"Do your little bit of good wherever you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."
e-RPDS                                                                                             09/15/2017

Letter from the Director
Dear Redeemer Community,

This past Saturday my middle son Brendan got his driver's license. On Monday he drove to school for the first time, and around 6:15 I received a call. His car battery was dead and none of his soccer teammates had jumper cables. I quickly threw out some instructions, "...go online and figure out how to jump start a car (do I dare admit I never learned how), figure out how long the engine needs to run to ensure its charged, and try to figure out how to open the hood of my car..." Did I dare just admit to that too?
Leaving my neighborhood, jumper cables thrown in the back seat, I ran into an old friend. We chatted for a quick minute and her parting words were a reminder that I should count my blessings. I was lucky that Brendan hadn't called to report a car accident.
I pulled into the parking lot at St. Paul's and Brendan and I, jumper cables in hand, hovered over his phone reviewing "battery jumping 101" when we were interrupted by a kind voice, "Looks like a damsel in distress!" A second friend, one of my husband's oldest buddies happened to drive by, saw us and gave us a quick tutorial to get the car running. As we were packing up the cables a third friend drove by and offered his help while the soccer players and a security guard checked on us to be sure we were ok and on our way. As I was about to back up, my son motioned for me to roll down my window and with an embarrassed smile said, "Thank you, Mom." And he really meant it.
As I pulled away I reflected on how fortunate we are to always be surrounded by strong community. (Coincidentally, friends one, two and three were all friends we got to know or spent more time with because of Redeemer.) On the heels of Harvey and Irma, I can't help but reflect on the incredible importance of community. Whether something as small as a dead car battery or as big as a devastating string of hurricanes, we are all in this together. If we each contribute something, it adds up to everything. "Do your little bit of good wherever you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."
Building a strong and supportive community is a primary mission of Redeemer; it positively impacts our students in countless ways. As a result, they will become stronger contributors to our society as adults. This year we are excited to launch a new program featuring Jen Barta and our Pre-first students, otherwise known as "Team Marvel". With the understanding that true superheroes are everyday people doing small and big things to make our world a better place, our Pre-first heroes will spend time each month teaching and mentoring our younger students in a variety of ways.
This month they are teaching the rest of the school the importance of the Redeemer Rules to be kind, be safe, and have fun. Be sure to ask your little ones and read our program highlights below to learn more about it. Not only are our pre-first students "big fish in a small pond", they are Redeemer leaders and role models. While they are small, they are mighty; and we all look forward to learning more from them!
I am excited to see many of you tonight at our Parent Wine and Cheese party! Have a wonderful weekend!
Best regards,
P.S. If you ever need help jump starting a car battery, you know who to ask!

Classroom Updates:

Mrs. Barta's Pre-first:
Pre-first is off to a great start this school year! We are adjusting to the routines, rules and expectations of Pre-first while enjoying our friendships new and old. I can already tell these students are ready to be the "leaders" of Redeemer. I know they will take this role very seriously. We have enjoyed getting to know one another through our "All About Me" unit. I am looking forward to a wonderful year filled with
learning, fun and exploration!

Mrs. Smith's and Mrs. Vandenberg's Kindergartens:
What a great group of kindergarteners we have! It seems like any anxieties about the "newness" of school has disappeared. We are having lots of fun learning all about our routines each day. We have begun our groups in language arts and math. In language arts, we are learning all about letters t, b, and f. We are starting with the lowercase letters and learning the sounds that they make. See if your child can tell you. In math, we are getting to know our numbers. We learned a new number game called "gotcha" - ask your child to tell you how to play. We are also being introduced to graphing. We are just finishing our unit "All About Me" and will be beginning our "Five Senses" unit next week. Please remember to send in a smock for art if you haven't already done so. Together we will make your child's kindergarten year the best ever!

Mrs. Faint and Mrs. Baker's Pre-k:
Our class walks into the room smiling and ready to go! Plenty of apple fun this week with apple juice voted as the favorite way to enjoy apples. We examined the graph after each child voted and used math vocabulary to explain the results using terms equal, more than, less than and zero. One project that is taking days is making an apple tree for each season which requires dabbing paint and using tiny fingers to get that glue to come out of the bottle at the right speed and into the right spot! We have started some sequencing activities which is another opportunity for children to use their vocabulary to explain what is happening. In our sensory bin, the children have pulled apart sunflowers to find the seeds inside the bloom and now  have filled the bin with pine cones they found when we walked over to check the church's apple trees. So much to see, touch and explore around our campus!  Thanks for labeling all those fall jackets and sweaters.

Mrs. Loeb and Mrs. Vahedi's Pre-k:
Our class is up and running at full speed this week!  We have changed jobs and some of us now are on 'vacation'! We have started working on the alphabet and have begun working in our Handwriting without Tears work book.  Apple slice paintings are in the hallway, and crayon drawings are decorating the classroom. We made our first 'recipe', apple slices with yogurt dip, and it was a big hit! Most all of them tried the 'dip' (just vanilla yogurt, cinnamon, and a touch more vanilla).  Cleaning up, listening during circle time, and focusing on being kind classmates are all important skills and we will be working on them all year.  Your children are enthusiastic, curious, and active. It promises to be a fabulous year! 
Kara and I are so sorry we will not be with you at the Wine and Cheese Party on Friday (We will be dancing at Kara's wedding!). It has always been a lovely time to meet the other parents in the class and relax! 

Mrs. Schroeder and Miss Ball's 3s:
Happy new school year 5 Day 3s Parents! We are off to a great start. The children have been getting accustomed to a new routine and are adapting marvelously. We  are still working on learning the rules, our new friends and teachers names and the children have been very excited to begin going to specials classes.  This year our class will have art, values, music, gym and chapel. We have begun learning about the letters A & B, apples, trees, circles, the color red and Mary Had a Little Lamb and so much more! 
In the first few weeks of school we are focusing on how to develop friendships and how to be a helpful member of the class. We are also learning about poems and songs aside from our Rhyme of the month, such as Way Up High. We are examining what the poems mean and why we should learn about them.  We have also begun to slowly introduce our rug time routine by gradually adding information each day, such as learning the months, days of the week, and even the big number.. the year! During this time, we work on the calendar, daily weather, and our expectations for the day.  Throughout the day we are working on listening skills and being patient. It is great to see these skill developing already.  
Terri and I are excited for a year full of exploration and fun. Thank you all for sharing your children with us! It is a joy getting to know your children not only as learners but as the terrific people they are. 

Mrs. Hooper and Mrs. Grieve's 3s:
The 3 Day 3's are off to a TERRIFIC start!  What a fabulous group we have this year.  They have settled into to their "Redeemer Routine" beautifully!  We have completed our first two weeks of "specials"..... Art, Chapel, Music,Gym and Values which the children are enjoying.  September in the 3's is all about CIRCLES and the color RED, as you can tell by our many "red" and "round" art projects.  The children did an amazing job exercising their small motor skills today as they stitched their RED CIRCLE cards.  An exciting activity we have just started is playing I SPY.  We all look for ROUND or RED objects as well as the first Letter in our name! Our September Nursery Rhyme is "Mary Had A Little Lamb"....Rhyming is practiced daily and really improving already.  We hope to see you all tonight at the Parent Wine & Cheese Soiree!  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Mrs. Arrup and Mrs. Yanega's 2s:
Happy first week of school to the Arrup Two's!  All of the boys and girls had a fun time exploring the classroom, playroom and playground.  They have even enjoyed getting to know one another! This month we will be working on sharing, taking turns, and learning our daily routine.  During our circle time we will talk about emotions, apples, the color red and circles.  Mrs. Yanega and I are excited for a fun-filled year with your children!!!

Mrs. Wyatt and Mrs. Zuidema's 2s:
The Wyatt 2s are off to a great start.  Mrs. Zuidema and I enjoyed meeting everyone, and we cannot wait for an awesome year.  We are truly amazed at how well everyone is settling into the school routine.  The children are getting to know their classrooms, playground, and new friends.  During September, we will focus on the color red, emotions, and apples.  We have been playing a fun game sorting happy, sad, nervous, and angry faces.  We are also looking forward to making applesauce later in the month.  Thank you for sharing you children with us.

Lunch Bunch:
Lunch bunch is off to a great start!  We are learning the routine and rules of lunch bunch .  We are working on eating with a timer so we know how much time is left. They enjoy watching the 30  Minutes count down. This is a big hit with them. The children are all getting to know each other as we have been playing many name games. They love the " who is missing" game.  We are learning our color groups. These are the groups the kids eat with and do small group activities. They have the rest of the time to play freely with any other friends. We have been fortunate to have beautiful weather most days so have been taking advantage with some extra outside play time.  This is beneficial for physical play as well as social interaction.In our small groups we have music/movement where we have been playing many get to know you games. We also have been working on painting with different mediums, making faces for our  bulletin board. They children love to see their work displayed there.We have been enjoying the start of the lunch bunch. Please remember we are a nut free school and simple lunches are easiest for them. 
Office Notes

Lunch Bunch/Early Morning Drop-off Update:
Students (except 2s) are  eligible to utilize our 8 am Early Morning Drop-off any morning. If you are interested in an Early Am drop-in, you do not need to contact the office in advance. If you are enrolled on a regular basis, the fee is $3 a day. The drop-in fee is $5.

Lunch Bunch currently has space on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Please e-mail kpoe@redeemerbaltimore.org if you would like to reserve a permanent spot or utilize
a drop-in.

Click hereto view the Early Am and Lunch Bunch Billing Schedule. 

Redeemer collects BoxTops, which can be found on thousands of every day products, to earn extra money for the school. Please check this week's folders for more information on this program. 

Save the Date - Fall Family Festival 
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Our Fall Family Festival will be here before we know it! Please be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, October 21 from 10:30-1:00. This fun day includes age-appropriate games, pony rides, a petting zoo, shopping at the vendor market, lunch and so much more! Please spread the word to family and friends. All are welcome!

*Please remember to label all of your children's belongings! 
Click here for our 2017-2018 Calendar.
Friday, September 15 7-9 pm- 
Parent Wine & Cheese Party at RPDS- St. Mary's Courtyard

Wednesday, September 27th- Author, Veronica Bartles visits Redeemer

Friday, September 29th- Irvin Simon Picture Day for 3/2, 3s, Pre-k, K, P1
*We are looking for 1-2 volunteers to assist with picture day. If you are able to help please e-mail kpoe@redeemerbaltimore.org 
Friday, September 29th- 11:45 All School Dismissal- faculty meeting * NO afternoon programs

Program Highlights:
Team Marvel Visits Redeemer Classes
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Team Marvel!!! Boomerang Barta, Captain Caroline, Brave Ben, Super Shaunav, Tremendous Timothy, and Magic Matthew, also known as Team Marvel, made their first Redeemer appearance today. Donning capes, masks and good deeds, our pre-first heroes visited all of the classroom spreading the good word about our Redeemer Rules. They danced, cheered and taught our younger students the importance of being kind, being safe and having fun! Our student body has never been so riveted! 


Redeemer Chapel

This past Wednesday we celebrated our first chapel service with Mother P. We sang, lit candles, and talked about kindness and safety in the spirit of having fun. Wednesday Chapel services are a very important part of each week at Redeemer. We love to gather together to celebrate with one another and reflect on ways we can positively contribute as members of our community.


In preschool we recognize the privilege, responsibility and joy of educating our youngest students. Alongside their parents, we work diligently at building the foundation for their ongoing and lifelong learning. Be sure to click on the link below found in every issue to see our wonderful students in action. Enjoy!

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Redeemer Youth Choir
Do you have a child who loves to sing? The choirs of The Church of the Redeemer invite you to bring your child(ren) to join us in the St. Cecelia (girls), St. Nicholas (boys), or St. Gabriel choirs.

The St. Cecelia and St. Nicholas Choirs are for girls and boys in grades 3 - 12. They usually sing on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month with occasional other Sundays and events. They rehearse on Tuesdays (optional) and Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:15. They use the acclaimed RSCM Voice for Life curriculum to reinforce the concepts they learn in choir.

The St. Gabriel Choir is for girls and boys aged 5 years - 2nd grade. They sing on the 4th Sunday of the month and rehearse on Wednesdays from 4:30 - 5:15. They learn to read notes, rhythms, and work on developing good vocal production and tone and to develop teamwork skills.

Bert Landman, Redeemer's Choirmaster, is also the President of The Royal School of Church Music in America and has 40+ years of working with children's choirs. We would love to welcome you to this wonderful experience for children and their families. Please contact Bert Landman blandman@redeemerbaltimore.org
for more information or to let him know that you plan to attend.

Bert Landman
Organist/Director of Music Ministry
410-435-7333 ext. 227
The Church of the Redeemer

Redeemer Sunday School

Redeemer Sunday School has started its program year, but it is not too late to register, and we would love to have you join us on Sunday mornings.  If you have any questions, contact Kathy LaPlant

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