"Things end but memories last forever."
e-RPDS                                                                                             5/26/2017
Letter from the Director
Dear Redeemer Community,

Like many educators my inner calendar begins in August and ends in June. For me, January 1 signifies the middle, not the beginning. A new year is marked by back to school supplies, fresh bulletin boards and new school shoes. We celebrate the end with music rehearsals and "lasts" - the last day for the 2s, the last full day, the last faculty meeting, and so on. With all the "lasts", we naturally look back and reflect.
From adjusting to new classrooms and teachers to celebrating with parties and end of the year activities, it is hard to believe the school year is winding down. By this time our classrooms have paint stains on the walls, the stuffed animals are showing signs of loving wear and pencils and crayons have been worn to a nub.
While these are certainly signs that mark the end of the year, they also tell another story, the story of the unique character of each class - at this time, in this year, with these people. It is a story of shared laughter, smiles, and memories. It is a story of learning from mistakes, growing up just a little bit more and finding our way in the world one step at a time. It is a story of shared experiences that are only complete because of the people who are in them. As we wrap up the year and consider its end, it is easy to smile and know that the 2016-2017 school year at Redeemer will live on as part of our memories. It is certainly worth remembering!
Please be sure to click on our new student slideshow, "Redeemer, a Year in Pictures, 2016-2017". It is the perfect illustration of us. Happy summer to all of you!
Best regards,

Classroom Updates:

Mrs. Arrup and Mrs. Yanega's 2s:
Mrs.Yanega and I can not believe our year is coming to an end.  It seems like yesterday your little ones entered our classroom, shy, hesitant and sometimes teary.  It has been a joy watching them blossom throughout the year.  It has been exciting to witness friendships form, skills develop and observe them settle into our routines. We have discussed shapes, colors, patterns and studied different themes throughout the year. We colored, painted, stamped lots of hands and created wonderful projects   The boys and girls are sweet, funny, talented and it has been a privilege working with them.  Have a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Wyatt and Mrs. Zuidema's 2s: 
With the school year coming to a close, we end our units on the zoo, ocean life, diamonds and the color yellow.  It was fun to finish up the year using glittery watercolors to paint our final projects - mermaids and seahorses.  While we are looking forward to summer, we are very sad to being saying goodbye to this year's twos.  It seems like yesterday that we were sharing our mornings with quiet, shy, and often crying two year olds.  Next week, we will be saying goodbye to the same children who have blossomed into confident and very tall three year olds. We spent the year learning about colors, shapes, patterns, and various themes from fall to spring. We watched candy canes and donuts grow from the seeds we planted. We painted, colored, glued, and stamped our hands, a lot. We sang songs about speckled frogs, dancing Christmas trees, baby bumblebees, little ducks that don't listen to their mother, and what the brown bear sees. We built sand castles, played tag, pretended it was Halloween all year, rode scooters, and learned to pump our legs on the swings, but without a doubt, the best thing we did was make good friends. We hope the summer brings you many fabulous adventures, and we look forward to lots of hugs in September as our old friends make their way to their new classrooms down the hall. Thank you all for a fantastic year! 

Mrs. Hooper and Mrs. Grieve's 3s:
We had a wonderful End of Year party today...a BIG thank you to our party parents! The pizza was delicious...thank you Aamna and family. Our Ocean Counting Book is complete and will be coming home next Wednesday.  Be sure to ask your children about ALL of the fun facts they have learned about their many ocean "friends"!!  We have been practicing for the JUNE JAMBOREE and can't wait to perform for you all next Friday in the church at 9:15 a.m.  What a FABULOUS year we have had with your precious children....so many wonderful days full of laughter and learning.  It has been a pleasure watching each of them "blossom" both socially and academically.  Parents remember...you  will always be your child's greatest teacher!  Thank you for all of your support this year.  Have a wonderful summer and we look  forward to seeing you all back at Redeemer in September!

Mrs. Schroeder and Miss Ball's 3s:
We cannot believe this is the last ERPDS of the year! It seems we just started out and now we are big 4 year olds! The end of the year is a busy time in the classroom. We have sadly said good bye to Peter as his family moved to Florida. We are finishing up our numbers unit, the ocean unit, and the last of our rhyme and color. We have worked really hard on our ocean counting books and the children love learning about different types of sea life. We are working hard on our songs for the June jamboree. Prepare to be impressed! We are very excited for our class party yet sad that it means the year is over. Our class has worked so hard on being nice friends, good helpers, the best listeners, and great class members, that we will have filled out bucket and will be having our special party soon. (SH, it's still a secret!) Thank you all for a wonderful year. It's been a pleasure to watch your children grow and learn. Have so much fun with them over the summer, the time really does just fly by! 

Mrs. Faint and Mrs. Baker's Pre-k:
Spring continues to show us many examples of nature growing and changing at Redeemer.  Some children have become quite interested in the cicadas that are emerging on our playground, some are more interested in checking the tadpoles for legs, while others are awed by how fast the bean plants are growing and the size of the peony flowers.  This week, we have been talking about how the children themselves are changing- physically, academically and emotionally! They have come far in 5 short years.  Each child is making a photo book about their friends where they have to use phonics to match a simple sentence to a photo. We are also reviewing letters, numbers, and rhyming by playing games. Finally, we continue to work on social skills as the children negotiate friendship and fun, while being kind to everyone and being safe.  Thanks for all your support this year. We have enjoyed spending time with your precious little ones!

Mrs. Loeb and Miss Sciuto's Pre-k:
Mrs. Loeb's and Miss Sciuto's pre-k class is ready for summer! They have glued, cut, and colored their way through a fabulous year. Many have mastered the alphabet and the rest are well on their way. We have dressed up as princesses, taken care of animals of all sorts in our Veterinarian office, and visited the zoo where we fed lions, tigers, and bears.  Dramatic play has NEVER been so fun!  We have counted everything, even each other!  We have cooked, tasted and critiqued our way through the alphabet too!  Many have requested our recipe for grilled cheese - bread and cheese!  We have made new friends, learned more about being kind and safe, and have certainly had fun!  Now we are ready for new adventures!  Please enjoy the summer. Let them chase fireflies, get dirty, have picnics, and go to the zoo.  Your children are 4 and 5 years old. This time will be gone before you know it, and you WILL miss it. There is an innocence, a capacity for wonder, and a belief in magic that will never be there again. There is also a "comical' honesty to them now. Listen. They are funny, wise, and joyful. Share this with them.  We will miss them.

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Vandenberg's Kindergartens:
Thank you, thank you, Kindergarten parents! We are so thankful for the many ways that you have helped your child have a successful year by:  getting them to school on time and being prompt in afternoon carpool, being there for every class party and field trip, reading to your child every night, and for volunteering your time in our library. Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to teach your child each day and see the amazing growth that has transpired throughout the year. Each one of you should be very proud parents!

Mrs. Barta's Pre-first:
Thank you for attending the world famous Publishing Party at Redeemer. The children worked very hard on their books throughout the year and their writing and illustrations developed so much! We are all very proud of their accomplishments! Our postcard challenge has been a HUGE
success. We are hoping to reach our goal of all 50 states by the last day of school. We are so close and only need 3 more states!Thank you for sharing your children with me this year! They have each grown socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. I am so proud of each and every student for their hard work, dedication, determination and enthusiasm. Always remember our school rules...Be Kind, Be Safe and Have Fun!! I wish them all the best at their new schools next year! Thank you all for your support throughout the year!
Have a wonderful summer!

Lunch Bunch:
Lunch Bunch is ready for summer! We have been experimenting with water on hot days on the playground, practicing songs for our end of the year program and letting the children help us choose music activities. It is amazing how much all of the children have matured throughout the year! The children need very little help opening their lunch items, and are proud of their improved self help skills. Many have also learned how to stay seated at the table and how to focus on eating so that they can finish their lunch by the end of the lunch period. Lunch Bunchers are also delighted to no longer be required to wear jackets, even if it means that they sometimes need sunscreen! The children are enjoying being able to switch color groups this year, and have been excited to be on a "team" with their friends. Thank you for sending your children to Lunch Bunch this year! We have enjoyed getting to know and spend time with your little ones in the afternoons! It is so much fun to watch the children have fun playing, singing, creating projects, eating with friends and playing games together. It has been a wonderful year and I hope everyone has a wonderful summer! 
Program Highlights:

Pre-first/Kindergarten Publishing Party
Our pre-first and kindergarten authors celebrated a year's worth of work at their annual Publishing Party. It was so impressive to see their creativity and all that they have learned about the writing process! Congratulations to our budding authors and illustrators!

Pre-first Post Card Project
Our pre-first students have been learning a great deal about the United States and have been collecting post cards from all over the country. They are so close to having one from every state and have enjoyed waiting to see what the mail will bring each day.

Thank You to Kristen Bollinger
We are grateful for the time and energy of Kristen, who is spending her Senior Project with us at Redeemer. She is circulating through the classes, spending time in specials, and has become an instant hit with our students!

End of the Year Picnic
It was heartwarming to see so many of our families enjoying time together at the end of the year picnic and 65th celebration. There were lots of smiles, delicious pizza and popsicles, and plenty of dancing. Thank you to Denise Carpenter for organizing such a festive evening!

Recycled Art Project
After spending more than a year collecting plastic bottle tops, we have created a piece of art that embodies the fun and lively spirit of Redeemer. Each of our students loved adding their very own bottle cap. Be sure to stop by the front entrance to see it.

Water Safety at Redeemer
Cathy Bennett, swim instructor and water safety expert, spent time with all of our students reviewing important tips for water safety. Please be sure to read through the flyer that was sent home. You may also like to purchase "Josh the Otter", a wonderful children's story, to support our efforts. As the adults in our children's lives, it is our responsibility to ensure that swimming is both fun and safe. Please turn off your cell phones and enjoy summer pool fun with your little ones!
Office Notes

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Friday, May 26th   All school dismissal 11:45 - no afternoon programs. 
Monday, May 29th- No school- Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 30th- 2 Day 2s last day of school

Wednesday, May 31st- Last full day of school

Thursday, June 1- All school dismissal 11:45
Faculty Meeting

Friday, June 2 -9:15 June Jamboree 
(3/2, 3s, Pk, K, P1) 

Our garden is full of beautiful student grown cilantro. Please feel free to come by with your child to grab some.

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We still have a few remaining spots in some of our classes for next year. If you know of someone who may be interested, please have them contact the school office or email Katie Poe to set up an appointment.


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