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Heather Barker (center-right), Professor of Design at Cal State, Long Beach, with student representatives from both CSULB project teams holding Los Angeles County scrolls of commendation. The CSULB project Colorado Lagoon won Pando’s Earth Hero award in the Design and Execution category.

And the Pando goes to…

Yes. There is hope for LA. And the Pando Days Awards at Caltech on April 16 demonstrated it. 

The event celebrated the results of 15 colleges and universities dedicating semester-long courses, studios, or labs to implementing LA County sustainability goals. Some 200 students, professors, elected officials, and community partners attended. 

“It was such an amazing experience,” said Marcela Oliva, professor of architecture at Los Angeles Trade Technical College and project lead. “The program is both life-changing and catalytic for students, community, and the County itself.”

Outstanding submissions from participating Pando Days ‘22 colleges and universities were honored in four prize categories…”

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We Are Pando is a documentary short film by Lyn Goldfarb about the students behind the Pando Days '22 projects. Click here to view.

Student voices from Pando Days

We Are Pando, a documentary short film by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lyn Goldfarb, features interviews with participating students from the Pando Days ‘22 season. Forty-nine students were interviewed from participating colleges and universities across LA County.

The film premiered at the Pando Days '22 Awards at Caltech, April 16, with three special showings.

“It blew my mind,” said Dana Dakin, who traveled from the Bay Area specifically to attend the event. 

“The film gives something you cannot get from any other medium. I got a feeling for the personalities involved in the projects and knew they were talking my language. I’d never felt the impact of such a diverse body. It was like we were boarding the same train and had the potential for critical mass.  

“The Pando model generates for me a picture that progress on the ground can be made.”

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Robyn Eason, strategic sustainability advisor, at the Pando Days ’22 Awards, April 16, 2023.

Introducing Robyn Eason, strategic sustainability advisor

Robyn Eason is a sustainability professional with experience rooted in intermixing systems thinking, strategy, social-connectedness, & care to nurture tailored, community-centered approaches to climate action. Previously, she was a Senior Planner for the City of West Hollywood.

PANDO: It was so good to see you at the Pando Days ‘22 Awards event at Caltech! How did it go from your perspective?

ROBYN: Pando Days Finale and Award events are always a treat, even when they were virtual during the pandemic. This year, the tone of the entire day was very celebratory and draped in excitement. 

From Pando board members to school teams to LA County Supervisors to community supporters to industry practitioners, the smiles were as contagious as was the magic and spirit of the day.

The day should have been a good one for those with a background in sustainability. 

My professional contributions have mainly been centered in nurturing climate and community action within the built environment.

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