Southeast Region IV-A NEWSLETTER
Hello Community,

What a ending and beginning of the year it has been! The region would like to celebrate the fact that each state has weathered the storm while highlighting some of the great work and achievements that have been accomplished. In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Region IV-A states have continued to move the goals of community action forward. We want to thank everyone for their continued hard work and encourage all agencies within the region to stay resolute and steadfast in your work.

Regional Spotlight!!!

There have been some phenomenal achievements within the Region. In this update we will be highlighting Mississippi and Georgia for some of the outstanding work they have accomplished.

Mississippi: MACAA was awarded $100,000 from the New Venture Fund 2020 Project. It was the first grant secured by MACAA in which the association was
able to collaborate with member agencies. Despite the challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, MACAA was able to make an impact in the Census head count by raising awareness, disseminating educational resources, assisting with signup both on paper and electronically, and
conducting outreach activities.

HCCT Spotlight
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Georgia- Tanya Thomas, Feliciano Lewis, and the staff at Coastal Plain Area EOA is doing a phenomenal job with their Men 4 Men program. Their focus is to strengthen families through fatherhood engagement within the Coastal Plain Area EOA communities. The fatherhood program supports, empower, and educate men to acknowledge their responsibility while providing trusted, missing links between fathers, their children, families, and the communities in providing economical and emotional stability.

They have had great success with program. Starting in 2018, as of February 23, 2021. Men 4 Men LLC has provided services to over 100 fathers, in the form of one on one or group counseling. These sessions have impacted over 300 children in the Coastal Plain E.O.A. area by giving these fathers the necessary tools to be better by offering them self-care, parenting, relationships, and employment skills. Twenty-five fathers have either found new employment opportunities or have received advancements on their current jobs. Two fathers have opened their own companies. One father gained custody of his son. Fourteen fathers have taken a small business class at Wiregrass Technical College which will help them to start their own businesses.

Men 4 Men LLC, has also partnered with the local communities by providing meals to families for Thanksgiving, providing socks to elderly homes, as well as partnering with a local bike club and recreation department to provide resources within the community as outreach. Currently Men 4 Men LLC is working to partner with the local boy scouts to offer services to children in the community..

Alabama- The state of Alabama has three initiatives. The one highlighted is Community Action Partnership of North Alabama's East Decatur Community Impact Project. The focus of the project is on improving neighborhood conditions within a targeted geographic area through community building and engagement activities centered around health/safety and stabilization/revitalization. Since 2014 they have supported improvement efforts in East Decatur, leveraging available funds and relationships with multiple partners. Notable changes include the establishment of a new park, new sidewalks, new street and alley lighting, and health-and-safety-related Home Repair Grants to lower income homeowners. Activities worth noting include annual Block Makeovers, Block Parties, Community Clean-ups, and a Community Newsletter to communicate with residents about services, grants, community meetings, opportunities, and other goings on in the area. 

Mississippi- Mississippi's highlighted initiative comes out of Pearl River Valley Opportunity Incorporated (PRVO). The project’s goal is to identify health conditions in the counties they serve and determine the frequency of treatment received for the condition. The project seeks to also identify the individual’s attitude toward the condition and treatment. The overall goal of the initiative is to work to reduce health disparities in Southeast Mississippi.

PRVO has updated its customer tracking system to capture disease conditions that affects low-income individuals. They are currently collecting data and preparing to disseminate needs assessment surveys. 

Florida- Florida's “Securing Our Future" program seeks to increasing economic mobility and reducing poverty. The initiative provides participants with a vision of a system of care that maximizes opportunities for economic mobility, in Palm Beach County. Over the next ten (10) years, the Securing Our Future initiative seeks to build pathways for economic mobility for families with children ages 0- 18, who are living below the 200% federal poverty threshold, with a special emphasis on families at or below the 100% federal poverty threshold, and who have the ability to work.

ROMA Next Generation
Please be reminded that there have been changes to the ROMA training schedule and now a refresher is required every year. There are upcoming training cohorts coming up in April and May. Please let us know if you are interested as soon as possible.
COVID-19 Preparedness
Essential Workers
Georgia- Georgia has allocated funds to each of our member organizations to purchase PPE for local employees as well as cover other COVID-19 Related expenses needed for the completion of the work of community action.

Alabama-The Alabama Association decided to purchase PPEs for the employees of local CAA agencies. The purchase was made by the association and the kits were mailed to each agency based on their current number of employees.

Florida-Florida’s plans include local agencies purchasing COVID Related items necessary for their operations/service to customers. Each agency will submit a proposal to FACA and a check will be mailed directly to them for the purchase.

Mississippi- MACAA allocated an equitable amount to all member agencies. The funds were used to purchase food, PPEs and/or other COVID-related items. Participating agencies were instructed to spend funds in advance and reimbursements were submitted upon receipt of invoices, receipts and a list of recipients.
Georgia Community Action Association
Our mission is to serve as a professional organization for the Georgia Community Action Network by strengthening partnerships and providing tools and capacity building strategies to reduce poverty.

Find out more about GCAA here:
Community Action Association of Alabama
In order to reduce poverty in its community, a Community Action Agency works to better focus available local, state, private, and federal resources to assist low-income individuals and families to acquire useful skills and knowledge, gain access to new opportunities and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Find out more about CAAA here:
Florida Association of Community Action
Our mission is to enhance Florida’s Community Action Network’s effectiveness to facilitate the reduction of poverty, through collaboration with public and private partners by providing training, technical assistance and advocacy. 

Find out more about FACA here:
Mississippi Association of Community Action
The Mission of the Mississippi Association of Community Action Agencies is to provide world class training, technical assistance, information, advocacy and support to member agencies to help in their growth and development to become the premiere providers of social services, human capital, and economic development in the state of Mississippi.

Find out more about MSACAA here:
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