The Universe is transformation.
-Marcus Aurelius
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This month we're featuring Transformers. We have over 2000 transformers in stock now ready to ship up to 4000 KVA. We have low voltage, medium voltage, GPDT, control power transformers and more. Check out our featured transformers below and don't miss our One Time Only, eBay Special of the Month and our list of Must Move Transformers. Check out the ROMAC News in Brief and be sure to let us know how you like The Hotwire by emailing your comments and suggestions to Now, let's get to the transformers...
*Not Actual Transformer - As Is Condition Varies
1000/1333KVA 3 Phase 12470 - 480Y/277
*Reconditioned or as is, fully tested.*
We have this heavy duty, dry type, substation, bus to ends, medium voltage transformer IN-STOCK. Get it with our reconditioning option, or as is; it's up to you. To find out more and get a quote, use the links below.
Or Call Now : 1-800-77-ROMAC
MGM 112.5KVA
3 Phase 480D - 240/120V Tap TP1
This brand new MGM 112.5 KVA transformer must go. Act fast before someone else gets it!

*Last One - Get Your Quote Now*

Or Call 1-800-77-ROMAC
We have an extensive stock of transformers and, we're expanding our inventory every day. Because of this, we have to move some of our older inventory. That's good news for our Hotwire subscribers because you get exclusive access to our Must Move list. Take a look at this list of transformers that we need to move fast, call us up and make an offer on the ones you want.
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eBay Item #: 282292679647
SQUARE D 112.5 KVA Transformer
480 Primary 208Y/120 Secondary SQD
WAS: $2530
NOW: $2099
*This transformer is completely reconditioned and includes a one year warranty.*
The price of this fully reconditioned (as-new) SQUARE D 112.5KVA transformer has been slashed! It's on eBay now, but may not be there for long. Get it now!
And now for the ROMAC News in Brief . As promised we're going to keep it short and sweet.

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