October 2023

Dear ROSA Community,

Message From the Executive Director

ROSA has officially stepped into an important new phase! I am happy to report we have entered the beginning stages of developing a regional offshore wind fisheries research funding program. While there is much work to do, I have no doubt the ROSA organization and associated community will rise to the occasion and create a rigorous science program that will serve everyone.

We have also set the dates for the first Offshore Wind Fisheries Monitoring Plan Development, Implementation and Evolution Sessions, the result of many collaborative meetings with individuals in the fishing and offshore wind industries, state and federal agencies, as well as our colleagues across the science and research community. Finally, we are thrilled to be advertising two new staff positions - details below.

ROSA To Host Monitoring Sessions

ROSA is pleased to announce their upcoming coordination sessions entitled Offshore Wind Fisheries Monitoring Plan Development, Implementation, & Evolution, which will be independently held by sector. Each sector-specific session offers a forum for individuals to collaborate, to gather information and document concerns and outstanding questions, to identify potential solutions, and to encourage collaboration. ROSA will distill the outcomes of these sessions into a report that will be used to update the Offshore Wind (OSW) Project Monitoring Framework & Guidelines and inform the new Strategic Plan for the organization. Visit our website here for session details and registration links.

We Are Hiring! Join our Team

The Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA) is seeking to fill two new positions on our team: a full-time (remote) Research Project Manager, and a part-time (remote) Communications Associate.

ROSA’s Research Project Manager (PM) will report to the Research Director and be responsible for the coordination of various research project teams (awardees of future funding opportunities), communication with stakeholders, defining project goals, and seeing projects through to their closure. They will support the development and evaluation of projects across the Regional Research Fund portfolio, while working within constraints like field and reporting schedules and budgets. Click here for the full job description.

ROSA’s Communications Associate (CA) will report to the Executive Director and be responsible for a broad range of duties related to content and messaging, which will be delivered in multiple formats, including email, constant contact, WordPress website, print materials, social media, and other communication mediums. Click here for the full job description.

The deadline to apply for both positions is Friday, November 17, 2023.

ROSA on the Road

ROSA staff were actively traveling and collaborating over the last couple of months, promoting ROSA and developing regional science. In August, myself and Mike Pol, Research Director, staffed a ROSA booth in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society, with Mike co-leading a symposium and presenting on regional survey efforts. Stay tuned for the symposium presentations to be posted soon on our website.

In September, Mike was interviewed as part of a session on collaborative research at the ICES Annual Science Conference in Bilbao, Spain. Later in September, Mike attended the AFLOAT conference on floating offshore wind in Portland, Maine.

Thank you for your interest in ROSA. We look forward to working with you soon!

Best Regards,

Reneé Reilly, Ph.D.

Executive Director, ROSA

[email protected]