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Pando unites the people who care most about the future of Los Angeles. Focuses them on the right things. And motivates them. With passion. To implement LA County’s sustainability plan.

Welcome Pando Days Educators, Students, Professionals, Community Leaders, Business Leaders, Government Officials, and Angeleno Activists!

You are enthusiastically invited to reserve your seats for the Pando Days Season Finale and presentation of The Pando Sustainability Awards.

Pando Days brings colleges and universities together from across the California Southland to help implement the most ambitious sustainability plan in the country. The Pando Awards celebrate and reward the courage and success of the Pando Days ’22 projects.

It’s the sustainability event of the year, where we’ll gather to recognize accomplishments and kick off the upcoming Pando Days season.

The event is hosted at Caltech, the campus renowned for world-changing ideas. You’ll see:

  • A showcase of projects from 15 participating Pando Days ’22 colleges and universities.

  • The world premiere of the We Are Pando documentary film featuring students from the Pando Days ’22 teams by two-time Emmy Award winner, Peabody, and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lyn Goldfarb.

  • The release of the sustainability Roadmap book by nationally-renowned regional sustainability planner Mark VanderSchaaf. The book is the first to identify and summarize all of the most important sustainability plans affecting Metropolitan Los Angeles and place them in global context.

  • Awards, grants, and honors galore.

  • Live, open enrollment for the Pando Days 2023 season.

Expect networking and job opportunities everywhere.

You’ll meet Pando teams, honored guests from public agencies, businesses, and NGOs, philanthropists, CSO Taskforce members, media representatives, and educators from the colleges, universities, and trade schools that have participated in Pando Days in the past – as well as those interested in adopting and supporting new Pando Days programs. 

Winners of The Pando Sustainability Awards are determined by a panel of sustainability and social-impact professionals and awarded to Pando Days ’22 projects in the following categories: vision and creativity, design and execution, process and inclusion, and feasibility and viability.

Check out the impact we’re having. Then join us

When: Sunday, April 16, 2:00 p.m.  

Where: Dabney Hall and Gardens, Caltech, Pasadena

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Los Angeles County map shows locations of the 21 colleges and universities that have participated in Pando Days.

Pando Days is on the map!

We put community at the heart of education, with Pando Days courses, studios, and labs across Southland colleges and universities focused on creating real-world, community impact. 

Pando Days higher-ed institutions: 21 colleges and universities

Pando Days student enrollment: 411

Pando Days community partners: 34 

Seventy-five per cent of Pando Days projects have been led by women; 26% by first-generation Americans. 

We track impact across sustainability, education and the community.

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