationally recognized (globally celebrated) REMAN DAY. ROMAC has and continues to be, a pioneer in remanufacturing, reconditioning and retrofilling. Remanufacturing is good for the economy and the environment. We spent the day celebrating our exceptional group of reconditioning experts. When you purchase reconditioned equipment from ROMAC, you can be sure that this team of experts has gone through the remanufacturing process meticulously to ensure that your equipment, no matter how big or small, is operating as-new.
Until next month we wish all of you peace, prosperity and happiness. Follow us on social media ,if you like that type of thing, and when you think of electrical power equipment... Think ROMAC.
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