"Be kinder than necessary." - J.M. Barrie
e-RPDS                                                                                             09/16/2016
Letter from the Director
Dear Redeemer Community,

This past Sunday on my way to the gym I drove past flag after flag at half-mast. The news stations were not surprisingly replaying the exact same footage of the tragic events of 9/11 that had happened 15 years ago. Two other gentlemen, one who happened to be the father of a former PDS student, and I recalled that horrible day and exactly where we were when we first learned of the tragedy that was occurring around us.
Ironically I was at Redeemer that Tuesday morning, enjoying coffee with the other parents of the newly enrolled two year olds, while they ran around the playground during their second day of orientation. It was practically impossible to comprehend what was taking place. As a country we collectively understood that life had changed forever. As a parent of two small children, I felt truly frightened for their future.
While 9/11 has proven to be one of our darkest moments as a country, it is always worth looking for a silver lining. The day that followed was one of many emotions, a feeling of disbelieve mixed with incredible sadness but at the same time a sense of knowing that as a country, and as a world, we were a community of people who needed to look out for one another. We all looked at each other a little differently that day. Even in all that sadness and disbelief, people seemed a little kinder, a little more courteous than usual. In our shared mourning, there was a sense of vulnerability and understanding of the importance of looking out for one another. We were bonded with strangers around us in a whole new way.
I have surprised myself that my first director letter this year begins on such a somber note, but this past Sunday I couldn't help but be reminded of our first rule at Redeemer.  Be kind! Be kind; forever a silver lining. Of all the things we teach our children, the most important is kindness. The word is simple. Its impact is not.  Let's join together this year to be kinder than necessary. Let's join together as a community to create the future we envision for our children, putting kindness at the heart of all we do. If each and every one of us did this, imagine where it would take us. Remember, our little ones are always watching.
Best regards,

Classroom Updates:
Arrup 2s:
Mrs. Yanega and I have loved getting to know all of your children the first week of school! The children will continue to explore the different classrooms, the playground and navigate friendships with one another. During our day, we will work on sharing, taking turns and having fun with each other. This month we will be discussing the letter red, pets and going to school so be on the lookout for your little artist's work! We are looking forward to a fun year in the Two's!

Wyatt 2s: 
The Wyatt 2s have had a wonderful start to the school year. I loved meeting everyone at both the Parent and Student Orientations. The children are settling in nicely and enjoying getting to know the classrooms, playground, and new friends. We are looking forward to a fantastic September when we will focus on the color red, our family and pets, and apples. We will even make our own applesauce. Thank you for sharing your children with me. They are the highlight of my day. 
Hooper 3s:
The 3 Day 3's are off to a terrific start!  They have settled into their "Redeemer Routine" beautifully!  We have completed our first two weeks of "specials" ...Art,Chapel, Music and Values which the children are enjoying.  September in the 3's is all about CIRCLES and the color RED, as you can tell by our many "red" and "round" art projects.  The children did an amazing job exercising their small motor skills today as they stitched their RED CIRCLE cards.  An exciting activity we have just started is playing I SPY.  We all look for ROUND or RED objects as well as the first Letter in our name! Our September Nursery Rhyme is  "Mary Had A Little Lamb".... Rhyming is practiced daily and really improving. We hope to see you all tonight at the Parent Wine & Cheese Soiree! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful Weekend! 

Libby 3s: 
The 5 day 3s are doing great with adjusting to school. They are learning all the rules and routines and making new friends. It's been fun to watch their personalities emerge as they become more comfortable. We are working on the color red, circles, and Mary had a little lamb is our poem of the month. We have introduced be letters A and B. We have been talking about apples and painting apple trees. The first couple of weeks have been great fun. 

Faint Pre-k:
The Faint Pre K class is ready to go! We started letter A this week with tracing then painting an apple shape, eating red and green apples, counting apples, examining seasons of an apple tree and voting about favorite ways to eat apples. The sound of A and an introduction to writing both upper and lower case were also presented. Chick eggs arrive next week and we move on to letter B and all its bubbly fun! The children are settling nicely into our school routines and interacting well with each other- what a fun class! 

Loeb Pre-k:
We have made a fabulous start to the school year! Our focus for the first few weeks of school is to get your children comfortable with the routine.  They are learning where to put their backpacks, how to find their names, and are quickly settling down when they hear the 'quiet' chime. We are learning the letter "Aa"; they already know the 'key' word and the letter sound, and have met 'baby echo'.  We're beginning to write the letter, but it is really hard! Strong scissor skills and cutting with playdough really help with finger strength.  All your children know our 'school rules'!  It is a busy and productive classroom. We love Values' class as well as Science, Music and Art.  The playground is a must every day to 'release our wiggles' and use our big muscles.   We are so fortunate to have this big beautiful space in which to run around!

What an amazing group of kindergarten children we have this year! We are off to a great start learning the classroom rules and routines and our unit "All About Me". Your children have made such good progress adapting to the longer hours of full day school. We look forward to working with you and your child this year.

Pre-first is off to a fabulous start for the school year! We are 
adjusting to the routines and expectations of Pre-first as well as 
enjoying our friendships old and new! We are the "big kids" of Redeemer  and I can tell already that the children are taking this role very  seriously. We are setting good examples, being great role models and  have been discussing the importance of working together! Our "All About  Me" unit has been tons of fun. We are learning a lot about each other and have created some wonderful masterpieces of ourselves. I am looking  forward to a wonderful year filled with learning and exploration!

Lunch Bunch: 
Lunch Bunch is off to a great start. We have begun our year by discussing our school wide rules and coming up with a couple of additional Lunch Bunch should have, from the perspective of the students. We are also working on our new lunch room rules which the children are picking up very quickly. We are so happy that you have lent us your children for Lunch Bunch! We have many projects and activities planned for the year and are excited to add new and elements to the program. We have been enjoying getting to know your children and spending the afternoon with them. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mary Knott, Katie Poe or myself. Thank you!

Office Notes

Car Pool Reminder:
If you are in the outside lane waiting to drop off or pick up at door #2, please stop at the stop sign and wait until there are no more than 2 cars before moving forward. This way if a family has to stop at both doors, there is still plenty of space for the car line to continue operating efficiently. Please pass this along to caregivers, grandparents or anyone else who may be transporting your child to and from school.  If you have any questions about carpool, please ask. We are more than happy to help! We appreciate your assistance in keeping our car line safe for students, staff and other drivers.

2s Drop-off Time Reminder
State regulations require us to operate within certain student teacher ratios dependent on age. Because of these regulations and staffing, two year olds MAY NOT  be dropped off before 8:45. Please pass this along to caregivers, grandparents or anyone else who may be transporting your child to and from school. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding this requirement. 

Irvin Simon Picture Day-NEW THIS YEAR- In your child's Friday Folder you will find a pre-pay order form.  Please complete and return to school by Wednesday, September 28th.

RPDS Directory- In your child's Friday Folder is the 2016-2017 Directory.  If you have multiple children in the school it went home with your oldest child.  

Baby Food Jars Needed:
Our art teacher, Karen Blair, is in need of small glass baby food jars. If you have some to donate, please send them in with your child. Thank you!


Friday, September 16: 7-9 pm Parent Wine and Cheese Party- RPDS St. Mary's Courtyard. 

Friday, September 30-Irvin Simon Picture Day - 3/2s, 3s,Pre-k and K. The 2/2s and Pre-first are in April. 

Program Highlights:
"I wonder who built these couches."
C.J., age 4

Outdoor Adventures
Whether it be monkey bar blisters, a dirt smeared face or a collection of rocks in a pocket, at Redeemer there are many signs that show how much we value time spent outdoors. We are fortunate to have nearly an acre of outdoor space, a rain garden, an outdoor classroom, wonderful play equipment, and new vegetable and herb gardens where our students explore, wonder and spend time with friends!

Fall Gardening
Our kindergarten and pre-first science classes kicked off the fall planting season by planting herbs, pansies, radishes and beets in our new garden beds. They learned about germination, discussed why certain plants will grow in the fall, but most of all they enjoyed digging in the dirt as Redeemer's first gardeners. We are excited to have all of our students involved in the care and harvesting of our gardens.

In preschool we recognize the privilege, responsibility and joy of educating our youngest students. Alongside their parents, we work diligently at building the foundation for their ongoing and lifelong learning. Be sure to click on the link below found in every issue to see our wonderful students in action. Enjoy!


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