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Pando unites the people who care most about the future of Los Angeles. Focuses them on the right things. And motivates them. With passion. To implement LA County’s sustainability plan.

Pando, the one-tree forest in south-central Utah for which Pando Populus is named. Artwork copyright (c) 2023 Tucker Nichols.

Happy holidays from Pando!

Thank you to all who have helped make our work possible: instructors and students; elected and public agency leaders and staff; business, NGO, and community leaders; the Pando team, advisors, and board members. 


And our generous sponsors, individual and institutional alike.  

May this holiday season bring you peace in knowing that we are connected to each other and everything else that is, like the one-tree forest of Pando symbolizes. May you find nourishment and joy in this diversity of connections, and may you feel yourself rooted in a network of love.

Save the date! April 14, 2024, 2-5 pm.

The Pando Sustainability Awards, where we honor the project-based work of LA’s young people and practical visionaries who care. We'll be celebrating the successes of Pando Days, Magenta House, and Camp Pando teams. 

The event showcases the work of young people and their instructors who are helping to implement LA County's sustainability goals with project-based work. It provides an ideal forum in which to network and move the most promising of these projects forward.

Meet the Southland's elected leaders, public agency leadership teams, leaders from business, philanthropies, NGOs, community partners, and of course K-12 and higher ed team leads. 

Visit Pando Awards webpage to learn more. Go here to see images from last year's event. 

It's the sustainability event of the year, and we'd love to see you there!

God speaking a world into existence is very different from depicting it with images, but artists have often tried. Image courtesy of The Met.

To hear and to see: Interview with John Cobb

Pando: John, I’ve always wanted to have a philosophical conversation with you about the senses, so here’s my chance!  

You have said that sight and sound give rise to different visions of reality. Help me unpack that.

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