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2021 USA Powerlifting Michigan Rookie Rumble

Athlete Informational Email #2

It's Meet Week!

The roster is finalized and the order of weigh-in has been set. All weight class changes will not affect your flight assignment.

Roster & Order of Weigh-In

Live Stream

The Michigan Rookie Rumble will be live streamed on Calloso Powerlifting's YouTube channel. Click below for the link, and be sure to share with your friends and family!

Live Stream
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Be Prepared!

Since this will be your very first time stepping on a USA Powerlifting platform, you need to be prepared. Please read this email in its entirety. Many of the questions you may have can be answered from this email.

Don't forget your absolute necessities! You need a singlet, t-shirt, and knee high socks for deadlift. You may also use wrist wraps, a belt, and knee sleeves. Respond to this email if you have any questions about your equipment. Your equipment DOES NOT have to be on the IPF approved list.

We also recommend that you take a look at the event website and our First Meet Tips page so you know what to expect:

Visit our Website
First Meet Tips


The Michigan Rookie Rumble will be held at 3DFIT Arena. Please use the address below or click the button for directions.

3DFIT Arena

12425 Nixon Ave

Riverview, MI 48193

Directions to 3DFIT Arena
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Technical Rules

This meet is sanctioned by USA Powerlifting and run by Calloso. All USA Powerlifting technical rules will be enforced. As an athlete, it is your responsibility to learn the technical rules of competition and ensure that your equipment is approved. This also includes following anti-doping/drug testing guidelines. Because this is not a national event, it is not required to have IPF Approved equipment. However, your equipment must follow the specifications in the rulebook. Rules & By-Laws and Drug Testing information can be accessed at usapowerlifting.com.


There will be NO early check-in on Friday.

6:30am - Doors Open

7:00am SHARP – Weigh-Ins

6:30am-8:30am – Check-In, Equipment Check & Rack Heights

8:30am – Rules Meeting

9:00am – Lifting Begins

4:00pm - Awards Ceremony

Weigh-Ins begin promptly at 7:00am and will be done in order by Lot Number. If you are not present when your name is called, you will have wait to weigh in after all other athletes have weighed in. Lot numbers are not assigned yet, but on 10/10, they will be shown in the roster to the left of your name.

Rack Heights are important! We will help you find the correct rack height for bench press and squat, so you are comfortable on the platform.

Equipment Check is imperative. We will need to see everything you'll be wearing on the platform.

I highly recommend waiting to get your rack heights and equipment checked until after you have weighed in unless you have showed up right at 6:30am and have the time to get them done beforehand.

Purchase Your Membership!

Please click the button below for the roster.

You will be assigned to Platform 1 or Platform 2, and both will run simultaneously. You will also be assigned a flight (A, B, or C). Flight A will run on both platforms and perform all 3 squats before flight B starts lifting, and B will finish all 3 lifts before flight C starts. This will also be the case for bench press and deadlift.

If your membership status is in RED, you must purchase or renew your USA Powerlifting membership ASAP. When you receive your new membership card, forward the email you receive it in to gina.hensley@calloso.com.

Purchase Membership


We will not have a limit on the amount of spectators in the venue for this meet. Please be aware that both spectators and coaches will pay $10 for entry.

Weight Class Changes & Withdrawals

If you need to change your weight class or division before the meet, please do so before 10/10 by sending us an email. After this date, flights will be finalized, so we cannot guarantee you will lift in the same flight as your competitors. However, you are able to change your weight class at any time, including on meet day.

If you would like to transfer to another event or withdraw from the meet, you can also send us an email. Please keep in mind that absolutely no refunds will be issued so long as this event is not cancelled.

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Athlete Photo Packages Available!

Chloe Amanda Photography will be snapping photos of your most intense moments! For more information about photo packages, reach out to Chloe directly via email or Instagram.


Photo Inquiry

We Drug Test!

We drug test 10% of our athletes by urinalysis. If you need to leave early or you need to skip the award ceremony, please do not do so without checking in with myself (Gina Hensley).

It is also a great idea to stay hydrated (hint!) so we can start the award ceremony as soon as possible!

Last but not least...


And if you haven't already been practicing your commands, start doing that in training now!

Squat Commands: Squat, Rack

Bench Commands: Start, Press, Rack

Deadlift Command: Down

Lifter's Handbook